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At Life Falcon, we value our viewers and their experiences, which is why you can share your own perspective, experiences, and review products that worked and failed for you. Your sharing will always be welcomed at Life Falcon and will be rewarded with Full credit.

Feel free to contact us with your ideas. Read on to follow our guidelines and improve your chances to write for us.

Who can write for us?

Our writers range from first-time writers to experienced senior ones, and we take pride in our versatile workforce. As our thorough editorial process ensures the standard of publications, we welcome every and anyone to come and share their experiences with us.

We offer you a platform to kickstart your career. As long as you have an intriguing idea and a basic outline to go about your article, you are likely to catch our attention. We can offer assistance if required to help you better understand our publication process.

What can you write about?

Since we do not prioritize any particular niche, we have covered a range of different topics from technology to Psychological impacts, etc.

In general, we have 3 categories of the types of articles we have written over time.


As an affiliate website, we have covered several different products in our reviews, the publication process to our product reviews is a complex and authentic one. We follow the policy of full disclosure of all possible conflicts of interest.


Our tutorial articles are based on allowing people to get started with a new and unfamiliar product or carrying out a process or project that they need assistance with.

Ultimate guides:

We indulge in covering topics in detail and digging into each aspect so that you can master the product or project by the time you reach the conclusion of our article.

What we don’t publish?

At Life Falcon, we prefer working with individual writers instead of publishing teams or organizations. Anyone who would like to write for us can refer to this guide but their articles will be credited to the writer and not an organization.

We appreciate your relevant experience with products but in no way, shape, or form will marketing of your product or detailed walkthroughs of using your product be published on Life Falcon. We reserve the right to reject any piece on the bases of conflict of interest.

When writing for us we encourage you to share what you have learned and not appealing to sell to our readers.

Press releases and news coverage articles are unlikely to catch our attention, however, product reviews and listicles are our area of expertise and will be prioritized.

Sponsored articles:

While we can advertise your skills and expertise, we will not advertise your product in any way. This means that companies looking to advertise their content through our posts will not be preferred. Contact us for details.

Who Are we publishing for?

Our articles target a general audience and we prefer in-depth, simple and broken-down analysis. When you write, assume that you are writing for an all-inclusive audience and in that light keep the tone of the article as general as possible.

As a global mag that covers all aspects of any given niche, we understand that some articles are not aimed for a general audience, particularly technical ones. However, we prefer that the articles be written with the intent of putting out complex information in a simple and understandable way.

For this, you have to be truly proficient in the topic you have picked. We will prefer it if you have personal experience in the matter.

What do we expect:

When submitting your idea with a basic outline, we will also assess if you can execute while following our requirements:

  • The article has to be an original piece for the Life Falcon magazine, it cannot be a pre-written piece that has been published on any other platform.
  • You will be assigned to an editor and be open to their feedback
  • You will establish a timeline with your editor and you are expected to follow the deadline.
  • You are expected to follow our publishing policies, especially if you are writing about your experience with your own product, feel free to clear your doubts with your assigned editor.

How to pitch to us?

Initially, we prefer that an outline is submitted to us.  With an outline, we can help the authors to make changes and adjustments more conveniently than with complete articles.

Contact us at – email @ lifefalcon . com

In addition to this, your pitch should cover:

  • What audience is targeted in your article and what level of expertise is it aimed at?
  • What will the audience take away from your article and are you covering all the relevant aspects in regards to reader intent?
  • What is your personal expertise that makes your article authentic? Link to your other relevant articles.
  • Your proposed outline, how many words and points will you cover under the sub-headings.

What’s in it for you:

As a contributor to our website, you will have your own Author page with your biography, work, and social media links, hosted on our website permanently and this will help advertise your skills.

Disclaimer And legal Mumbo Jumbo:

Once you submit your articles to us, you agree to the fact that the article belongs to Life Falcon and we reserve all copyrights, publishing rights, and all other content rights. You will not be permitted to publish the content elsewhere.

We have an existing list of thousands of articles that we follow and continue to work on, so if you submit an idea and find the article on our website, later on, rest assured we have not stolen your ideas, we have simply a pre-written list we follow. As long as the content meets our requirements, we do not care who writes our content.

We are always happy to expand our community and give our readers something new to read about.

We welcome you on board with our team.