How to look well groomed and confident

How to look well groomed

So how to look well groomed and confident. All it takes are some simple tips that you can follow. Confidence can’t be learned. It’s a psychology and a mindset. It’s your ability to succeed, what you see of yourself and how much you believe that “you can!” and so is a very important aspect of one’s personality.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.
Henry Ford

When it comes to thinking “you can”, both, your mental as well as your physical image comes into play and you have to manicure both of them before you can become a confident person.

It is going to need some time.

In fact, everything you want to achieve in life just can’t happen overnight.

You can’t expect to just wake up one day and become confident. You have to work for it and give it time.
Earl Nightingale explained the importance of time once by saying:

If you spent one extra hour, each day, studying your chosen field, you’ll become a national expert in that field in five years or less.

Grooming your Physical Image:

In order to improve your personality and confidence, you should start taking care of yourself.

You need to work on your looks and improve your body language. The following points explain it in-depth:

Get in shape:

This is the main one. Exercise should not be something that you have to do, it should be made a lifestyle.

Your appearance matters a lot when it comes to boosting your self-confidence.

How you look from the outside enhances “how you think of yourself” and that is confidence.

If you look great, you are going to feel great and you will be proud of yourself.

You will love yourself and so you will believe in yourself.

Be presentable:

I suggest you to try to stay in a way you think you look the best of you.

Keep yourself clean and shower daily, not only it will help you to stay happy and motivated, it’s also going to improve your confidence.

You will be impressed to see how much a simple shave can do for you and how much more confident and motivated you are going to feel if you simply wear a nice dress.

Use fragrance:

A study showed that fragrance actually helps a lot in reducing stress and boosting self-esteem, confidence and improving one’s productivity.

It also enhances one’s physical performance:

A study showed that athletes who worked out/practiced in a scented room were able to do more push-ups than the one without.

So it’s very important that you smell good. The movie “Perfume (2006)” can be an over-exaggeration of what I’m trying to tell you guys.

Correct your posture: 

Your posture is an important point here.

A good standing posture is one where you hold your head up straight with your chin in and your shoulders blades back, now you don’t want to look weird.

Some people are in a habit of putting more stress on one leg when standing and they tire themselves out quickly.

Your spine has a natural “S” curve and so you have to stand in a way that balances your muscles on both sides of your spine so you don’t stress out one more than the other like in the leg example.

A good posture will not only make you more confident but is also good for your health.

Just like you are convinced by many physicians to sit properly in order to avoid back pain, standing correctly also helps with lowering stress on your back.


People who smile more often make more friends, they appear more confident. A smile or even a fake smile, which most people do, will make others react to you in an entirely different way.

In a conducted experiment on human psychology, people were shown different pictures of many emotions like fear, anger, happiness etc and the results showed that people imitated the expressions they saw in those pictures, unknowingly.

So if you are smiling at someone, they will most probably smile back at you, if they are not trying hard enough to not to.

Keep good eye contact:

Eye contact is an important aspect of your body language and it’s a skill too.

Now there are 5 important things that you might want to look at when the eye contact is in question:

1-You don’t want to freak people out by staring at them like crazy so just break the eye contact after every 4 seconds or so.

2-You may also try whats called “the illusion of eye contact” by not seeing the person directly into their eyes but rather at their noses or the space between their eyes or at eyebrows.

3-You may also want to look in the person’s eyes directly if it’s something important that you think you are sharing (that will seem more important to that person then the rest of the conversation).

4-When you are talking in a group make sure to look at a different person on every new sentence.

5-Don’t look down during a conversation because that makes the other person feel like you don’t want to talk.

Speak effectively:

Speech is a very important aspect of building your confidence and personality.

When it comes to speech the most important point is to speak slowly and never rush out the words.

When you speak slowly you have more time to think about what you are going to say next.

Pauses are also good as they seem mature.

It’s ok to pause once in a while.

When you pause, listeners get curious about what you are going to say next, so they listen to you very carefully about what you have to say.

Also when you are in a group, talking, just wait for your turn to talk but if you feel that your turn is going to take like forever, you can just simply sweep in by saying something like

“Yes, that is a good point, but listen to this…”. You see what I am trying to say here, just sweep in!

Grooming your Mental Image:

Your mental image is what and how much you think of yourself. Here your physical image is going to help you a lot in building it, but you need to work on it separately in order to boost your confidence.

Surround yourself with motivated people.

This is one of the best ones when it comes to building your confidence. When you surround yourself with positive people, you become a positive person yourself.

You become inspired, motivated and confident.

When you get around negative people your mind gets filled with these negative messages, that somehow seeps through your skull even though you don’t want them to, and you start thinking like those unmotivated people.

So stay away from negativity.

If you are playing basketball for example in front of spectators and the crowd is “booing” you, you are more likely to miss a shot every time you try to basket the ball, but on the same hand if the crowd is pushing you and appreciating you, you will actually basket more times than usual.

This was actually a conducted experiment that I once saw on a “Discovery” channel, and they were making a point that when a person is constantly told that he/she is going to lose, they tend to mostly lose and if they are told the opposite they are more likely to win because they become more confident.

Believe in yourself:

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
Theodore Roosevelt

In order to improve your mental image you always have to think positive of yourself. Do you think you are a loser? Well then everybody is a loser. Everybody fails, don’t they? after all, we are only human, we make mistakes and that’s why we learn.

I mean look at Wright Brothers, look how many times did they failed before they finally made their first airplane. The way to success is the path of small failures and small successes, so it doesn’t matter how many times you fail.

The only thing that matters is how much you think you can take and still move on and never give up.

Don’t ever think that you can’t. We can do anything with hard work. Just trust yourself and make hard work your best friend.

Thinking that “you can not do it” is just a software problem in our hardware (brain), and the only way to remove this virus is to change your mindset. Whenever you think that “you can’t”, just ignore that thought and instead say to yourself that you can.

Remember there is nothing that hard work can’t do.

Listen to motivating Music:

Music is a very powerful tool. It can manipulate our emotions. It can make us believe.

It can motivate us deeply.

By simply cranking up some heavy rock I can somehow just lift a little more in the gym.

It’s just amazing how much a simple music track can do.

I would suggest that you listen to a positive motivating music only.

Like I wrote in my previous topic, don’t surround yourself with negativity.

In terms of music, if all of the songs you listen to are sad, depressing, about heart-breaks and stuff like that, you are going to start feeling sad and unmotivated too.

So just make a collection of motivating songs, there are tons of them.

Some of my favorites are here, which I believe are very motivating.

How to look well groomed and confident – Summary

To sum up all. If you want to boost your confidence level, you have to make your mental and physical image stronger.

To make your physical image better:

1- Keep yourself presentable.

2- Correct your posture.

3- Improve your body language.

4- Improve your speech.

To make your mental image better:

1- Get away from negativity.

2- Learn to believe in yourself.

3- Listen to motivating music.


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