4 Dark Lessons Of Life (The Sooner You Know The Better)

Life never comes with an instruction package to tell you what and when to do. So, it’s all out in the open – you live and you learn. You learn life lessons both the easier and the harder ways. The sooner you know dark life lessons the better.

But being a good loser as well as a good winner basically helps out during your journey a tad bit more.

There are occasions when our elders hand over jewels in the name of advice but we don’t bother making the most of them. And that is when we learn the same thing through the dark life lessons as life decides to teach us.

Our generation believes in experiencing everything for themselves rather than listening to what the wiser have to tell. Life is the best teacher, no doubt. But if you learn the following dark life lessons, make sure you tie them with your heart and mind for the rest of your life so that you can live to the fullest without regrets and fears.

Consider the following Dark Life Lessons:

1-Be Wise Enough to Let Go:

One of the hardest and dark life lessons is letting go what isn’t meant for you.

We panic too much over things and situations that don’t even require our mere attention let alone our sentiments.

We tie ourselves up to people and stuff that isn’t good enough for both our dignity and well-being.

When we let go, we heal and when we forgive we grow even more as a human.

The hardest part comes where one has to make peace with the inner demons while walking away from something not meant for oneself.

Our society usually makes it impossible for a person to carry on without collective approval regarding any particular action. There are times when social norms and traditional values limit us from doing what we most desire to do.

It’s necessary to learn to move on and do your thing without social approval each time.

You need to set your own limits and should be firm enough to be able to handle any nonsense that comes your way.

To further add to this is the gender discrimination that is so prevalent that it almost goes unnoticed now.

2-Do not be too Judgemental:

This is one of the hardest dark life lessons, that cannot be mastered and learned by all. Understanding the fact that you don’t need to be too judgemental all the time is hard to accept and put it in action. The time or space that you want to have for yourself is the same very space others yearn for too.

Not everything that isn’t your type or doesn’t match up to your level requires your approval or negation. We go way out of the line to make things difficult for people around us merely by passing out comments that are not meant to be.

We as humans find it almost impossible at times to behave neutrally and give others their due dignity and respect. Think about how would you feel if someone disapproves of something that you adore to do and then pass on that comment to the second person. Don’t judge because you cannot face the criticism as well.

3-Embrace Happiness:

This is one of the dark life lessons yet again. To be happy with your personality and being optimistic is a hard lesson to master.

There are times when we feel things could not have gone worse than they already are. You need to be modest enough to accept the fact that you are not the only one with issues and complications.

The world was coping with it before and without you as well. Relax and give yourself time to enjoy the little things in life – wave to school children in a bus, dance in the rain, help a blind man cross the road. You never know how much time you have on your hands.

Live your life so that in the end you can proudly claim you have no regrets.

Be ready for major life and death situations. Unexpected hardships and complications at times help in shaping and molding us in better human beings.

Yet another lesson – not everything unacceptable is meant to break you.

People assume a lot worse from certain situations than it really is in actual.

Our perception regarding things and circumstances makes us either weak or strong – it is times like these when we encounter the person we really are. Be happy with your own self and don’t rely on people for it. Once you hand over your happiness in someone else’s hands, they are going to drop it. They drop it every time, leaving you helpless.

4-Money won’t give you Happiness:

Another lesson that not many people learn from life is that money isn’t everything.

Being self-sufficient with whatever you have tends to make one way happier than just money.

The secret to living a blissful and enriched life is learning to be happy with what you have yet to strive for better with every passing day.

But this does not, in any case, mean that you make money your only goal. The most beautiful of things in life cannot be bought with money which is known by everyone.

What you have today will not stay with you forever – be it money or anything bought with it. So, just live your life with contentment.


To be able to live to the fullest one requires being open enough to the lessons that come along during the journey of life. Every single day is a blessing and one should spend it the right way.

Laugh away the small, worthless worries that try to weigh you down and hinder you from enjoying the wonders of life.

Forgive and above all forget – never pass out any harsh comment on anyone. You never know what the person is going through.

Don’t just pass the phase of your dark life lessons but learn from them and make sure that you don’t make those mistakes again.

Above all – live and learn.

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