Cardio Kickboxing Workout to Burn Fat at Home

Cardio kickboxing workout provides some marvelous strengthening and stress-relieving benefits. One of the most significant benefits of this workout is that you can shed almost 500-600 calories every hour. You can easily use a cardio kickboxing workout to burn fat at home and to get in shape. Kickboxing for Fat Loss is one of the easiest and efficient workouts. If you want to add some kicks and punches in your workout routine in order to shed some extra pounds, cardio kickboxing is the best way.

Cardio kickboxing is a group of fitness exercises that combines the fast-paced cardio with martial arts techniques. It is a high-energy workout that tends to challenge the elite athlete and beginner at the same level. You can improve coordination, get flexibility, build stamina and burn calories with this fun as well as challenging workout while building lean muscles.

Cardio Kickboxing Workout Tones from Head to Toe

Kickboxing workout is effective and fun cardio that engages almost every muscle of your body. So, instead of the treadmill, you can use this workout to tone your shoulders, arms, legs, back and abs at the same time. To make this workout effective, perform every drill back to back without taking any rest. When you finish the last drill, take rest for 1 to 2 minutes and then repeat the whole cycle again.

You don’t have to be a martial arts pro or an experienced boxer to do the cardio kickboxing workout. Cardio kickboxing is a high-intensity workout and beginners are advised to begin slowly. While doing this workout, do not force your body, listen to your body and take water breaks in between when required.

How to Do Cardio Kickboxing Workout?

For this workout, you have to work with an imaginary opponent. Attack your imaginary opponent with the kickboxing workout moves.

  • Stand straight on the ground with the right foot placed forward. Your arms should be in ‘on guard’ position, which means elbows should be bent and hands in the form of a punch on either side of the chin.
  • Throw a right jab without locking out your elbow now throw a punch with the left arm, by rotating the left hip and lifting the left heel off the ground. After that, bring the hands back to the defense position.
  • In the next step, lower your body into the squat position, jump up and rotate in the air at 180 degrees. When coming back to the floor, step your left foot ahead.
  • Now repeat the whole process on your left side.
  • Continue changing sides for one minute.

Speedbag and Shuffle

This kickboxing workout requires the person to stay light and quick on the feet.

  • To perform this workout, stand on the feet with hip-width. Now bring the arms up in front of your chest. Bend your arms in such a way the elbows are to the sides and hands in fists.
  • Mimic like you are hitting a speed bag. Circle your arms quickly around each other and shuffle them side to side.
  • Do this workout as fast as you can for almost 30 seconds.
  • To make this workout more effective and challenging, you can reverse the direction of the circles at the same speed.

Shuffle and Switch

It is a quick switch kickboxing workout drill that is used to improve the speed and agility.

  • Stand straight on the ground with right foot ahead and arms in the guard position. Shuffle in place, jump quickly and switch to the other side, by placing your left foot ahead.
  • For one count shuffle in place and then switch back.
  • Practice this workout as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

Knee Strike and Back Kick

You can use this kick combo to strengthen your lower body.

  • Stand on the floor with arms in guard position and feet together.
  • Bend the left knee towards the chest and now move your left leg behind you, pushing it out completely through the left heel.
  • In the next step, bend your knee back in and step your foot down.
  • Now bend your right knee quickly in front of the chest by pressing hips forward.
  • Repeat this workout for 30 seconds using the left leg and then again for 30 seconds with the right one.

Burning Calories

Everyone has different metabolism and everyone burns calories at a different rate. The number of calories that you burn in a kickboxing workout class doesn’t need to be precisely the same as of other people. The age, sex, metabolism and body composition all these factors influence the number of calories that are burnt in the workout session. People who have more muscles and larger bodies burn calories faster as compared to others who have fewer muscles.

Boost Calorie Burn

According to studies, people who combine both upper and lower body cardio kickboxing workout tend to lose more calories. As you gain muscles and your body parts tone up, the body becomes habitual and burns fewer calories during the kickboxing workout. To avoid this, you need to enhance the intensity of the workout and add strength training in the workout to burn the same amount of calories as you used to burn at the start of the workout.


Cardio kickboxing workout is a good choice in the fitness regime for people who are looking to burn calories for weight loss. It is an ideal workout for those who desire to improve their cardio health and stamina. If you are bored with the stationary cardio equipment in the gym, you will love the fast pace and unique movements to will get to learn in the cardio kickboxing class or while doing it at home.

But make sure you follow all the boxing safety rules and regulations.

Many fitness gyms offer cardio kickboxing classes. In these classes, trainers combine the full-body aerobic exercises with martial arts moves and boxing. Some classes, also use some equipment like punching bags for the kickboxing workout. The focus of these classes is fun with movement. There is no technique involved in this workout and the moves are kept quite simple. You can easily learn these techniques from and do this workout at home.

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