3 signs that show you are depressed but you don’t know!

Thinking “Do I have hidden depression?” Well, let’s discuss some of the signs of depression. There comes a point in life when you are actually done with your job, relationship, friendship or the current situations in your life, that it feels like everything is just going to explode in life.

This point comes like “I can’t take any of it anymore” or sometimes only a single word “nope” and you feel like you are going to burn out sooner or later.

You feel so flooded and let’s just not talk about that heaviness which pounds so hard in your chest. It makes you feel like you are sinking but that would have been better and you just don’t sink. You are not alone in this…all of us, come to this point in our life now or then.

But this doesn’t happen all at once. This is a gradual process; you just start getting the signs a little earlier before this hurricane comes in, embracing you with both arms.

Our mind and body do give off us signs and warning to change something in our life but we just decide to ignore those signs and carry on with our monotonous life.

Do I have hidden depression? – Signs

Here are the signs which tell you or let’s say, yell at you that you are under high stress and something needs to be changed.

And you need to change it before it turns into this hurricane which seems impossible to handle.

1-Even when you Push; You are Tired:

You get tired quite fast and easily.

Don’t you just remember those days when you could stay up till 3 am working on a project and were super fresh the next morning to get it presented in the best way possible?

Or how you use to party hard even after a 12-hour shift you just had? Did you get that tired first as well? Don’t you see this as a big sign?

Oh well, you are too busy trying to ignore it.

It’s not like your body must not get tired after a 12-hour shift; it does and you can’t always the party after that. But it isn’t right that you get tired after working for merely 2-5 hours as well.

According to science, your body starts tiring a lot if you are under constant stress. People who sleep simply anywhere have no idea that they are under high-stress.

It is better to take a break, go on some vacations and reboot your life.

2-Overreacting is at its Peak:

“Were you sleeping when I told you to bring my fries along?”

“Where is my room key???

“Aren’t you guys ever going to let me be in peace and stop TOUCHING my things?”

All this could have been different if you only would have said “never mind” when someone forgot your fries and smiled at them.

And simply laughed it off about the keys never being in the right spot.

So why are you overreacting to such pity issues now?

Do people around you, tell you that you are overreacting a lot lately; they are actually telling you that you are highly stressed.

Even when they don’t know about it yet, there are pinpointing this sign out for you.


“I and I are too deeply in conversation a lot.”

People, who are under high stress, talk to themselves a lot. But they usually have negative to talk about only. Self-talk does not help them a lot.

If you talk to yourself a lot; this sign is hard to identify.

But if you rarely talk to yourself; you are going to pick on this really fast. But the key is not to see if you are self-talking or not; -it is about what you are talking about to yourself.

You are highly under stress if all you have to say is negativity.

Try turning your course of self-talks to positive things so that you can start radiating positivism around you and kill the stress vibes.


Are you experiencing any of these signs? Or are you into all 3 of these? Do you think that you are done with your job as you can’t work for 3 hours straight even?

Or do you think that everything in your life is messing up? Are you overreacting to the peak of over-reaction? Is everyone around you telling you that you are acting weirdly hyper lately?

Well, stress isn’t that hard to identify but pushing it to the limit, where it can eat you up and make you feel like you are drowning; is not smartness.

Why I Feel Depressed? Killing stress is hard:

Don’t permit it to take the better of you. You can always kill stress from its roots. If you are facing a lot of stress in your life. You simply need to write all those problems on a piece of paper and then find the solution to it. Instead of thinking about them and crowding your mind with the mixture of all those problems you will be only thinking about one problem and it’s solution.

Pause your life for a while and settle down whatever is stressing you rather than trying to walk along with it. There are always ways to look up to. Are there people putting stress in your lives. Remove them all.

Is there a relationship problem? Well then maybe it’s time to break it off!

And if you have already and that is stressing you then maybe you need to make things right and move on the easy and logical way.

Point is there is always a solution. You just need to find it! See how I cured my depression.

Cherish the good things and good things will come your way.  Stay happy!

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