People Put You Down But How Do You Get Back Up

Being put down by someone is not a nice feeling at all. It can have long lasting effects on a person’s emotional and psychological state of mind and so it’s hard to get back up. Thrashing someone’s personality does not make you a stronger person. In fact, it is big crime in terms of humanitarian belief and values.

Deal with people and get back up:

Hurting a person’s feelings by calling him with bad names or insulting him in front of many people falls into the category of putting someone down.

There are many people around us who find fun and enjoyment by putting down others. But being bullied by others silently should not be a regular practice.

If you are one of those victims, here are some ways you can deal with such a person:

  • You should not have a sudden and immediate reaction to it. This does not mean you should not be dealing with it, but simply give it some time. If you try and get back to that person immediately it might aggravate the situation. It is given out a signal that the motive behind the insult has been achieved and your anger will exhibit that outcome. It will show that the type pf response he wanted has been triggered. The best way to handle such a situation is by breathing in deeply and trying to retain your calmness. Counting few numbers can also be a good idea.
  • You should not be offensive or violent as a reaction to someone’s bad behavior. Do not fall down to the level of the insulting person. It will only boil up the problem more. Avoid passing rude comments or abusive language at all costs.
  • According to most psychologists and therapists, the best way to deal with a person who is trying to put you down is by ignoring him. This acts as a great weapon for your defense. The offensive person will be denied the reaction he is trying achieve from the situation. You will be able to save your positive energies and at the same time remain the better person in the conflict.
  • Some Tips to follow in this regard could be:

    • Showing that nothing has been said
    • Do not even look at him or her
    • Remain busy with your routine

You will see that the bully will move on himself.

  • After some resting time, when both of you have cleared your head a bit, you should simply tell that person to stop his rude behavior. In this scenario, you should not get angry or emotional at all. Try and maintain your self-control at all times. A few pointers in this regard should include the following:
    • Before confronting him with your answer, make sure you have analyzed the situation. You should know why he is reacting in such a way.
    • Be concise about his limits. Let him know not to cross a particular line and what behavior is acceptable and what is not.
    • Bring in mediating persons for better counseling. This could be family members, friends, co-workers or teachers

These were some of the ways you can deal with people who put you down. But once this incident of bullying has occurred, how does one cope with the emotional and psychological trauma? How does a person get back up after being put down by others?

Getting back up:

Well here are some helpful advises that you can follow to make yourself feel better:

Do not suppress your emotions:

You should not try and hide your feelings of distress or anger. If there is a confusion in your mind or you are afraid of the other person’s behavior, do not stress yourself about it. Sit alone for some time and analyze how you feel.

Take help:

You do not have to suffer alone. Be open about it with others you might help in such scenarios. Discuss the issue with other people around you with honestly and sincerity. Their loving and caring attitude can always help you get back up.

Take a slow and steady approach:

Getting back up from a trauma or humiliation does not mean that you should hurry it. Be smart and take your time. Allow your emotions and thought the process to settle down.

Laugh a little:

The feeling you get after being put down is definitely bad. But covering it up with a joke or funny reaction can always tone down the effects. It is best for diffusing the tensions between the two individuals.

Develop a plan:

Be in control of the situation and avoid over reacting. Try and develop a strategy to deal with it.

Life can be surprising and bring with it lots of challenges and harsh conditions. One should learn to face your problems with strong emotions and a powerful self-control.


I’d like to conclude by quoting Joel Osteen:

If one dream dies, dream another dream. If you get knocked down, get back up and go again.

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