How To Live a Positive Life?

Let’s face the bitter facts; life is hard sometimes and this “sometimes” runs into us, too often. No matter how much we try to avoid the low points of life, there are times when we are unable to keep up with the daily routine. Sometimes there is a reason for our sadness and sometimes, it just comes in without any reason (quite unwelcome).

There are so many good days and likewise, there are bad ones too. However, we tend to focus the most on the bad ones and feel miserable about our lives. This is why having a positive mindset is extremely crucial. It tends to make your life brighter and motivates you to look towards the brighter side of every situation.

However, change is always hard for us. Everyone resists it and this is a natural behavior. We might talk about being positive and how it can be extremely helpful in various situations but the bitter fact is that it is one of the hardest changes to stir in your life. It requires a complete change in the mindset and it is never going to come easy. You will have to remind yourself, over and over again, about how you need to push away the negative thoughts and embrace the positive ones.

Change is certainly difficult but we cannot deny the fact that it is beneficial for us. It not only provides us with personal peace but it also helps us during our professional life. A positive attitude opens up several opportunities to you and makes you appear approachable as well. Thus, when you think positive, positive things happen. A positive mind offers you a positive and happier life. Yes, it is a hard journey and we won’t promise you that you will change overnight or you won’t ever feel negative again. But if you stay determined and decide that you need to switch from negativity towards positivism, then by the end of this article, you will have a handful of reasons why you must do it and a lot of ways to do it too. So without any further ado, let’s get started with it!


Before we provide you with your answers to how to live positive in life, we will be disclosing the reasons as to why you should do it in the first place & what really makes us happy?. We all know that we don’t like doing things without rational statements. Therefore, we have listed 5 reasons why you need to start thinking positively right now!

1. Happier Life:

You become what you think and whatever you become, sums up your life. Thus, in order to have a happier life, your mindset needs to be happier and positive too. With a positive mindset, you understand the fact that gratitude does not lie in richness or achieving big goals as happiness can be found in the smallest things as well. Your happiness comes from within you and from what you think. You cultivate your thoughts into a life. Thus, the most important reason to start thinking and living positively is to gain inner happiness and stop relying on external sources for feeling glee.

2. Great Relationships:

When you start thinking and living positively, you begin to cope up with relationships in a much more mature and good way. You stop focusing on the bad qualities of people and try your best to emphasis on their good qualities. When you do this, you start crafting meaningful relationships and friendships. You don’t argue on pity issues and you know what you deserve, which sets the bar at the right place for you.

3. Energetic:

Positive mindset provides you with freedom from useless things. You focus on the good and try your best to overlook the bad in every situation. With fewer worries and stress, you feel more energetic. You are active and you strive to be as productive as you can be. When we stress a lot about pity issues or situations that we cannot solve; we tend to exhaust ourselves. This leaves us feeling lethargic and lazy. Thus, with a positive mindset, we do not try to solve problems that are out of our control and we try to look at the brighter side. This eliminates a huge amount of stress from our lives and we feel free and energetic to be as active as we want to.

4. Self-Esteem:

The best reason to start thinking positively is that it boosts your self-esteem. You understand your worth and you do not embrace anything less than that. You value yourself because you have trust in who you are and what you aim for. This tends to be a difficult thing to handle but once you start thinking positively, you are able to just live by your own rules.

5. Motivated:

A positive attitude is like fuel to your motivation. You feel a rush of energy in you to achieve anything that you want to with a positive mindset. Even if you fail, you try to look at the positive side and try harder the next time. This attitude is extremely crucial to achieve goals in life. Stronger motivation provides you with endless potential and gives you wings to fly high!

These are just 5 reasons why creating a positive mindset and life is very important. There is so much more than a positive life can offer you. It brings you good health, mentally and physically and provides you with a feeling of contentment. Yes, starting to craft this huge change in your life might seem impossible and a bit scary too. But starting somewhere is going to lead you to your destination and who doesn’t wish for a happier and content life?


living a positive and happier lifeBefore we dig into the different steps that will lead you to a happier and more positive life, you need to understand one major thing; it won’t happen overnight! I can never stress enough upon this fact that a change in your style of thinking is never easy. It takes a lot of time. I know that the various motivational speakers that you listen to, make it sound as easy a pie. But it is not that easy. You will fight with your negative thoughts and you will have to calm yourself down, even when you wish to punch someone in the face. It is a huge change and if you are expecting that by the end of this article, you will have embraced a positive life and mindset; then you are absolutely wrong. You will have to inculcate the following ways and steps into your life and utilize them on a daily basis, to craft a happier and more positive life.

