Failure And Success: How To Succeed Through Continous Failures

Failure And Success are both inter-related with each other. One can never succeed without facing failures, no matter what it the goal.

Failure And Success: 1st step of success is “Failure”

Failure is important for success, it seems obnoxious words but it’s the bitter truth. Failure is the real victory. This might be confusing that how a loser can be a winner but if you give a little thought from the past then you can realize that Steve Job and Bill Gates were also not successful from the beginning. Their constant failures made them reach the heights of success.

For the record, I’m not talking about little life failures like you fail in dancing or in the exam. I’m actually talking about the failures that change the circle of your life and the ones that just rock your world and throw you from the heights to the floor.

If someone asks me about my failures then I will probably say that my first failure was a disaster for me. I cried nights like a baby but after that when good things start happening then I began to realize the importance of failure in my life. Onwards in my life whenever I faced failures I just thought that it’s imperative for me and this is not the right time for me to achieve my goal.

Failure is our teacher:

Failure is our lifetime teacher and without it, we can’t ever succeed in life. Perfection is a lie and if you never fail at something then you never live as well. And if someone claims that they have achieved their goals and success without any disappointments and failing then they must have preferred the illegal ways to get success. Can I bluntly let them know that it’s the temporary achievement and it won’t last for long?

The problem in our society is that everyone sees the success that a person is having but no one realizes or sees the efforts, the hard work and continuous failures of his/her that they had to face. Many people are afraid of failing and they actually have a phobia of failing. They think that it’s the end of an era and if they fail they will never be able to do anything again but it’s definitely wrong. Because if you fail it means you are actually getting towards something.

“We learn from failure, not from success”

Lessons we get from failure:

  • Experience:

So the first and most important lesson that we learn from failure is an experience. In our mind, we think that who needs experience? We should just know the techniques to do something or get a job. But no you are 100% wrong because the experience is what you need to reach success and without failure experience is nothing. When we fail we experience the difficulties and come to know whether the thing we attempted to do was good for us or not. So never underestimate the power of failure or experience.

  • Strong:

Failure makes you strong and determined. You become your own hero and helper. You stop looking for people to give you a shoulder whenever you fail or fall down. You save your own self and this becomes an inspiration for people around you. This is when your failure converts into success. So this is who you start walking towards success after you embrace failure and decide to pick yourself up.

  • Ambitious:

Through failure, you become even more ambitious than you were before. You start working even harder and keep trying until you reach your destination.

“Fall seven times, and stand up the eighth time also”.

So failure makes you ambitious and being ambitious makes you successful. You keep going because your motivational level also boosts up. You get a little rebellious as you want to show the world that you can do it and you become eager to accomplish your aim.

  • Value:

One of the biggest lessons that we can learn from life’s failures is the value of our work and our success. Value is the real necessity of achievement. A valuable person is the most respectful person in the world. You won’t value your success if you haven’t failed. If you get everything served on a plate to you, then you won’t ever appreciate it or cherish it. A self-made man will know the price of whatever he owns after failure. And this will make them enjoy their success.


So In short never let the failures to overcome your abilities or make it your biggest nightmare. Because it is the most important lesson that teaches us to stand once again in our lives and face the problems. It makes your determination even stronger and you stick to your goals unless you get your success back. You fight to get to your destination. Thus learn from failure, don’t let it overcome you.

“Don’t be scared of your failure, learn from it and try again”

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