Find Out What is the Best Free Antivirus for Windows 10?

As we advance in the field of technology, the viruses, and the hackers advance with them too. Online threats are increasing day after day. Malware are getting very advanced day after day…but

What is Malware?

As the Norton security expert, Kevin Haley explains it :

Malware is the short form of the “MALICIOUS” tool which acts like any other software installed on your Windows 10 laptop. But these software and tools get installed on their own without your approval and then they can access all of your data and emails and can send them to other hackers which then use the information against people and manipulate them.

Malware are also called Viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware and so many other weird names given by hackers.

Our Experience with Malware

Just a week back one of my biggest websites was hacked and on further investigation, I found out that the hack is called “The Japanese Keywords Hack” Which looks something like this:

Looks awful, doesn’t it?? =(

We never really understood the importance of Antivirus tools and Softwares until our website was hacked. Not only that but all the emails and data related to it got hacked too. And all of us were using Windows 10 except for one content writer who was using Windows 8.

We tried fixing it with a lot of so-called best free antivirus for windows 10 and 8 softwares but nothing happened… the virus was embedded deep within our laptops and all of the sudden we realized that this is no job for “free antivirus softwares” because best things in life are never free.

How do you know if you have Malware or Virus problems?

Gone were the days when the viruses and malware used to announce themselves by giving a blue screen like this one…

Windows 10 infected with virus

Poor Windows 10

Nowadays the virus and malware are so good at hiding that they simply work in a sneaky manner and you get no notification, no nothing and slowly and gradually they work their way into hacking all of your data and transferring them to the hackers.

So how did we fix the virus problem?

The solution was simple, we simply needed to research for the best paid antivirus software for windows 10 instead of free ones. We tried a couple of them and finally landed on to the Norton antivirus which fixed all of our problems on a single click.

Best antivirus for windows 10 and 8 - Norton

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