How can one become chill by eliminating stress

How to be a chill person

So how to be a chill person, a calm person, a person who is never stressed out. When we get stressed, our brain releases a chemical called cortisol which is good in small amounts because it makes us more attentive and ready to defend ourselves but if one is consistently under stress, eventually the amount of that cortisol increases and it starts breaking down our immune system.

And if it all keeps up, our body goes into a catabolic state, a state where our factory cells start breaking down and prevent new cells from growing hence causing a lot of health issues.

So being in stress all the time is a very bad idea, but it’s hard to remove stress completely nowadays with all the things always running around in our minds, our careers, jobs, family.

There is just too much stuff going on all the time. It’s hard to relax and remove all those tensions away from our minds, but still, there are some ways which answer your question.

How to be a chill person always

Exercise regularly:

Exercise helps a lot when it comes to stress in many ways. When we exercise or do any sort of physical activity our body releases

Endorphins, also sometimes called “the happy hormone” which helps a lot to remove stress levels from our body. This hormone interacts with our brain and triggers a positive feeling so we feel happy.

Exercising also helps to channel our anger, which is caused by stress in the first place, to give us energy for our workouts so we feel calm and relaxed afterward.

Exercise daily, even for just only 10 minutes but do it every day.

If you are super busy then you may just do it at home instead of a gym, it will save you a little time.

Also, there are tons of videos of “quick workout” on youtube, check them out.


Meditation is an art of training our minds and it has been practiced for over a thousand years.

It can help a lot especially during periods of great stress and it can calm us down and so can reduce stress in a great deal.

Meditation is just another word for “focus” so when we meditate we streamline all our jumbled thoughts and then let them go away for a while and think of nothing else and keep our minds empty.

The longer we meditate the calmer we get but it’s hard to do for longer periods of time if you are an absolute beginner at this so I’d suggest you start with only 10 minutes.

Don’t worry about your posture, just sit comfortably on a chair and then empty your mind, that’s it.

Listen to positive Music:

Music is simply awesome. It can manipulate our emotions and it can easily make a sad person happy, a happy person (depending on the type of music you are listening at the given moment obviously).

It can motivate us and it has the power to trigger our past memories and at the same time it can relax us and it can get us super psyched for our workouts so it is very powerful so why not just use it for positivism, happiness and motivation.

Here is the list of some songs which make me happy.
Here is the list of top 10 songs which motivate me like crazy.

When we surround our minds with positivism, we ourselves become positive. Music has a lot of genres but only go for those which cheer you up. It will help you a lot in completely eliminating the fight or flight response from our brains and would make us happy.

Watch Comedy:

It may sound a little unreal but watch comedy can almost remove all of your stress. They don’t say “laughter is the best medicine” for no reason.

Believe it not but children laugh almost 300 times in a day and as we grow older and older we laugh a lot less. We are not laughing enough and comedy is what we need.

I am a huge fan of comedy. Why should we watch sad and unmotivating dramas?

They are all just negative energy.

Why add them to our lives?

We may not feel it but they have a huge impact on our thinking like when we see a horror movie, we get scared easily, we feel that somebody is always behind us in the kitchen and we can’t close our eyes in the shower, catch my drift?

The more positive input that we give to our brains, the more positive our thinking gets.

Here is the list of some of the Comedy Shows that are so funny that you are going to fall laughing, seriously.

Surround yourselves with friends:

Hanging out with your friends or loved ones is the quickest way to reduce the levels of stress.

Communicating with people whom you trust calm you down very quickly, it gives us an impression of being safe.

All of our senses, hearing, seeing are all connected with each other and when we use them, that is using eye contact with them. Listening to them and all take our brain away from the fight or flight response which is the stress.

It also releases hormones which calm us down in a great deal.

Now I wouldn’t recommend to always have a pal close by to lean on when you feel sad.

Instead, try to have a group of your close friends. Interact with them.

Share with them all of your problems instead of burying them down in your heart.

Stay involved with your family and friends and stay away from loneliness as much as you can.

Staying lonely at all times makes you very much venerable against stress.


In order to remove stress from your everyday life:

1- Make time to exercise daily. You can set a time limit if you are too busy; for example,  10-15 minutes are enough.

2- Meditate daily, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

3- Listen to happy and motivating music. Stay away from negativity.

4- Watch the comedy and eliminate depressed dramas and movies. Surround yourselves with positivity.

5- Surround yourselves with your loved one’s friends and family. Share and interact with them as much as you can.


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