Skinny? Get Free Guide To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

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Tired of being skinny?

I have been there, it sucks big time, but not to worry, you have come to the right place.

Gaining is very easy especially for beginners because you gain muscle mass pretty quickly at the start, don’t worry, it’s nothing like crazy.

You will just not look super skinny that’s it.

It’s not like you will become Arnold LOL!

Also, I guess you don’t wanna bulk up like Arnold too? Am I right? Of course I am! YOU ALSO CAN’T!

By the way, I just don’t understand some people. They think that building muscles are so easy. I mean they come in, all prepared and everything you know with their brand new sneakers, gloves and all that shi*

And they lift some weights, mostly do their biceps (I am just gonna do my guns today) and of course they get a little pumped and then they start flexing in front of the mirror.

You now like they have gained a lot…. and then they are gone! (south park fans would get this joke) and that’s it… you don’t see them ever again in the gym….you know what, I am getting pissed and I can never write when I get pissed, you got the point though right?

All the gym-ers know what I am talking about.

Anyways. Building muscles are not easy.

It’s not people.

It takes time.


A good diet plan…(before you get freaked out and leave the page, don’t worry I will cover all this in the easiest possible words) and the girls who think lifting weights would just make them bulky.. that is also a myth…when you lift weights, you won’t bulk up.

Bulking up or losing for that matter only and only depends on your diet that’s it. People who are I don’t know “hulks” who stuff their faces all the day long and lift weights are the ones who get bulky.

I mean you have to take in a lot of calories. If you keep your overall calories low and lift weights your body will actually get toned. And also I just remembered, since we are on myths, some people see a guy with huge muscles and all they say “huh…he is on steroids, I can do the same with steroids in a month”

Get over your heads people. It’s not like that. Bodybuilders use steroids I admit that but that is their living and plus they have to work their asses off in order to build muscles. They workout two times a day.

Their diet is all stabilized. Pro-Bodybuilding is the toughest sport out there…Anyways I am getting way ahead of myself…

The Point is that stupid belly in front of your confused faces ( confused because the rest of your body is skinny) will go away and you will gain muscles in a good way naturally,  just follow my lead.

Now before I start, let me tell you the 5 main things (and then I will redirect you to my another article that will explain it further more):

1-Just eating a lot is not the way to go:


If you believe that you will bulk up just because of eating like crazy, then you are very wrong, you will just get fat and you don’t want that.

Sometimes you will stay skinny no matter how much you eat, I will explain its reason later in the 2nd point.

Anyways if you just start eating a lot, you may gain fats but mostly on your belly and be skinny with a belly fat is the worst possible body shape ever.

You got to workout and start trying to build muscles, that’s only the proper way to go.

2- Know your body type:

You should know that there are three types of bodies if we summarize.

There is Ectomorph, then there is Mesomorph and then there is Endomorph.

One has to understand his/her body type. Sometimes a person can be a mixture of a two. Of all these body types Ectomorphs mostly have gaining problems. Endomorphs can gain quickly but can’t lose fats fast and Mesomorphs have the best of both worlds.

They can gain too and lose fats easily also.

It all comes down to metabolic rate actually, with Ectomorphs having the highest and Endomorphs having the lowest of all.

The following picture may make this body type thing a little easier for you to understand.

Picture credit goes to Muscle story (read more about body types on the same link.)

One may say that Bruce Lee is Ectomorph, Arnold is Mesomorph and HULK is Endomorph.

Your task is to compare and find where your body lies.

One easy way to determine your body type is to measure your wrist size.

Grab your wrist right where your palm ends, with an index finger and your thumb. Does it overlap? Do they just meet? Or is there a space in them? If they overlap then your body lies in the Ectomorphs category.

Similarly, if they hardly meet, there is a pretty good chance you are a Mesomorph and if you have thick wrists then you are Endomorph.

I guess by now you know where you lie at in this body type mess. Let’s move on!

3- Calculate your daily calories intake requirement:

calculate-caloriesTo calculate your daily calories intake, multiply your weight (in lbs.) with 11 (for girls) and 12 (for guys).

For example, if you are a guy and you weigh 200 pounds then your daily calories intake would be 200 * 12 = 2400 calories.

Now aim to eat more calories for gaining. It’s simple, no need to make a fuss over it.

Simply aim to eat 500 more calories if you are Endomorph, 1000 more calories if you are mesomorph and 1500 more calories if you are Ectomorph.

By the way, I hope you know that by calories, I mean Kilo Calories, people just use the term calories instead of that and I don’t know why and so, I just give up…. Calories it is people, you won.

I mean there are so many things we are saying wrong that we don’t even know about I mean some people say “Statue of limitations instead of Statute of limitations”, I am quoting this very one cuz I saw this one in SEINFELD.

Anyways now the next thing you are going to do is make your Gaining foods plan. Check them out accordingly from this link which provides most important gaining foods of all. Use these foods to make up your daily calories intake and then aim to eat more, depending upon your body type, See Simple!

4- Carbs and fats help you maintain your weight & proteins build muscles.

Now I’m a bodybuilder myself not that hulk type no I am just fit, and I am telling you from my experience that gaining is quite easy (for the beginners only), you just have to dedicate a mere 30 minutes from your whole day to a gym, lifting weights I mean lifting HEAVY, as much as you can, don’t hurt yourself though, also try to have a gym partner with you, I don’t want you getting all choked up doing bench-press.

Just download an app, see videos on YOUTUBE and learn exercises.

For the eating part keep eating the gaining foods which are mentioned here, I understand you guys don’t want to be like HULK, you just wanna seem normal, good right? You will!

Alright, I guess, you now know these 4 points, Now I want you to go HERE. This will explain the rest of the stuff in details, You know your diet and workout plan!


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