4 Ways To Practice A Stress Free Life

So how to live a worry free life? When someone asks you, how you are or how you are doing, there isn’t much to say rather than I am fine, I am doing well and so on. But once those words escape your mouth, don’t you think for once that why can’t you replace I am fine with I am great or I am doing well with everything is going wonderfully?

And then there are a set of people who are always so peppy within themselves that it looks like some remarkable, background music is playing in their life.

They seem happy, content and much satisfied with their life.

They don’t seem to be stressed much. And then you envy them a little but don’t ask yourself that how do they manage to do it? How do they manage to stay stress-free most of the time?

Everyone wants a stress free life, don’t we? We all want to dance all the worries away, yell the problems to rush off and so on. But only a few of us get there!

We aren’t able to gather a lot of motivation to practice a stress-free life, right? For that, you can read my article on how to reboot your motivation (Click here).

How to live a worry free life?

Here are some simple ways to do that. Get started now and say goodbye to all those anxieties and troubles.

1-Remove the Stressors:

But what if the stressors are your friends? The ones you have to meet daily? It gets really hard to get rid of them. But here is the tip; if you can’t remove them from your life; disarm them!

The key here is to keep company with people who uplift you in all positive manners and the existence of those who try to bring the best out from you.

If there is anyone who becomes a cause of stress for you, distance yourself from them.

Sometimes it can be really hard but then you need to think how you want your life to be. Are you OKAY with them playing around with your feelings and dirtying your life?

So if you can’t get rid of them completely, you need to disarm them.

Whatever they do to hurt you or whatever toxins they produce in your life; make sure you don’t take it to your heart.

The more responsibility you give them, the more they will try to stress you out. So simply remove them or disarm them.

2-Do All with Positivism:

So what does this mean? This simply means that you need to think, act, speak and radiate positively in your life.

Thinking positively is certainly the very first step and it is quite tough also. But once you start kicking out negative thoughts or blocking them, all you will have in your mind will be positive thoughts.

Secondly, speak and act positively. A lot of people will come in your way to this. They will say or do something which totally enrages you but you are going to hold on to that and try being positive for yourself only.

And once you do all this, you are going to shine and radiate positively. You will have your own sunshine and you won’t give anyone permission to take it away from you. Likewise, you are going to try to spread it, among people around you.

3-Be Honest:

As House always says “everybody lies”, he is right! We all lie and when we do, we get this burden of “what if they can spot that lie” and we stay under constant stress. People who are in a habit of lying all the time stay under constant stress.

So what is the cure? Don’t lie, stay honest. Honesty is the key to all good that you want to happen in your life. Honesty is known as a great stress reliever. Now I am not saying to always stay honest. That can get you in trouble, I mean there are some situations when you’re totally supposed to lie. Just don’t make lying a habit you know.

If you don’t want any burden on your shoulders or heart, try being honest to others and to yourself (above all).

Acceptance is the very first stage of honesty and it is going to take you to wonderful places.

4-Be Appreciative:

Stop regretting. What’s done is done! Stop being ungrateful. There are always things to look up to!

If you try to stop for a while and look around you and within your life…you will see a lot of things that you can be grateful for! This is where we turn our lives upside down; we lack the feeling of gratefulness. We take that comfortable bed, car and a filled wallet for granted.

All we want is more.

Taking some time out of your day, to thank God for all you have and to appreciate whatever you possess, will make you feel less stressed. This is a way you will be looking on to the brighter side of your life, rather than the sadder one.

And that is what erases the feeling of anxiety or depression best.


Wishing for a stress-free life and gaining it gets a bit tougher. Everyone desires it but only a few get there. However, it is only about how you think, which brings in the changes in you and makes you a better person and helps you in bringing radiation in your life.

Remember that ignorance is a bliss! Just stay grateful and positive. Remind yourselves of all the good.


  1. Good Morning Usman,
    What a great post! All 4 of your ways to practice a stress free life were spot on my friend! I especially liked the last one. Taking time each day and taking a look at what you are grateful for is such great advice..

    Grateful to have been invited here this morning.
    Thank You
    Chery :))

  2. I really like this, Usman. Everyone is trying to free their life from stress, and you give some very good tips.

    We create our own stress for the most part, and need to spend time to unstress as well!

    Thanks for reminding us and helping us do just that!


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