5 Tips on How To Give Your Love A New Life

So, how to make a relationship feel new again? Is it possible? Let’s talk about that. When you go on a date these days, it is much more of a technological meeting than a real date.

You order food and interact with each other for like a few seconds, and then you start searching their profiles on your smartphones.

You start texting your friends about how he or she is and everything is gone in that smartphone of yours.

You guys are sitting together and that is all you need to focus on! But the blue screened smartphones and gadgets have ruined what Jane Austen introduced us to.

When you start searching for that divine love and romance; it is nowhere to be found.

But where technology is blamed for perfectly ruined dates;science can bring in those feelings of romance back for you. No, I am not going to prescribe you some medicines here.

Love comes from the brain and not from the heart. I know a lot of us say, I love you with all my heart.

So I guess you can say “I love you with all my brain!”

The blame we put on our heart is actually all about the brain.

Your heart is just pumping blood in your body dude.

Those butterflies that you feel in your gut and that feeling when you want to run to hug someone; they are all generated by your brain.

To get that Jane Austen romance, you need to boost endorphins and decrease cortisol.

How to make a relationship feel new again?

Here are some simple tips which can bring the cortisol level low and boost your endorphins to a higher level.

1. Hydrate:

A lot of us are so in love with coffee and that is why you are unromantic as well. Soda cans and coffee brings in dehydration. Dehydration is the root cause of mood swings and an irritable day.

If you are irritated, it doesn’t have to be for your partner as well.

And obviously, she/he has no liability to tolerate your annoying face and attitude every other day, right?

The best way to stay hydrated is to switch to plain water.

This is really hard for people who rely on coffee to wake them up.

You can switch to tea as it doesn’t promote that much dehydration as coffee does.

2. Cut Dairy Intake:

Testosterone increases your passion level but thanks to dairy, it decreases the level of this hormone in human body. Tell your man to drink less of that huge mug of milk every day.

Maybe he turns out to be super romantic the next day.

If you want a perfect romantic night with your partner, try avoiding cheese and other dairy products throughout the day. See how the magic works and how your mood boosts up.

The bad guys for testosterone are yogurt and cheese.

So it is better to cut them into your daily routine to bring your love life to another level.

3. Workout:

Working out makes you feel good. How? It helps in boosting the endorphins level which makes you feel happy.

Happiness is vital if you want a good love life and for that you need great endorphin level.

Thanks to exercise, you can get that, done within 20-30 minutes.

A study shows that cycling is really great if you want to increase the desired level.

4. Music:

Music is the core of love. It has been connected to love since ages and is done now as well. If you listen to the perfect collection of love songs…they can set your mood in the perfect direction.

You can use a great speaker and put it on high volume to set the mood for your partner as well. That isn’t bad for an idea, right?

Music tends to make everything a bit more exciting and how amazing it will be if your romantic mood is turned on with music and excitement?

5. Sleep Well:

Lack of sleep makes one stressed out and irritated.

Everything around feels really bad! The cortisol level increases due to lack of sleep and testosterone level also drops. So how can you possibly think of romance when your brain is all down?

It won’t send in any love signals to your body!

For this, it is important that you take 7-8 hours of sleep daily so that you can feel fresh and happy the next day. Sleeping in silk beddings brings in deep and peaceful sleep. People with insomnia can try this as well.


It isn’t new that we blame our soul and heart for matters that are only linked with the brain. If you are lacking romance, it doesn’t specifically have to be the loss of love.

It doesn’t mean that you have lost interest in someone. It simply means that you are way too stressed out to let the hormones boost up.

All you need is a great, huge glass of water and a deep sleep. Sometimes, it is a lot more than just love which brings romance to your life.

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