How To Kill Your Smartphone Addiction?

My friend is addicted to her phone

My friend is addicted to her phone and it is just impossible for her to stay away from her cell phone for even a second. So In order to kill her smartphone addiction I am writing this article, I am sure it will help your friend too.

So Last month I found and bought a new phone and I was having the latest phone (LG-G3)  on the market and before I know it, came the LG G4 and as soon as I was planning to buy that, came the next, Lg G5. I think I should wait up a few years so that I can buy G 90 once, I mean let LG figure out first, let them do their work.

But they never gonna stop, not them nor any other smartphone company or any technology company for that matter.

We live in a world where our phone is smarter than us.

Sitting in a lecture is much easier nowadays if you have your 4G turned on.

It is like, a question is popped into the class and before the teacher points out at you; you just type it in for Google and you have the answer ready. Aren’t we killing our brains?

Or can I say that they are already dead and buried away?

Smartphones have successfully taken over a lot of things in our lives. We all know that we are wearing those watches like I don’t know “Rolex watch” just for a show off the game. (I mean they say Time is Money for a reason because Rolex costs 15 grand).

But still, you always pick up your 1 grand (at most) phone to check the time.

Hey, there is a clock right there on the wall and there is a really expensive Rolex right there on your wrist. Whats that for?

I mean we can not even poop without these things, and when we forget them, we are like “Aaaa man, now my poop is just going to be boring”

We are so cut off from the world? Are we even living in this world?

Well, apparently we aren’t because we are living in our smart world.

It’s time to get serious! Smartphones have already replaced a lot of our things.

We have replaced our cute little alarm clock with a cell phone.

We have waved calendar a goodbye as we have it on our cell phone. Yes! You have a calendar at your side table and office table and your room’s wall but it is just there.

The camera is all gone because who needs it when you have the smart LG G5 with a 16 MP camera or the more than ever stylish iPhone 6s (Android is way better by the way, sorry Steve(RIP) and I phone lovers, it’s just that you can modify android in so many ways).

You don’t need a camera because you have all those smartphones unless you have a DSLR. Of course then you are just a person who is taking pictures and all like “hey smartphone people, I am much cooler because guess what? Size of your megapixel does matter and I always have DSLR right there hanging when your smartphones are hidden in your pockets, Oh you have 2 grand phone, where is it?

DSLR looks way cooler and it obviously is great for showing off also. So how can you get rid of this “smartphone addiction”? And if you are asking me that why do you even need to get rid of it; it is all in here.

Why Kill the Addiction?

Addiction was a word people used for drugs or for someone they fell in love with. People used to go like, I am addicted to her because she makes me feel so good and I forget all about my worries and stress when she is around. Actually, this happens.

Anyhow, the best way to kill stress and finding a way out of anything nowadays is our smartphone!

We are humans and connecting with one another is really important. When we neglect people around us and try looking for happiness in mobiles, the quality of our life declines.

It goes like: Jack and Jill went up the hill and then in actual, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. The only thing here is that Jack is your smartphone now, not any person. Did I make the point clear? So we obviously need to stop the addiction.

How to kill your Smartphone Addiction?

1. Turn off the Notifications:

So you will go like:

“What turn off my notifications?”

“That’s like cutting off from the world.”

But the end of the story is; if you aren’t going to get the latest gossip, you actually won’t die of deprivation.

So why do you need to turn off the notifications? That red button on your app or messenger is just like cocaine. It gives you the perfect spike inside, that a drug addict gets at seeing his lack of interest in front of him.

You just can’t stop yourself from clicking it and then you know what? It becomes a cue for you and then it becomes more of a habit. You start checking out your Instagram, like after every hour.

You can’t live without peeking into Snap chat every other hour and then you are also used to replying people instantly on Facebook.

So what’s the reward here? The social creeps (who are just like you) start adoring you for your fast replies and you get all the latest gossips. Well, is that any good even?

So how do you just shoot this habit loop of yours? Just kill the cue in the first place. Turn off notifications and you don’t even get time to check in for it, every other hour; you will forget within some days that you have even turned off your notifications.

2. Leave your Phone in a Designated Area:

This will seem really hard as you start off. But if you have been successful with the first step, you can certainly get to this much easier. Put your phone into a designated area and just leave it there.

We like to carry our phone everywhere; dinners, while playing Xbox and simply everywhere. Why do we even need it when we are going to just eat outside?

If you leave your phone in one area and don’t go back to it again and again; you will start connecting with people around you and get back to a real life (not the one your smartphone had created for you).

To sum up:

I know I am the bad guy now. How did I ever tell you to turn off your notifications when that gives you the capacity to breathe through every minute of your life?

Well, the basic here is that we need to make our lives better and the only way we can do that is to connect with people who are present around us rather than the ones, who don’t even exist in our lives.

Stop investing time in people who stay on the other side of the phone rather than be with you. Don’t give it too much control.

Stop letting that cell phone control your life!


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