With that being said, let’s get into your answer for how to live a happy positive life, shall we? Follow these steps to understand the things that are positive in life and how you can embrace them gradually.

1. Understanding the change you wish to make:

The law of change is to understand the change you are trying to make and why you are trying to achieve it. What is the reason behind you, wanting this specific change in your life? Identify the need for change and understand it so that you have a staunch basis for altering your mindset and attitude towards life. Identifying your values and what this change will bring to you, is going to be the motivating factor for you. How is it going to add to you, as a person? Will it make you feel better? How is it going to help you in your personal and professional life? Answer these queries for yourself and you will be able to understand the need of change and why you need it! This is the very first step towards creating a positive mindset.

2. Elimination of the negatives:

It is easier said than done because it took me like 3 seconds to type this but it is going to take tons of efforts and determination for you to do it. The basic rule is that if you are surrounded by negativity, then you will never be able to pull of positivity. If people around you are talking negative all the time, then your mind will push you towards negative thoughts. You will feel stressed most of the time. Eliminating the negatives out of your life is not going to be easy. It is going to be a gradual process but once you achieve this, you will be able to embrace a positive life!

3. Sweat the stress out:

I know that this might sound cliche but it is really true. Exercise boosts your physical and mental wellbeing. It brings discipline in your life and you feel energetic. Exercising also controls stress hormones and releases happy hormones in your body which makes you feel positive. It is not important that you have to join a gym for this. You can go for a run or indulge in cycling or swimming or create a small workout routine for yourself at home.

4. Kindness is the key to success:

Kind people are the happiest and we experience it all around us too, don’t we? This is because when we are being kind towards someone, we feel extremely optimistic and positive. We feel overwhelmed by doing a kind act and it provides you with inner happiness. This is when you realize that external sources have nothing to do with your happiness; it is all you and what you do in life. You can do small acts of kindness. It is not important that you need to go out of the way and do something huge. This is what we are focusing on when we are shifting our mindset towards positivity; smaller things can make huge changes. Thus, start treating your co-workers nicely or pass a smile to your gatekeeper or thank him when he holds the gate open for you. It will make their day and surprisingly, yours too!

5. Small Steps:

Most of us a “big picture” in our lives that we wish to achieve, don’t we? This big-picture makes us feel overwhelmed and excited about life. You need to picture your change in mindset, from negativity to positivity, as a big picture too. Get excited about it but take small steps towards it. Don’t try to achieve it right away as the faster you try to change, the faster you will bounce back to your old attitude. A complete change in your style of living is a huge thing to accomplish and you need to understand the importance of smaller steps. When you are going to achieve smaller steps, you will feel happier about them. Thus, take baby steps towards positivity and it will take larger steps towards you.


Being positive tipsNow that you have a handful of basic steps of how to live a happy positive life, we are going to unveil some very simple tips that will add fuel to them! These tips are easy to use and will boost your efforts and will tell you how to make positive things happen in your life.

● Start being grateful. Gratitude is the key to a positive mindset. This is the easiest way to shift your focus from negativity towards positivity. At the end of the day, think of at least 3 things that you are thankful for. You can make a larger list too and practicing this will bring in a huge change, trust me. Gratitude is the best answer to how to make positive things happen in your life.

● Another tip is to SMILE MORE! It is like tricking your mind. It won’t work in the beginning but practice it more and more and you will see that it really stirs things around. Smiling while you are working is going to add enthusiasm to the task. It will make you look at things that are positive, even if they are really small things. Try it out!

● Write a journal. This is a great way to document what you feel. If you are angry; take it all out on a page. Throw the negativity in the form of words on paper. This helps you in taking out the thoughts and it will also aid you in focusing on the positive. You can also journal about the things that are positive in your life. Make a separate positivity journal and write about positive things in it. And whenever you feel like you are hitting rock bottom and you cannot search for positivity; go through that journal.

