3 Examples of Sufferings in the World Today

Suffering is a word all of us want to stay away from.

It is a tough world and we are all striving hard to remain away from the pains and aches of this unpredictable and unknown journey through time.

Let us share with you the 3 examples of sufferings in the world today which nobody knows.

When we talk about an ideal lifestyle, most people look for happiness, health, and suffering fewer days.

This is the basic objective or goal of most of the people around us. No wants an unhappy, gloomy, or distressing life.

Here we will be talking about some of the sufferings of the world which help you be more grateful in your life.

One of the key points when it comes to the mindset of successful people is that they understand the sufferings of the world.

They don’t take things for granted and because of that, they stay positive and happy no matter what.

In order to be successful in life, you have to be happy now.

Things you want don’t give you happiness.

It’s when you become happy, you get all those things you want.

And then you understand, that this life is worth living.

We cannot deny the presence of sufferings:

People with anxiety and depression

However having said all this, we cannot hide from the realities of life. Nor can we negate the concept of wrongdoings and mishaps in our society.

Anything can go wrong with anyone and anytime without any prior warning or sign.

These sufferings of the world are not on their own, but they originate from elements around us like our own needs, requirements, relations, emotions, and many other human traits.

Misfortunes can come to anyone and cannot be predicted.

Types of sufferings:

Sufferings of the world can be of various forms and types. Each form will have to be in a proper context to be classified as suffering. For example, a mishap may not be as bad for one person as it is for another.

The frame of reference and context for the event or reason will decide whether it is a suffering for the individual or not.

There are various types of sufferings that people confront in this world. Some common classifications include:

  • Suffering from weakness: this means that you are a person who suffers from some kind of weakness caused by an absence of something. This something could be your health, wealth, loved ones, feelings of happiness, or any other specific thing that you believe is lacking your personality and the acquisition of which can be fruitful for your future.
  • Suffering from calamities: this means that you might be negatively affected by the natural calamities of the world, like earthquakes, floods or typhoons e.t.c.
  • Suffering from health disorders: various types of medical problems and diseases also fall under the category of human sufferings.

These are only a few types of sufferings. Analysts and experts have made several other classifications of human distresses and pains as well. Some people also add the religious factor in this phenomenon.

The big question that arises in our minds is that can we actually see or measure someone’s suffering.

Is it a quantifiable concept?

Can the suffering of a person be gauged? The answer is simply no.

Although an emotion or feeling of distress built in the human body, it is invisible and untouchable.

Like other emotions, it is an abstract thing that cannot be measured or seen. 

Examples of sufferings in the world we are unaware of:

All over the world we witness different types of sufferings and distresses and they are most commonly understood and accepted by the society as a whole, however, there are certain sufferings that we as humans are still unaware of in the world.

Although science and medicine have made a lot of advancements still we cannot claim to know about each and every problem in the world. Below are examples of some of such medically related sufferings that are rare and we are still unaware of:


This is a very rare problem that has originated in China.

A little boy aged 9 is suffering from this distressful situation.

He was born with a large number of thick and painful scales all over his body, popularly called the fish boy in the region.

And he has suffered from this problem all through his life.

Read more about Ichthyosis here.

Spatial Orientation Phenomenon:

This is again very uncommon suffering in the world that most people are not aware of.

Found in a young woman in her late twenties, it causes her to see everything upside down. She even reads the new paper upside down.

It has caused the girl a lot of discomfort all throughout her life.

The walking corpse syndrome:

A very different mental disorder that makes its sufferer believe that he or she is dead.

Found in an old man in Britain, the man thinks he is dead although he is well alive.

It is a disorder of the brain and can be great suffering not only for the patient but also for the people around them.


These were only a few of the many sufferings in the world that most of us are unaware of and it is a huge world, with lots of hidden mysteries and problems that mankind is still unaware of.

And so time will pass, and we will advance in our researchers and knowledge.

The process of evolution and exploration will bring such unknown suffering in front of us.


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