5 homeopathic remedies to stop smoking

homeopathic remedies to stop smoking

Homeopathic remedies to stop smoking not only include diet, but also some of the lifestyle changes. You know of all the people who smoke 80% wants to quit, and the rest 20% don’t and think smoking is cool instead.

Now I am not here to tell you the typical stuff like “Quit smoking because it costs you 20$ per day if you smoke and so that’s 7 grand a year”, or  “Quit smoking because you are very much likely to get a lung cancer or a heart disease”, no, I am only going to tell you how to actually quit it.

Even though I still did it, my bad.

If you really want to quit smoking, you must change your auto-pilot routine which is the daily routine you are used to, like when you wake up you smoke then eat breakfast and then smoke again and it goes on and on until the end of the day where you smoke your last cigarette before sleeping.

The secret to quitting smoking is in changing your daily routine.

The following are the 5 steps which will guide you on how to actually change your auto-pilot routine in order to quit smoking once and for all.

Homeopathic remedies to stop smoking

Drink plenty of water

You know it already, that water is good for you, but I bet you didn’t know that It can make you quit smoking.

Now let me tell you this, that water helps a lot, and combined with HIIT you are going to see some pretty quick results.

Water actually flushes all of the nicotine toxins from our body, so drinking more water would kill your cravings.

How to make sure you drink enough:

1-Drink 1 liter of water right after you wake up.

2-Drink 1 glass of water right after you pee every time, that way you will end up drinking water the whole day.

3-Drink half a glass of water before smoking.

4-Do these above 3 steps even if they overlap.

Use salt

A lot of you people didn’t know about this but salt actually does help a lot in quitting smoking.

Salt is basically an anti-depressant so it can help to bring down your cravings a little.

If you feel like smoking, take a little salt on your fingertip and rub it on the tip of your tongue.

This is going to kill your craving most probably.

Guaranteed Hacks to quit smoking

Don’t quit your cravings

I say if you want to smoke. Smoke! Don’t fight it if you want to quit.

Stop saying ” Oh no, I’m never touching that cigarette ever again”


“This is my last cigarette ever, period”,

No, don’t do that.

You see when you think like that you start a war with yourself, and with your cravings. Your cravings are constantly whispering in your ear

“Psstt dude smoke, come on, I know you want to” and you are constantly reminding yourself of all the bad things smoking does.

You are frequently fighting those thoughts and cravings again and again. Until the cravings say to you “Psst remember how it feels, when you haven’t smoked for a while, feels good doesn’t it?”

And you snap and ultimately you lose the battle and rush to torch that cigarette and puff away, and then you feel bad.

And you do all this over and over again until you give up and think you never are going to quit and are just too addicted.

It may work if you have a really strong will-power but other than that it’s going to need some work.

So what should you do?

Well, stop fighting with your cravings.

Don’t enforce any restrictions on yourselves. Just give the control over yourself and focus on how to remove those cravings from your body.

Craving is a mere thought. You simply think that you feel good or satisfied when you smoke. So to remove cravings we have to find a way to think about smoking less. To do that you have to change your autopilot routine.

Changing your autopilot routine is nothing more than changing your daily lifestyle.

Engage in HIIT

It’s called High-Intensity Interval Training. In easy words it’s an intense workout with rests in between, for example running as fast as you can (and I can’t emphasize on this enough) in a specific short period of time and then resting a little, to catch your breath and then doing it all over again.

HIIT actually works by making your lungs stronger. It cleans your lungs frequently by flushing out all the nicotine and tar stored in. HIIT actually makes us breathe super heavily.

The tar just sticks to the walls of a smoker’s lungs and a pressure of air is required to remove/unstuck it and heavy breathing provides that.

HIIT is going to make you quit smoking with a bonus of losing all of your fat too, and trust me you are going to start to hate smoking with this.

Now It is going to seem very difficult to do at first, but maybe not that much if you are in a good shape already.

But I guess since you smoke, you must be in a bad shape right now, yea HIIT is going to be tough, especially on the very first day but maybe that’s just me.

Anyways If you really are in a bad shape, don’t worry it would become easier and easier, with time, as you build your stamina and muscles.

The first week of sprinting is going to make your legs all sore, but It will go away within 5 days or so and they won’t come back if you keep on sprinting. Just start with a less intense workout.

If you are absolute beginner start by simply jogging.

Stay happy

Most of the people smoke because of stress. They think that smoking helps with stress and it does too a little but in order to quit smoking you must be really happy. If you think you have a disease of depression then you need to overcome it.

Read here how I got over my depression.

You have to be truly happy in order to end your habit of smoking.

Stay with your loved ones, get involved with them. Don’t worry about the stuff that happened to you in the past, live in the now.

Find out some of my life lessons on true happiness.


If you want to quit smoking, don’t think about it at all. Don’t fight with your cravings and just change your lifestyle.

For example, if you smoke right after you wake up, change your routine.

Go for a run or HIIT instead and above all keep drinking lots of water and use salt before smoking.

Also, understand that smoking is linked to you being unhappy, so you have to find a way to remove it.


  1. Wow! Some incredible tips you got here in this post! I wish I had these to help my aunt all these years ago but e-cigarettes did the trick. I will try to use these to help my grandpa quit since he’s not so tech savvy and he cannot handle the e-cigarettes.


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