5 Ways To Get Rid Of Toxic People From Your Life And Embrace Positivism

Today I will show you how to let go of someone toxic from your life so you can stay happy. People either inspire you or they drain you. So you need to pick them wisely. Just like you do your season cleaning, you should go with cleaning your friend or social circle as well. Sounds rude but it really isn’t guys! So it’s time for some summer clean up maybe?

The last thing that I need in my life is negativity. So what do I do? I just close myself to all the negative people of my life. All those creeps who think negatively and probably speculate that everything in my life is happening around them.

So how to let go of someone toxic from your life?

Well, If you cannot murder them then you can simply just limit your talks and meetings with them.Obviously, you need to pretend that they are really good as well.

So do you tell the toxic people; “Hey, listen you are poisoning my life with your dirty vibes, so yeah goodbye”? Well, not really.

There are some simple steps to follow and your life gets as clean as ever from all the toxic and negative people of your life.

Decide; You are Worth It:

So before you decide to tell them that they aren’t good for your life and thoughts; you need to assure yourself that you are worth it.

Everybody has the right to change. Self-love is not being selfish; it is just doing what you think is accurate for you. After all you have to spend your life, with you and by you!

So if you want to achieve something positive in your life; you obviously need to cut down the negativity.

Ask yourself; are you ready to give in your career and goals for some pervert?


First thing’s first! It’s time to pinpoint people! Are you going to make a list? Well, obviously not. My social life is like 5 people I care about and the others are just THERE. You know what I mean, right?

So from all those people who are just there, who is trying to interfere negatively with your life?

Are they constantly prying you? Are they speculating negatively about you?

Are they weeping over and over again about the same thing? You think that their life is too messed up for themselves, that they are doing the same to yours as well?

If you just think that they are not being good to you and are pretending to be there (when they actually are not); they are the ones. Learn to Trust your gut instinct. If it says something is wrong with you; trust it immediately.

Letting Go:

Mostly the toxic people are really sticky as well.

They just stuck to your life. So how are going to let them go or tell them (other than in their face) that it’s time for them to just leave? Here are some ideas:

You can obviously make up your own as well or do something else which seems more accurate. But I know, you are going to pick one of these ideas anyway.

Ignorance is bliss. Ever heard of that? Start missing their calls.

Don’t reply immediately.

If they ask where you have been, make further excuses and you really don’t need to give justifications to anyone.

Avoidance is going to piss them off. So what do you do next?

You don’t explain a lot of your excuse to them. Just say minimum stuff because they might take whatever you say to their heart.

• Grace is always appreciated. But having grace in ditching someone seems so hard, right?

But if you are up for grabbing optimism, you can do this. Or let’s just tell ourselves that we can bid someone goodbye with utter grace.

You can talk it out with them.

If you think avoiding is too rude and you aren’t that kind of person, you can simply converse with them. You can also leave a door open for them, telling them that they can come back whenever they want to if they can be a bit more positive and grateful when they are around you.

Guilt Bell Rings:

And then obviously you feel guilty. You feel like you are the evilest person on this planet Earth. You get vibes that they might be cursing you and weeping because of you.

The point is, you don’t have to feel guilty.

Remember one thing that you need to be your own best friend.

Embrace your Positive Life:

Finally, when you are done with the cleaning up, take a break.

Yeah, that is some really hard work and you would certainly want to celebrate it, right?

So the best way to do so is to surround yourself with all the positive people you have in your life.

Even if it’s just your mum or sister or a friend; don’t let them go.

These are the people who are going to support you, give you wonderful ideas and let you see the brighter side of the life.


How did I hate it when I woke up one morning with a larger than life text from my friend, with all the negativity in it?

The creep that I used to be, I fought back at 100% rate.

How I wished I would have just let go. Don’t ever let people tell you that your life is messed up and negative.

Don’t listen to them and don’t give them that much power.

Let’s end the story with this: Your life is yours. Don’t give someone the power to make it good or worse.

Be your own hero and be your own sun. Shine bright and detox the bad people from your life.

Also, try to simply stay away from all sorts of negativity and not just negative people.

And it only comes down to your choice. The more positive the input you give to your brains the more positive the outcome is and the more positive you think.

Stay away as much from negativity as you can. Watch comedy instead of sad dramas. Surround yourselves with motivating people. Listen to positive music.

This life is too small for negativity.

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