What To Do If You Don’t Love Someone Anymore? Is It A Sin?

We have always been under the impression that love is what lasts forever. Yes, it does. When you examines older couples around you, you do get a feeling that it can make your life beautiful. However, when you fall in love with someone when you are 18; you really aren’t sure whether it will survive the rough sails or not. You still have time to grow up and mold into what you are meant to be. Their chances that your ship will cross the sea are less.  How can you decide to love someone and then one day, you don’t feel the vibes anymore and don’t love someone anymore you used to love. You aren’t crazy in love one day because maybe you have matured and you are a different person.

If you stop feeling something or the same affection for someone, you are termed as a selfish person. The question here arises that how can your feelings change course one day? You aren’t crazy in love one day because maybe you have matured and you are a different person than the one you were when you were in your teens years. Science says that your hormones are too high at the given time.

But a more selfish act is to pretend that you love someone, when in actual you don’t. To pretend to love someone when you don’t feel the attachment anymore is a bigger crime than unloving someone.

You are not just wounding them but you are also killing your own feelings. If it doesn’t feel right, it shouldn’t be allowed to take a lot of space or time in your life.

So What to do If you don’t love someone anymore ?

1. You are your Own Asset:

Only you make a decision one day, decide to take responsibility for it and then you live it. You give power to people for hurting you, allow them to hurt you and that is your very own decision.

Telling yourself that you are better than what hurt you or what you allowed to hurt you, can make you stronger. You should preach this belief. Even when it is one of the hardest things to do; you should push yourself to trust in this. Why cry over others for hurting you when you have given them the right to do so? If you have decided to stick with a person you don’t love deeply or endlessly; it is your own choice. And if you understand the fact that a lifetime is a great journey to walk together and you decide that you can’t do it with your current partner, it is again your own choice.

2. You are Probably Exploiting their Chances:

Why do you stick to people you don’t love anymore? You fear that the society will term you as a mean or self-centered person. But have you ever assumed about your partner? Maybe if you decide to confront the fact that you don’t feel the same way for them, they might be able to get someone who truly does.

Why would you want to twig to them and make their life miserable as well as yours? It is no sin! Saying the truth will hurt but it will save you from those endless lies that you will have to speak along the way! Set them free and let them explore the world to find someone who actually deserves them.

3. Put an End to your Feelings:

A lot of people kill their own feelings, dreading the fact that they are going to be the bad ones if they tell the reality. Forget about all the likely reasons why you must tell the truth. Just ask yourself this one question; are you willing to put an end to your feelings forever? Are you interested in faking your feelings for a lifetime?

If yes, then you can go for it! You can decide not to tell your partner that you don’t love them anymore. And don’t feel sorry for yourself if you decide to do so because we make choices and we ought to take responsibility for them.


People love for various reasons. And they change, what if you don’t love someone anymore.

Death of expectations can make you not love people. Change in your personality over time can make your realize that your partner is not compatible for you. Everyone has their own set of reasons for sure.

But whatever the reason is, don’t allow it to kill you. If you don’t love anyone; it is not a sin, because maybe it’s not true love. It is your own choice and you need to live with it. Don’t hurt anyone with fake expressions and don’t kill your feelings for the sake of others. A lifetime is a great time span and you need to live with the choices you make.

Sometimes you make choices and sometimes choices make you.

Don’t let your choices get the bad out of you. If don’t love someone anymore it’s OK.

Know what you feel and embrace it.

Don’t fake as it is a crime in itself.

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