Gaming can be as hard as it is fun, if you want to  enhance your gaming experience and become a pro at your favorite games you need not just the relevant experience but also the best gaming equipment, allow us to make the pick easier for you. In this category we cover all possible topics to make life easier for our fellow gamers.

Best Operating System For Gaming?

Whenever we think about gaming, we think about buying all the optimum hardware that is available to us, but which operating system would be the best for gaming is the actual question you should be asking yourself after all a good gamer knows about their tools and not just their games.  Variety and customization are …

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Best Size for Gaming Monitors

What is the Best Size for Gaming Monitors?

With the trend shifting from consoles to PCs and gaming routers there are a number of questions arising every day regarding the Gaming PCs and their accessories. One such question is about the best size for gaming monitors. We recommend a 15.6 iches screen size, when it comes to laptops and 27 inches screen size, …

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9 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

9 Best Low Profile CPU Coolers

If your PC doesn’t overheat then congratulations you have managed to pass the rookie level. Cooling is one of the most important things when it comes to gaming. One of the reasons why Alienware laptops are so expensive is their ability to stay cool. You must already know now that building and optimizing a gaming …

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Best Gaming Routers

Best Gaming Routers

After hours of testing and running intense gaming sessions on various kinds of gaming routers. See Our Picks below Net Gear (R7000p) Night Hawk AC 2300 Net Gear (R7000p) Night Hawk AC 2300 is undoubtedly the best gaming router for PS4 right now. View on Amazon Why it’s the best? Extreme gaming speeds (up to …

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Why Alienware is so Expensive?

Why Are Alienware Products So Expensive?

Alienware is a computer hardware subsidiary of Dell which contains all the products specially designed for gamers. These products are highly suitable to provide the best gaming experience and of course, comparing with other brands, they don’t come in cheap. But why Alienware products are so damn expensive?  Well, there are a few things that …

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