● Meditation is another amazing activity that feeds your positivity. It is just as good as journaling and it cultivates your brain towards positive thinking. It enhances your journey of how to live positive in life.

● Make sure that your self-talk is positive. Have encouraging conversations with yourself. You become what you tell yourself so make sure that you tell all the good things to yourself. There are so many positive things to write about yourself and your life; focus on them.


Be happy even when life is hardA lot of people, by now, would be saying that this all seems easier to attempt to, when life is good. The question that pops up a lot is how to be positive when life is hard! And I totally understand this query because when life is hard and you are surrounded by situations that haunt your mind; how can you even imagine thinking positively? Well, obviously it will take practice and it won’t be easy. But here are some ways to how to be positive when life is hard. You can manage being optimistic in hard situations too. It will just take some time.

● The first step is to relax yourself. Don’t just lose your nerve right away. Drink a glass of water, sit down and breathe deeply. Bring your mind to focus and then think about the situation that has been put forth.

● If the complicated situation, demands you to do something out of your comfort zone, then you need to take help from reassurance. Tell yourself that you can do it. On the other hand, if this includes you, facing a hard situation, you yet again reassure yourself that you can handle it. Trusting yourself is an important element of positivity and you can use it to the best in this situation.

● Acceptance is another element of positivity. You accept that what is done is done and you begin looking for a solution. If the situation has no solution and what has been done, cannot be undone; then just let it be. Letting go is tough but sometimes, it is the only solution that you have in life.

● Another way to deal with a difficult situation, with positivity, is to surround yourself with optimistic people. When you will discuss your problem with a positive person, he or she will boost you to be more positive. They will tell you sane and optimistic ways to handle the situation. This is why surrounding yourself with positive people is the best thing to do.

The situation does not define your path of thoughts but sometimes, you do lose your nerve. Especially if you have just started to carve this change in your life; it will be a little difficult in the beginning. But staying determined will certainly take you out of this maze and provide you with the strength to deal with everything, with a smile on your face and endless gratitude in your heart.


Writing positive things about yourselfYour voice and the things you say about yourself are your life. They make up who you are and reflect your personality. In order to live a positive and happy life, you need to talk positively to yourself too. There are so many positive things to write about yourself that you can easily boost your personality, self-esteem, and motivation. Here are some positive things to write about yourself.

● I believe in myself:

Out of all the positive things to write about and tell yourself: this is the most important one. Even if you fail, you need to believe in yourself. Keep telling yourself that you are capable of doing great things and your belief in you, will get stronger.

● I live by my standards:

When you think positive about yourself, you realize that you are worth a lot of good things. This eventually boosts your standards. Thus, keep reminding yourself that you live by your standards and you deserve all the goodness of life, no matter what.

● I will treat others the way I wish to be treated:

This is yet another, extremely important positive thing to write about yourself. The key to a positive mindset is to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Keeping reminding yourself this and life will be easier.

● I have to look for positivity in all things and I will:

You need to transform into a person who looks for positive things in every situation. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, you focus on what can go right and trust the possibilities of it.

● I am grateful for the smallest things:

Gratitude is the key to success and you need to practice it by writing it down too. Tell yourself that you are grateful for whatever you have in life and that a lot of people are striving for it at the moment. Remind yourself that the blessing of the morning sunshine, is also a thing to be grateful about.


So you see; there are a lot of things that are positive in life but we tend to focus on the negatives all the time. We forget that whatever we have in this moment, is something that we probably prayed for a lot. The lack of gratitude and simplicity has made life negative for us. We usually question ourselves about how to make positive things happen in your life but we don’t really work for them. This is where the entire problem lies.

In a nutshell, when you think positive, positive things happen in your life. It is all about your mindset. You become what you think. Your thoughts become your life because whatever you think, is put into action by you; this is a universal wellbeing law. Thus if you are asking about how to live positive in life-by now, you would understand that it is all in your mind.

Take small steps and start changing your life for the better. A positive mind cultivates a positive life. Surround yourself with people who boost your optimistic personality and encourage you. Also, trust in yourself and built-up your self-esteem. Say positive things about your body and emphasize on the things that are positive in you and your life, to understand your value.

You deserve all the good in the world and once you start seeing the brighter side of your life; you will be a better person, inside out.

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