9 Healthy Fruits That Boost Your Immune System

Fruits are a nature’s gift that are not only loaded with appealing colors and flavors but also act as natural medicines.

Fruits are recognized as a good source of minerals, vitamins and other vital nutrients that are essential for heath and regular functioning of body.

Studies show that people who eat fruit have a reduced risk of diseases.It’s a wonder food

The bitterness of grapes, the sweetness of mangoes, the fresh color of pomegranate and a list goes on.

Recent research reveals that approximately 36.9 million people are suffering from HIV and other diseases for weak immune system. In this article I would be talking about the fruits that specifically boost up your immune system. You must consider adding them to your eating plans and habits so that you can lead a healthy life and live healthy also.

1-Grape fruit:

grapefruitGrape fruit is a subtropical citrus fruit which is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin provides regular nourishment to the body. Hence its deficiency can lead to an adverse effect over the immune response.

The fruit acts as a defense against allergies and infections.

The high abundance of Vitamin C does not only provide the strength to the immune system but also supports in its functioning.


orangesThe orange fruit is a citrus specie which is rich in Vitamin B 9. This vitamin aids in production of DNA and proteins that ultimately toughen immune system. Lack of copper in body leads to low production of white blood cells.

Therefore, orange is a perfect fruit for you to overcome this deficiency.

The high percentage of Vitamin C in oranges helps in improving your immune system by producing large number of white blood cells and antibodies. Oranges are rich in Vitamin A that acts a defense barrier against pathogens and helps in activation of white blood cells.


kiwiKiwi fruits are the delicious edible berries. The fruit contains Vitamin D, C, B 6, K, B 12 and other critical nutrients that prevent cold and sickness and eventually leading to a healthy immune system.

The presence of Vitamin E in Kiwi increase your body T cell count.

The presence of potassium in Kiwi also plays a role in heart health and lowers blood pressure.

This tiny fruit can have huge impacts on human body and must be considered as a necessity for each.


lemonLime is a citrus hybrid fruit and a natural anti-oxidant. It guards cells from damages and foreign invasions. They are also termed as gaurds of the humna body.

A resistance against cancer causing radicals is developed by the vitamin C in lime.

Apart from this, it is preferable for the diabetic patients as it regulates absorption of sugar.


blueberriesBlueberries are flowering plants with delightful berries inside.

The fruit offers several benefits ranging from boosting of brain to strengthening of immune system.

The combined richness of vitamin C and A leads to an increase anti-bodies production, collagen formation and maintains healthy gums. This is quite effectual for the cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The blueberry can overpower all the blues of your life.


papaya_2Papaya is a tropical fruit tree which is also known as a stress reducing fruit. The fruit is rich in beta carotene that converts into vitamin A resulting in strengthening of immune system of the body.

They also contain anti-inflammatory properties for protection against diseases such as arthritis.


strawberryStrawberries are the sweet and beautiful hybrid fruit.

I love the color and freshness of strawberries. They are very appetizing.

Anyways they are an important source of anthocyanin that is an antioxidant and defends body from poisonous infections.

8-Water Melon:

watermelonsWater melons contain a huge percentage of electrolytes. They comprise anti-oxidants and phyto- nutrients that are essential for a healthy body.

Water melons are quite watery. Aren’t they?

Water melon is a vital source of citrulline that is metabolized into arginine.

Arginine is used in synthesis of nitric oxide; the process continues thus leading to an effective immune system.

Water melon is also known as healing fruit thus protecting your body from contaminations.

Water melon is also source of vitamin A that protects from oral and lung cancer as well as maintain healthy mucusa and skin. The fruit is functioning according to its size.


pomegranateThe pomegranate is a fruit bearing shrub with an incredible taste. They are nutritional and remedial power fruits.

The Queen of all fruits. They are full of immune enhancing as usual Vitamin C that is a quickly depleted nutrient especially in winters.

They contain polyphenols which functions as a resistance against allergies.

They contain anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties as well as to combat the cardiovascular diseases and cancer.


These wonder fruits can do miracles in your life. One need to have a strong resistive immune system for a healthy life. Having fewer, flue, infections or body pains on every other day can make your life worse than death.

It’s important to know the significance of these things in our daily life but more important is the implementation.

Enjoy the lusciousness of fruits with healthy benefits.

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