How To Teach Your Dog To Smile?

How To Teach Your Dog To Smile?: I’m sure you love teaching your dog new tricks! Well, what’s more, relaxing than seeing your dog flaunting its oddly perfect, ivory-white teeth?

Yes! You read it right. You can train your dog to show its teeth that unlike humans doesn’t only happen when a dog is happy or elated which is why it’s a bit difficult for your pup to learn this amazing trick.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t make it unachievable. We have got your back here!

In the case of most dog tricks, a dog is never too old to learn a new trick. However, it is preferred that you teach new tricks to your dog at a younger age. The younger your dog is when you start teaching a new trick like “smile”, the faster they pick it up and the easier it is.

It is extremely important to teach your dog a few basic tricks. After your dog learns them, s/he will use them all his life to stay safe and to communicate with you and other people.

Not only this, teaching him new tricks will boost his confidence level and help to keep his mind sharp and his daily exercise level high.

Keys To Successfully Teaching Dog Tricks!

  • Keeping eye contact is a must if you desire to have your dog’s full attention throughout the entire training process. At the time when you feel like your dog is tired or has stopped looking in your eyes, you need to finish the training process and resume it the very next day.
  • An easy way to make your dog learn a new trick is to assign a name to its specific behavior and use it as a phrase or word to command the dog to do something. Make sure that the word or phrase you choose is appropriate to be spoken in public and rolls off your tongue easily.
  • Don’t make things difficult for your dog, especially in the beginning. We are sure you want him to succeed every single time you ask him to do something. For that, you need to appreciate him for even the little steps he takes towards achieving something. After all, a little appreciation never goes in vain.

Does smiling always mean that your dog is happy?

When a dog smiles, it could possibly mean two things. Firstly, it’s a submissive grin; a very popular activity among dogs which is seen mainly in greeting situations as a dog is seeking attention in a non-threatening manner.

Secondly, the gesture that you may think is a smile, can be a snarl too.

Before getting into the main trick, it’s important that you get aware of different dog behaviors that can possibly appear like a smile.

Below we have displayed a picture of a dog that presents a submissive grin as a result of getting scared.

Like we mentioned before, this act is usually seen while greeting as the dog is apparently trying to de-escalate the situation. It’s visible that the dog has pinned its ears back.

Moving on to the second picture, the dog can be seen snarling and its ears are not pinned back.


This scenario can occur when a stranger enters the house.

You definitely don’t want to train your dog with these ‘not so cute’ party tricks.

Instead, make your dog comfortable as it’s your duty to be its guardian as this behavior doesn’t come naturally when your dog is calm and relaxed, it is an intermediate to an advanced skill that you can make your dog learn over time.

The sole purpose is not to make it comfortable but understand the different behavior it shows while feeling genuinely uncomfortable.

The following picture shows a dog flashing its cued smile in a funny manner.


It can be seen that the dog is relaxed with its ears positioned normally.

That is only because the trainer was careful enough to teach him how to smile!

We are sure you don’t desire to put your dog in an uncomfortable situation where he snarls or shows a submissive grin.

For that matter, you need to acquire knowledge about the ultimate trick that works best for your dog.

Things that might come in handy while the training process:


We all crave for a little appreciation after achieving something. Well, the same is the case with your dog too.It is essential to reward him with a treat after he obeys your command.

That would definitely keep him motivated as well.


As of now, your dog doesn’t have any idea what it means when you “click” the clicker.

In attempt to teach him,you need to show him that a click means that he is about to get a treat.

That way he will do whatever you say.

Dog Toothbrush

You will need this tool if your dog is stubborn.

Most dogs tend to smile while preparing for their teeth to be brushed.

The ultimate trick; How to train your dog to show its teeth?


  • Examining Your Dog’s Natural Behavior And Achieving An Authoritative Posture.

In the process of teaching your dog how to smile, it’s crucial to watch for its natural behavior.

That would help you to act accordingly. A verbal phrase or prompt such as, ‘smile’ could be used after which the dog is to be rewarded with a treat.

Secondly, you have to make sure that your dog respects you and sees you as an authoritative figure.

A position in which you stand tall and keep your chest pushed away would, indeed, work perfectly fine.

Also, you can always command your dog using your hands when you run out of treats!

  • Using Dog Tools

If your dog exhibits complacent behavior, you can try again by using a toothbrush this time.

Pet owners will find this step easier as they regularly brush the teeth of their dogs already!

Usually dogs naturally smile when they see their toothbrush. Furthermore, most dogs find the taste of the doggie toothpaste a little unpleasant and make a face like this as a reaction to the weird taste.

You can take advantage of this and say “smile” while holding a toothbrush in one hand and a treat in the other. Don’t forget to reward your dog after he finally shows his teeth!

  • Switch Locations

We are sure you do not want your dog to forget this so we suggest that you repeat the same thing at least 5 to 10 times a day. This way, it will become a habit.

Moreover, it’s important that you switch between different rooms while reinforcing. You can even take your dog for a stroll and repeat the trick. This will make him habitual of obeying you and smiling whenever the toothbrush comes in his sight.

  • Stop The Usage Of Treats

Now that your dog has established the correct behavior, it’s time that you begin to command without rewarding him with a treat. This would be necessary because thinking that you will always have the treat to reward your dog with is unrealistic. Your dog should obey you with or without a treat.

Though training with the assistance of treats is an effective and efficient method using treats for the training process for extended periods of time means over-indulging on treats, which we are sure you do not want to do. Hence, try to keep the training sessions short and always keep them upbeat.


Using the assistance of the tips and tricks written above, it would be a lot easier for you to train your dog rather effortlessly.

Don’t forget the fact that every dog is different, some may show their upper teeth and some may show both upper and lower teeth. Also, being able to make your dog smile on command is a pretty advanced skill that most owners don’t even attempt to teach.

Persistence and patience while the training process will surely prove fruitful at the end.