Change Luck By Astrology

How To Change Luck By Astrology

So do you really think astrology has any part to do so in changing your luck? These are only limiting beliefs! What if I tell you that Luck is in your control? But before getting into that you should know why horoscopes and astrology is BS.

Did you read it? Good! Lets begin on the 2nd part that is how to control your luck!

So What Brings Good Luck? I hope you have heard the quotation:

If you want it, you will find a way or else you will find an excuse.

I am a stronger believer in the fact that you can create your own luck. I have seen a lot of people blaming their fate for whatever goes wrong in their life. I sit there in amazement, wondering how wonderfully these people are escaping the things that they don’t hold the ability to fulfil. So they simply put it on their luck and walk away from it.

But then there are people who know that they can make their own luck and they try hard for it. There are some simple keys like positivism and visualizing success to stay lucky all the way along. Even if you fail, your positive attitude allows you to bounce back to life and give it another try. So here are some ways to become lucky. Is it in your control? Yes, it is! Stop whining over fate and don’t blame it for your own laziness.

Look out for Opportunities:

If you prefer sitting at home and whining that you cannot be successful, then just think of it; is a success going to knock at your door? Well, to get it, you need to knock on several doors. To get opportunities and to grab them, you need to be in action.

Life is not a charity. You need to work for it to make it happen!

Let Positivity Rule your Life:

There are a lot of situations where you can easily lose all hope and blame your luck for the circumstances you are thrown into. But you need to learn to look the little good things that we can, in every negative situation.

A lot of people might call you stupid or will say that you are easily fooled. But know that positivity is powerful than negativity and it will reward you for the best. So focus on the positive side. Every situation has two sides; good and bad. And if you want to create your luck, you know which side to focus on, right?

Visualize your Success Story:

I don’t dream. I mean, I am either awake or asleep; there is no in between or maybe if there is any, I don’t remember it. Anyhow, if you are a dreamer, you will find it easy to visualize your success. You can see it through your dreams.

For people like me, we can write about how it will feel to be successful. We can see it through open eyes. So just allow you to set aside, for some minutes, once in a while, o visualize your own success story. This keeps you going on the path of success and you are able to create your own luck.

Gut Feelings are Usually Correct:

We all need to make decisions in life. Even if you are not good at it, at some point in life, you need to shoulder your own decisions. So in such circumstances, it is best to go with your gut instinct. Your gut knows the answer to everything.

Your intuition guides you best, so allow it to do so. Sometimes, the decision does turn out to be bad but what if it turns out to be the best ever you have made? You never know, right? So go with your gut feeling and make the best out of that decision.

Don’t Let Failure Sit on your Shoulders:

We all fail sometimes. Failure is a part of life; a reality you can’t escape. So don’t allow failure to sit on your shoulders and make it heavy for you. Learn to brush failure off so that you can try again or pick something else to give it a try.

Know that if you let failure overpower you, you will be a failure for a lifetime and I hope you don’t want that or do you?

Stay Away from Negative Thoughts and Stress:

I know staying away from stress these days is impossible but you are the one who gives it enough power to overrule you. You are the one who controls your thoughts and if you are going to allow it to rule you, it will!

So when you feel low, or depressed, ask yourself is that the situation too big to overpower you or are you allowing it to? Don’t let yourself to go down.


Stop blaming your luck for every bad thing that happens in your life. If you lose something, ask yourself whether you worked hard enough to gain it or not.

Be strong enough to shoulder your mistakes and make efforts to reach where you want to. Luck takes heart and soul!


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