5 Things That Make You Highly Unattractive With Each Passing Day

So wondering “what are things that make a guy look unattractive?” Who doesn’t wish to look good and attract people? We all do!

We all do things that can make us look much attractive and good on every passing day.

We take out time from our tough schedules to make it to the gym so that we can look good and make our shirts appear more appealing for all the ladies in the office and we dress in a way that people around us find us magnetizing.

But, by just going to the gym and dressing wonderfully, is not all that you need to do in order to make yourself look beautiful or attractive.

Have you ever just stopped and wondered; hey, what is it, that I am doing, that can make me unattractive? I know we don’t ask ourselves that.

According to the people around us and above all science, yes there are a lot of things that are making you appear unattractive by each passing day.

Envy those people who have a forever shine and glow on their face?

Well, they are probably NOT doing the following things. If you are doing these…make sure you quit on them.

Or do you want to be the Humpty Dumpty of your high school or the dumb nerd that never gets enough attention?

What are things that make a guy look unattractive?

1. Not Sleeping Enough:

Don’t think that was coming but studies show us that not sleeping for enough time adds up to your unattractiveness.

I know a lot of people might complain that the tough routines make it hard for them to sleep well.

But hey, you just need to routine your life up and it actually works.

I go to college, do a job, visit the gym, practice my guitar and still make sure that I get 7-8 hours of sleep.

I am still not that handsome though (but I am probably waiting for some miracle to happen here).

Anyways, apart from all the joke stuff, you need to assure yourself that you get a good8-hours sleep every night so that your body can work throughout the day.

2. Meany Weany:

I just remembered how we use to call the evilest person of the class Meany Weany.

Anyways, the more mean or evil you are to people around you, the less attractive you become. You are not magnetizing for people as you don’t converse nicely as well.

And this has been proven by a study in 2014 by a Chinese.

So be nice and simple. It ain’t that hard, or is it?

Nobody wishes to be around someone who is miserable to not just himself but to everyone around him also.

If you are a Meany Weany; you are actually not at all attractive even with those biceps (guys) and that ton of makeup (girls).

3. Over Stress:

If you just chill out and give all the negative thoughts and situations a hold…you are going to look attractive. Women need to get hold of this tip as they are the one panicking the most.

If something unwanted knocks at your door…have hope, ignore it and keep faith in God.

That will certainly allow you to chill and make yourself look appealing all the time.

4. Lazy-ing:

Being lazy won’t ever make you look attractive. Whatever it is that inspires you, won’t cross you even as motivation and laziness go hand in hand.

If you are lazy, you are better off on the couch with that messy hair, loose T’s and a worn out PJ. So does that make you look attractive?

Yeah maybe in your own small world, it does! But if you step outside that way, you are probably going to look weird to everyone.

So quit being lazy and bring a bright energy in yourself. Being lazy snatches away the spark of attractiveness from you.

5. Deceitfulness:

Deceitfulness is the wrong path to make you look attractive. You might have heard that liars have it on their face; well they actually do.

An act of dishonesty is all that it takes to wash away that appeal from your face and make you look, somewhat, a liar.

Yes, this is relatable to being nice. If you start being nice with people around you, you are going to cut down the act of dishonesty as well. Being nice inside, makes you look nice on the outside as well.


There are so many other things that add on to the list to “what makes me ugly” but, my poor hand needs a break as well.

Try being nice to people around you and don’t forget to achieve that 8 hours sleep daily.

This does seem hard in the tough routine but I guess you just need to punch down anyone, who tries to snatch that precious beauty sleep from you.

What is more important than looking attractive? Well, nothing!

  1. You’ve made some excellent observations, but to be honest, I can think of quite a few things more important in life than looking attractive, like integrity and compassion for example. That said, some of the behaviors you’ve outlined, particularly deceitfulness and laziness will surely adversely affect the way others respond to you regardless of how you look on the outside. Thanks for this thought-provoking post!

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