Minute Daily Exercises To Get You Slimler legs Within 3 Weeks

Yes girls this one is for you (if you love to eat and are too busy to go to the gym).

Most of the girls are always whining about those perfect, slim legs. (My Ex Ahem),  O which reminds me yes, that favorite pizza of yours with extra cheese topping won’t give you those sexy and slim legs at all. (Go to Gym and stop reading my articles, and we are not patching things back up!)

(By the way if you are wondering, I didn’t break up with her, she did, for some stupid reasons and now wants to patch up back but I have already moved on)

So anyways getting back…

Almost all of you girls wish for slim legs right? That is a dream of every girl I guess!

Getting those perfectly shaped legs!

And let’s just say that people like Kim have made girls more conscious about everything.

Everyone wants to “Kardashian” it!

And guys love it Trust me!

But Kim works her “it” off everyday to get that shape… I mean go check her gym workouts.

But when it comes to Gym we will always have 101 excuses of why we can’t go but then again some are actually very busy people.

So that is why here is something for all ya girls; just take out 3 minutes before you doze off to bed and you will see getting your legs into a proper shape within weeks! 3 moves in 3 minutes and that’s it!

But if you are still crying out for these 3 minutes than God bless you gurl-friaannd, because nothing gonna help you, if this doesn’t!


stretchMust reach shoe…must …..

The name of the exercise and this image makes it a little obvious as to what you need to do.

Part your legs as far as you; you really don’t need to go hard on yourself because any magic won’t happen when you wake up in the morning (you are just going to embrace cramps for the first week).

You need to go with what you can bear and that doesn’t allow you to part your legs for just 4-5 inches and get done with it. As FAR apart as you can, is good to go!

Now you need to turn your upper torso in the direction of your stretched legs. So what’s next?

You need to pull down your chest to the legs with the help of your arms so that you can pull your body down. Now hold the position for 5-15 seconds. Repeat this for 8 times per leg.

2-Superman Pose:

Its a superman but it can also be superwoman.

It is inspired by Superman and well, all good things come from men, don’t they? Am I being a gender discriminator here? (Sorry for that though)

So what do you need to do?

You really don’t need a cape for it until you want to be a showoff or get this exercise a little funny for you.

And you don’t need a superman costume for it as well. So simply lie down on the floor, with your stomach on the floor…which simply means that lie on your stomach, with keeping your toes flat on the floor.

Your chin should be resting on the floor. Now stretch your arms out, in front of you (stretch them as much as you can).

Now you need to raise your left arm and right leg at the same time. Hold in that position for like 3-5 seconds and repeat it vice versa as well. And as you visualize this pose; you will imagine yourself as a superman (flying high in the air).


Until you come back to reality and realize the fact that you are just crying for slimmer legs here.

3-Split in the Air:

Just lay down and then you need to raise your legs at the best that you can. Both of your hands should be pressing against the floor. Now starting straightening your legs and make them stand at 90 degrees.

Now you need to split your legs by taking help from the inner thigh muscles.

Repeat this for at least 8 times. You can hold the position for 4-5 seconds.


It’s really hard to quit on pizza right? But what’s wrong with dreaming of those slim and sexy legs! But girls, that won’t happen within a dream and yes miracles do happen; but they don’t happen to legs!

You just need merely 3 -5 minutes before you go to sleep. And why am I telling you to do these moves before bed…because at that time, you are quite free? So you really don’t have excuses until you make your sleepiness an excuse as well.

Try em’ and see how they start working. And hey…they won’t work in a week so just don’t raise both your hands after 7 days!

The cramps will be waving you goodbye for 8 days or more…so make sure that you keep on going with these moves for a month.

And you will definitely see a prominent change! And if you are actually thinking of trying em’ out…do let me know if they work for you or not!

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