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Dealing with a broken nose

How Boxers Deal With Broken Nose?

Boxing will never get out of style and fashion. Apart from getting the adrenaline pumped up, boxing is an excellent way to get rid of excessive fats too and keep … Read on

Breathing Techniques for Fighting

Breathing Techniques for Fighting

Breathing is a fundamental and vital life process. Proper breathing means to provide optimal oxygen to the body, especially in sports. So, everyone must be aware of the importance of … Read on

how to get bigger muscles and arms

How to Get Bigger Arms and Muscles

OK, first of all, understand that genetics plays a major role in building muscles. Genetics gives us different body types, which are three by the way. Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. … Read on

3 Amazing benefits of garlic

3 Top Amazing Benefits of Garlic

Did you know that the Gilroy garlic festival in California is one of the most anticipated garlic fests in the world?  Does this spell garlic fever to you or what? … Read on

Impact of Caffeine on our Health

Impact of Caffeine on our Health

Coffee has been around for centuries. It was first grown in Arabia in the 15th century. And then 2 centuries later, it came to America and became one of the … Read on