How Much Time Does It Take To Earn Good Money Online?

Earn Good Money Online: It is usual for people to assume that online means will earn them crazily and will turn them into a millionaire within some couple of months. However, this wrong assumption becomes the core reasons for a lot of blogs and online companies to shut down within months. If you are one of those people who is thinking that online means is going to earn you a hefty amount within a couple of weeks or months, then you really need to rethink about it.

Just because you are assuming a hefty dollar amount payment to be earned within first two to six months through blogging or any other online means; my advice is to sincerely quite the idea!

Online means are certainly gaining a lot of reputation and weight. The majority of people have started part time and full-time jobs through the internet. This is because it is feasible for students to just sit at home and earn. However, if you are starting your own business or blog or online store, then you really need to be patient with the time. Why? This is going to ask for a lot of dedication for a long time span and then you might get where you have dreamt about.

What Features Does your Income Depend On?

Earning online is like a blind ended game. It is similar to running without a proper destination but you need to run because it is probably saving your life. You will certainly get the fruits to it but WHEN will you get them is a hard thing to answer.

Here are some features which define your online income or will promise to make your dollars within a couple of months. But by a couple of months, I don’t mean 3-4 months. This is definitely going to take a year anyhow or maybe a little more than that.

1.Your Niche:

The niche you decide to work on, a blog on or start a new business on decides a lot for you. Is it unique or are you offering something that all the others are offering?

Just ask yourself this; what is it that will drive traffic from the big blogs or online stores to you? Why will people buy from you when they have a lot of other, well-reputed and amazing stores to buy from? Why will people read your blog when they are getting the same topics on other famous and reliable blogs or web pages? THINK HARD!

Even if you are taking a niche that is common, you need to bring in topics that are unique. Similarly, if you are opening an online store, think of a theme that a lot of stores are not working on. Bring in designs that you won’t get commonly so that people are magnetized towards you automatically.

2. Search Engine Optimization:

If you think that you can keep on earning and one day, miraculously, you will start earning a hefty amount, without SEO, then you are wrong. Stop dreaming and face reality here.

So the reality check is that you stand nowhere without proper search engine optimization. If search engines like Google, don’t approve you and make you stand in the queue of their search, you actually don’t have a bright future. And your income won’t increase as well.

So the idea here is that you need to optimize your website, blog or online store or business page to make it stand somewhere.

3. Traffic:

Traffic is really important when we talk about online earning. If you don’t have people visiting you, you don’t stand anywhere. How do you hope for people to reach out to you then? You need to share your work or web page links on social media platforms.

Yes, you need to become a little self-obsessed (but not too much) and tell people about your website. You obviously start from within your home and friends and start spreading the word through social media. When are all those social media accounts going to become beneficial for you?

Thus, your income will increase once you have a lot of traffic and clicks going on, on your blog. And for that, you need to give a lot of time and dedication to your website, online business, blog or whatever it is.


Earning money online is a trend that is growing immensely. However, it is a slow process. It is going to take you months and sometimes years to earn a hefty amount of money from it.

The famous bloggers start making a 4-6 digit profit monthly after efforts of constant three years. I am not saying that it is certainly going to take you three years to reach there. But know that it is going to take you a considerably long time to start earning a 5-6 digits profit on a monthly basis.


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