How do Bloggers Earn Money Online?

Everyone wants to earn extra money and you are obviously one of them. In the endless journey of struggles, you decide to start your own blog because you have heard or probably assumed, that it is one of the best and easy ways to earn money online. You did start blogging, thinking that you would earn cash within a few days or maybe weeks but the journey seems to be a bit longer than what you had expected. You are not really sure how your blog will start making money. Or more precisely, you don’t have any idea about how do bloggers earn money. Or maybe you are just looking for ways to monetize your blog.

So no matter what confusion you are going through, we promise you that you will make money online through your blog. Whether it is a hobby oriented blog or a business one; we will take you through the maze of how to earn extra income through your blog.

Let’s dive into the ways of how do bloggers earn money and how you can make it too! I will share some of the quick and easy ways to make some money online.


The most important ways to earn money through your blog is to monetize it. What is that, you may ask? It is putting ads up on your blog or website.

There are two popular categories of ads that you should know about:

PPC/CPC ADS: (Pay or Cost per Click Advertisement)

These are banners that are placed in the sidebar of your blog. They are basically termed as Pay Per Click or Cost per Click ads. Every time a visitor on your website, clicks on the ad; you get paid! TADA!

CPM ADS: (Cost per impressions advertisement)

This is the second type of ads and these pay you a fixed amount of money, depending on the number of people who view your ad.

The most commonly used ads are the PPC and the CPC ads. Also, the most reliable network for placing any types of ads is Google AdSense. This program is very easy to use and makes the entire process simple! Thus, you can check out Google AdSense for placing ads.


This is another method of monetizing your blog. Affiliate marketing has endless possibilities and it will help you earn extra money through your blog or website. This is how it works:

An advertiser reaches out to you and wishes to sell her product. On every sale that comes through your blog, you will be given a commission. After that, you will be provided with a link which is going to track your affiliate code to see the amount of people who come to their products, through you. It will tell the advertiser that the buyer came to them, through your blog. You have to include the affiliate links on the blog. You can either create content for it to tag it directly or you can place banner ads for the product on your website. If the user clicks on the affiliate link through your blog, then you get a percentage of the amount the user paid for the product.

Networks like Amazon associates are an incredible platform where you can take benefit from affiliate marketing and make money through your blog. You can also sign up for private contracts and partnerships. It all depends on the opportunities you get.


If affiliate marketing does not seem like your cup of tea then you can sell digital products. It is a great source to earn extra money online through your blog. Many bloggers make money through this method.

But what digital products can you sell?

  • Online courses
  • Online workshops
  • eBooks
  • Apps
  • Themes
  • Plugins

Images, music and videos that people can use in their content-make sure that they are unique

You basic focus should remain on making the product extremely useful for the audience. Do not “assume” that your digital product is highly needed by the reader. You must research well before providing it to people. Listening to your audience will help you understand what they really need. This means that you have to build your audience first and make sure that they are active on your blog. Once they start interacting with you, you will learn what they really need. THAT is the digital product that you should create and sell. The best part about this source of income online is that you are not getting a little commission; you are selling your own product which somehow makes you an entrepreneur as well.


You can use your blog to build your credibility too. This will open new doors of money making opportunities for you. For instance, you start a finance blog and gradually, you gather audience who loves reading your content. Your blog will become famous and you will be a well-known figure in the finance industry. Once your blog and you get famous, people are going to approach you. You can give seminars and speak about finance and management in conferences. Finance institutes might call you to be their judge or host for an event.You can also have opportunities to train finance employees. Thus, new doors can open through blogging. But this method is time consuming and requires a lot of determination and persistence as well.

Also, this is not one of the easiest ways to earn extra money through blogging. This is a time taking process and it might and might not work for you. However, the success rate of such bloggers is increasing day by day who have build their credibility through their blogs. They have received endless opportunities which have become a great source to earn money.

You need to understand that blogging might be considered as one of the high paying careers but it takes time. If you make your blog and just let it sit; nothing is going to happen. You have to spend time to build it (certainly) but you need to spend time to make it grow as well. Give it your time and effort and build your credibility to open new doors for yourself.


This is going to be time taking and you will have to put in a lot of effort in this too. But the truth is that you will probably earn a lot of money through this method. If you are good at writing and wish to get paid to write articles for people then you can offer your services on your blog. This is going to be exhausting because with time, your audience will grow. But there are people who are earning six figures through this source. They create a mechanism on their blog where they get clients. It is extremely profitable and a lot of bloggers are earning this way.

Similarly, if you are a photographer or a programmer or a designer; you can offer your services through your blog. If you are a writer, then you can write and earn money online through your website.

These are the top ways to earn money through your blog. You don’t get paid to blog; that is a wrong concept; you flourish your blog in a smart way so that you can earn through it.


We have disclosed the different ways for how do bloggers earn money. Now we will take a step back, and discuss some questions that people usually ask regarding the process of blogging. There is a lot of confusion regarding it and these answers might help you clear them up!

Do bloggers earn money?

People usually ask how do bloggers earn money or do they even earn money through it or not. But the real thing that they want to know about is, how can one earn extra money through blogging! Sadly, we have no BS answer for this query. It is actually dependent on you.

Starting your journey to earn money through blogging is similar to starting your own business. It demands a lot of time and effort. Also, just like you invest in your business without expecting a wonderful profit right away; you have to invest in here too. The big difference is that it will demand more of your time and effort than money. Bloggers do earn money but the process is gradual. It won’t happen overnight and you need to stay persistent.

How much can I earn through blogging?

Before people start blogging, they plan to earn $500 a month or week through it. This is the wrong approach. You will make money through blogging definitely but there is no certain amount and no certain time for it either. There are blogs who are earning hundreds of millions but they have invested a lot in it. The problem with bloggers is that they think that they quit too fast. They are not patient enough to invest endless time and effort in it.

How can I start my blog for free?

You can start a blog for free through WordPress and Medium etc. however, they are not going to help you earn extra money online. They take way longer than a proper domain website. We would recommend you to invest in a domain and hosting account. Consider it as your investment to start your business journey.


Is it possible to make money online through blogging? YES IT IS!

There is no power that can become your hurdle to earn money online through your blog if you treat it like your baby. Consider it as a startup business and we guarantee you that you won’t fail.

If you ask us about how do bloggers earn money; then the truth is that the majority of them start as a side business. And that is the best way to begin your journey. Start it as your side project and flourish it in the background gradually. Give it time and effort and once you start gaining audience and some income, you can then speed up things and maybe quit your job too.

But as easy as it might sound in the last 4 lines; it isn’t. Just like any other thing that is worth getting, you have to work extremely hard to change your blog into a good source of income for you. You have to amster the craft of blogging to make it reach somewhere.

Blogging is a wonderful business for anyone who loves writing. You can make money online through offering your services through your blog. Simply get paid to write articles or design a website for a client. Blogging is a wonderful path for writers as it helps them showcase their capabilities. You also connect to so many people around the world; there are literally no barriers.

Blogging can turn into one of the highest paying careers but it demands persistence and a lot of hard work. If you are up for it, then trust us; you won’t regret this decision after some months. Put in your entire efforts and blogging will be highly fruitful for you.

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