How to Test Air Quality in Home?

Air quality is measured in AQI also called the Air Quality Index (range from 0 to 500), where AQI in the range of 0 to 50 is good and 50 to 100 is moderate. In order to calculate and monitor air quality, we gathered some of the best air quality detectors named Wynd, Foobot, and IQAir.

Among these, the Wynd is proved to be the best of them all, after our long research.

For the last few decades, while we are enjoying the development of science and industry while facing more problems regarding air pollution. In order to check the quality of the air we breathe in, we introduce you to Portable air quality monitoring equipment which has a continuous ambient air quality monitoring system.

Wynd Wearable Air Quality Tracker

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After observing the three air quality trackers for 4 continuous weeks at different places we have come up to conclude that among the above three devices Wynd is the best.

Why is Wynd the best?

The Wynd portable air quality monitoring equipment is the most accurate and smallest air quality detector which has a continuous air quality monitoring system as it constantly samples the air around it and detects elements present in the air like germs, pollens, allergens, residue gases of burning fuel and industrial harmful gases. It is user-friendly and can also be connected to the Wynd mobile app via Bluetooth. Above all, it is very accurate. As it correlates above 99.5% with the laboratory tests.

Why is Wynd first at our list?

Wynd, for a lot of reasons, holds the 1st place on our list. It costs low and is easier to take along. One just needs to put it on clothes, backpack or other gear and walk free of stress. It works according to the user’s wish i.e. checks monitoring composition of air without any pause and shows instant changes in quality of air. It is only 2 inches as well as weighs light. Moreover, it easily connects to a mobile phone or any other iOS and Android system.

Why do we like Wynd?

Not only us but anyone would end up liking it for its continuous ambient air quality monitoring system as well as its amazing other features. It is available in two colors; White and Black. It is small and smart, simple to use, customer-friendly, low in price and weight but high in accuracy and detection. In short, Wynd is the best choice.

Who is this for?

We recommend this air quality monitoring equipment to travelers, people with a sensitive immune system, and most people with kids. If you are a parent, you can understand the concern of parents towards their child’s health. Being aware of what kind of air your baby is inhaling is great satisfaction in itself.

Pros and Cons.


  • Sensitive to air quality.
  • Quick response to changes in PM(Particulate Matter) 2.5. (Gases caused by burning of fuel)


  • The device sometimes doesn’t keep connected to the App in the background.

Foobot Indoor Air Quality Monitor

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Foobot is our second best choice among loads of ordinary Air quality monitoring devices.

Why is Foobot 2nd on our list?

Foobot is a home-based device with a continuous ambient air quality monitoring system and it is a little bigger and costlier than Wynd. It also can’t be attached to clothes and backpacks. It gives a report on the composition of air after every five minutes, unlike Wynd which continuously does so. Moreover, it takes time to start up properly which is why it is number 2nd on our list.

But we still adore it is as it has an extremely sensitive behavior towards Air quality. It is specially designed to detect PM(Particulate Matter) 2. 5 and humidity levels immediately.

Why do we like Foobot?

Foobot is a perfect device for a home to detect PM(Particulate Matter)2.5, VOC (Volatile organic compound), temperature and humidity in the air. It also tells you reasonable tolerance of these particulates. The device was redesigned in 2017 and a new version of Android and an iOS app is very smooth to use. It also tells that which product or gadget at home is causing better air or worse thus helping one to maintain a healthy environment at home.

Who is this for?

We recommend Foobot to people living near lakes And industries. Foobot is basically designed to check humidity, PM(Particulate Matter) 2.5 and VOC.

Pros and Cons


  • It is accurate.
  • Best for detecting humidity and molds.
  • It is user-friendly.


  • Sensors require six days to warm up in order to work accurately.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in CO2 sensor.
  • Once a year you need to clean it with dry air.
  • It only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and doesn’t support 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  • It is costlier and heavier.

IQAir [AirVisual Pro] Smart Indoor Air Monitor

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IQAir is the third-best Air quality detector that we chose.

Why is IQAir third on our list?

IQAir is third on our list because it is most costly among the three we picked and bigger bodies cause problems in moving around freely with it. It detects the quantity of PM(Particulate Matter) 2.5 and CO2 in the air with professional-grade laser sensors.

Why do we like IQAir?

IQAir is also a home-based device with a continuous ambient air quality monitoring system which is particularly prepared to compare the indoor quality with the outdoor quality i.e quality of air at home and quality of the air outside in the city. It detects the amount of PM (Particulate Matter) 2.5, Carbon dioxide, humidity in the air and indoor temperature reading. It has a predictive Air quality forecasting system that allows people to plan their activities. One can even see live date from around the world from more than 10,000 stations in over 35 countries around the world. It connects to AirVisual earth, a 3D air pollution app showing how air pollution interacts with live weather circumstances.

Who is IQAir for?

People committed to Global air pollution departments and scientists working on the composition of the air around the globe find it most useful.

Pros and Cons


  • You can compare air quality around the globe.
  • Find out the composition of the air around you.
  • It’s highly accurate.


  • It uses Wi-Fi.
  • Most costly among the three.


Here we are done comparing continuous ambient air quality monitoring systems and one can see it clearly that Wynd is the best among them. It costs low and is highly accurate. Easily Portable and attached to any luggage or clothes. Its readings are as accurate as 99.5% of laboratory tests. So if you are looking for a portable air quality monitoring equipment, Wynd is your device just order it on Amazon right now.

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