Youth Counselor – 7 Ways To Empower Young Minds

Feeling of being pushed down

Youth Counselor – You are one of the luckiest people on this planet if you have a good interaction with children. Teaching is one of those professions which can make you closer to the young minds of the country. Besides this, if you are working with children then you can really motivate them for their better future. Just think that you are building up the young minds of the country through teaching them. This can be the best thing you can do in your life. They can be one of the most successful people of your country in future if you bring the best out of them. All you need to do is to inspire them.


Encourage them:

Young minds need motivation plus encouragement. Children of this age don’t tolerate criticism. They want you to encourage them on every step. Children want you to encourage them at every small thing they do because they put in a lot of efforts to it. You have to appreciate their work so that they will try to do something better the next time. Try to give them positive ideas and teach them to stop negative thinking.


Future Planning:

You should ask them about their interests and their aims in life. Understand their level of thinking and their interests. The basic thing is to understand the children as they are very young. They cannot share everything with everyone so you will have to build a trustworthy relationship with them so that they feel comfortable with you. Try to maintain a comfort level between you and them so that they will not hide their feelings from you. If they will start sharing their stuff with you, it will become easier for you to motivate them and plan a better future for them as well.


Good Suggestions:

Whenever people share their aims and goals with you, they expect you to give them a good suggestion and appreciate them for it. This could be beneficial for them in the process of achieving their goals with passion and interest. When any young person tells you something about their future goals it is your right to give them good suggestions and good advice so that they can opt for the right path. Share your experiences with them and tell them about your struggle. This will motivate them even more. You can also share success stories of famous people with them. They will understand that everyone goes through a struggle to reach somewhere in life.


Spend time with them:

Children are going to love you if you will express your love for them. They will love knowing that someone is beside them and appreciates them. Show that you care about them, express your feelings for them as this will bring you closer to them. You can be their mentor so that they can learn something new from you. Spending time with them will make them rely on you. If you will share your life experiences with them, they will important and thus, you will be able to make their minds grow in a much better manner.


Don’t break their hopes:

This happens often; sometimes you don’t agree with something a child says or believes, but that doesn’t mean that you are not going to support the thoughts of that child. Always try to understand their mind and feelings as they are not mature like you and they cannot think the way you do. They are sensitive and vulnerable to the bitterness of this life. They don’t understand the reality of this world at an early stage so don’t ever criticize them. Don’t make them hopeless. Try to bring out hopes from them; you never know they are the ones who change the world with their thoughts.


Teach them to use their brains:

We all know that practical life is so difficult that it makes ignore our family and values for the sake of it. When children are growing up you need to teach them all the values. You have to tell them the importance of family and friends and the value of struggle and hard work in life. This way they will think differently and will use their brains before they become just a machine for this world.


You can enjoy too:

Each and every person is having problems and tensions in his or her life. Same is the case with children. They have a lot of workload and they also face issues in their daily routine life. After all the studying and issues, they have right to enjoy and to go out and have a lot of fun.



To raise children’s mind in the right manner, you need to think the way they do. Don’t try to mold them into what you are. Let them grow.


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