Function and maximum capacity of top loading balance

Find the function and maximum capacity of top loading balance here. One of the most common ways of measuring weight in laboratories is using the top loading balance.

These top loading balances are available in different varieties and capacities.

The main function of using the top loading balance is to measure the mass of chemicals in the laboratory with precise measurements for an accurate result in the following experiment.

So what is a top loading balance?

A top loading balance is a tool to measure chemicals precisely and in the exact amount needed.

This tool is used in school colleges and university labs in order to measure and carry out certain experiments.

Different top loading balances may have different capacity ranges but the maximum capacity of top loading balance is offered by Ohaus SP2001 Pro Portable Balances.

This model offered by the Ohaus has a capacity of 2000g or 2kg.

Even though top loading balances have a capacity of up to 64kg, but this is ideal for school and college labs. This model has an LCD display and the model itself weighs around 2 pounds.

Also, this device comes with an ideal price tag that has a fair competition in the market. This is one of the models and you’ll know about others as well.

Ohaus SP2001 Pro Portable Balances (maximum capacity of top loading balance)

This device is offered by the Ohaus and offers the maximum capacity of 2000g/ 2kg.

This top loading balance is portable weighing around 2 pounds itself so it is not difficult to carry it around.

This device is ideal for schools and colleges and other labs as they can measure the chemicals or other elements precisely with exact measurements.

The model is 2.13 inches and height and is 7.56 inches wide with a length of 8.27 inches.

The temperature range is 10/40 degree Celsius with an impressive readability of 0.1 grams.

This has a pretty decent price that is another reason for attracting customers.

It is specially designed for educational, industrial and laboratory purposes.

So if you buy this model you won’t regret and it would be a little investment return for its high-class features and impressive qualities.

Ohaus Scout Pro SP401 Portable Digital Gram

This is another model of the Ohaus series that gives the true definition of what a top loading balance is.

This model is not only used for school but also by jewelers and for food purposes.

The model comes with a factory warranty of two years and works efficiently and precisely.

This also has an LCD display to show measurements; also it has a capacity of 400 grams and a readability of 0.1g.

The product has dimensions of 2.1 x 7.6 x 8.3. The product itself weighs 2 pounds.

The model has a very decent price and has a fair bargain with its outstanding qualities and multipurpose usage.

This is ideal for jewelers, chefs, and students along with teachers as well.

So buying it won’t be something you’ll regret and for a fact it would be more than expected at such a decent price.

Ohaus SP202 Scout Pro Portable Balances (function of top loading balance)

This is yet one more model that shows the complete function of a top loading balance.

Now this one has a capacity of 200g /0.2 kg but has a readability of 0.01g which means that you can now measure minor measurements as well.

Need to measure a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of iron filings? The balance would do the work as it has a quite precise readability.

This too has an LCD display with a temperature range of 10/40 degree Celsius. The model has a height of 2.13 inches, length of 8.27 inches and width of 7.56 inches.

This device has an affordable price tag that makes it just fair enough in turn of the precise reading and its high quality.

Tree Scales Lw Measurements HRB 3002 Portable Precision Counting Balance

This is not from the Ohaus but from Tree Scales and among all this is the one with the most capacity and the most precise readability.

The capacity of the device being 3000g/ 3kg and readability of 0.01g! This is eligible for school labs, college labs, and industrial use and kitchen purposes as well.

The model itself is slightly heavy weighing 4.72 pounds with a platform of 6.5 x 7 inches. The model comes with a 2 years warranty.

With some satisfactory customer reviews and the satisfactory price tag, the device works efficiently and well and stands at the top when talking about readability.


Now that we have discussed some of the most ideal models with the maximum capacity of top loading balance, we have concluded that out of all Ohaus stands on top all with the best qualities and ideal usage in the most of the places, however; Tree Scales is also an intelligently designed model.

The Ohaus 2001 still leaves them behind as it is reliable and durable with decent price and keen built up.

The Ohaus models are very reliable and intelligently designed and the best among them is 2001.

We told you about the best models also the one that stands on top all in qualities, usage and price.

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