Things To Consider Before You Break Up With A Friend

Breaking friendship: Friendship is all about honesty, love, support, care and being there for one another.

Breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is something different. You know that you have so many options out there, right? Your life doesn’t stop without them or maybe it does for some days, weeks and months but you simply move on. And what makes you move on is a great figure (if you have one) and that is your friend.

But breaking up with your friend is a totally different story. Friendships are intimate and they can make you feel special. Sometimes, people think of how they can get rid of a best friend or someone they swore to stay with for a lifetime. I guess everyone has the right to do that. And as you mature, anyone who isn’t supporting you, being there for you positively and isn’t bringing in the good side of you is a total miss. You can certainly wave them that goodbye for sure.

When we talk about all that cheesy stuff like best friends forever, we forget that this world is filled with two types. When you have good and positive friends, at the same time, you have the toxic ones as well. But how do you know that it is time to walk away from someone?

And that someone being a friend of yours can make the decision a bit confusing.

I mean, they are the ones who send you those long and emotional and motivational lectures while they are busy pooping in the toilet, just to make sure that you don’t feel alone for a single second. They are the ones who pay your bills, making you feel like it’s no big deal. And you never even know whether they have something left in their wallet or not! They are the ones who adore you, even when you are simply looking like an ugly potato. So, breaking off friendships or deciding that you need to break off it can be simply hard or confusing. But let’s just help you out, should I?

Things to consider befor breaking friendship:

Here are some things that you need to consider if you think that your life is being toxic with your so called friend. If they aren’t supporting you or caring for you, know that it’s time to leave them aside.

1. Good and Bad Times Come and Go:

If you and your friend aren’t in the same college, then yes, things change. They get busy with their own sweet life and so do you. But the thing is that good and bad times keep coming and going. Are you so willing to give up if your friend isn’t acting like her or him one day? I guess you need to think before you leap into it.

Are they going through a rough time? Is there something bothering them? Consider the pros and cons before you decide on something. Life changes and there are different stages of life. You simply cannot kill someone for a day or two changes. Everyone has the right to do so.

Just remember one thing; if they have stuck with you in your hard times, then they are really worth it. If they have picked you up when the lousy boyfriend of yours left you, they are worth it. However, if you aren’t being able to keep up with that amazing behavior; you certainly aren’t worth it.

2. Aren’t they being there for you?

A lot of friends are mind killers. They will cry about all their problems to you and when it’s time for you; POOF, they will make you feel worthless.

You carry a handkerchief for them when they are weeping over and over again and you also try to be a therapist and motivate them back to life. You are handling their hard phases, killing your own assignment or study time and when you need someone, they aren’t there. I guess you know what you need to do here. It is better to leave!

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Someone said it because they knew all about it right?

3. Is Honesty Dropping Outta your Friendship?

Being honest is not about sharing all bits of your life. I mean you don’t have to tell them that a guy checked you out or you don’t have to tell them that you accidently kissed a girl while you were drunk and she slapped you. It doesn’t have to be, share it all with me or get out of my life friendship always. This is totally not that case.

Honesty is about not lying to one another. If you don’t have to share something, that is totally okay. It is your life. Honesty is about being truthful to one another. Honesty is when you stand with someone with all your heart. And if you can’t do that, maybe you deserve to be left out. That friendship is doing you no good, to be honest. And maybe you know that yourself as well.

4. It is more like a Partnership:

So who doesn’t agree with this here?

When you wipe their dumb tears off, you know and expect (with love) that whenever in life, you will want them to be there; they will. The expectations come in automatically and that is not weird or anything bad. We all get our expectations high don’t we? But maybe that is where we go wrong. They say that expectations become the root of all heartache; they say it, right.

And you are not selfish if you hate them for not being supportive of you. If you have been the same to them, they can do the same to you! No, it’s not like tit for tat; as I said above, it’s more of a friend in need is a friend indeed.

5. Do you have another Shoulder?

I know this doesn’t sound as dramatic or bad as a breakup but it equally is. My sister lost her 3-year friendship and she was there all ragged and depressed about it. So I decided to listen to her and thought of this; before you, breakup with a friend, make sure you have another shoulder to cry on.

The point is that when you break up with your friends it is a bit traumatic. And you need to have someone to support you. So make sure that you don’t make your BFF the center of your life. Have other friends around the corner so that if anyone decides to walk out, you can get moving with life as you have other friends as well. Just remember that nothing lasts forever.

6. Is your Friend Bringing you down?

Does your friend makes you feel like you aren’t that important? I mean, a day or two of miscommunication can always be dumped aside. But if they are making your issues and your life seem any less than theirs, they are toxic for you; leave them.

7. Are they inspiring and supporting?

People who surround you are people who make you!

A person who cries 24/7 will probably kill your vibe also. But at the same time, a friend who motivates you and decides to bring you out of the puddle you have fallen into can be the best support system ever. So make sure that you have weighed the pros and cons before you decide to dump a friend. Finding friends who listen to you and are always there for you are hard to find in life these days.

I agree that not everybody is going to be as nice to you as you are to them. But then you need to keep them in the same manner as well. If you are supporting someone and they aren’t doing the same for you; know that you don’t have to invest a lot in that pool. You will only be disappointed at the end. So it’s better to keep it that way or simply leave.

8. Are you Putting in more to the Friendship that the other one?

Okay, so this is thoughtful. Is your selfish and self-obsessed friend, doing anything for you? Or are only you under the pressure of being a good friend?

So reevaluate if your friendship is okay. You need to look into how much the other party is also putting in.


Friendships are a wonderful thing to hold on. They are those people, whom you can tease, be sarcastic with, enjoy, laugh, cry, taunt, yell and be everything that you want to be with them! But sometimes, they are toxic. If they aren’t there for you the way you are being there for them, know that you need to limit your path. Don’t allow yourself to be a doormat or a crying shoulder for free.

Friends are meant to be there on that lonely night when life seems to be going down the aisle. They are the ones you can check the hot girl next to you with. They are the ones you can’t smoke without because it doesn’t sound fun at all.

So consider the above things before you cut off with your friends. Sometimes, a little miscommunication can guide you wrong. Always have a strong reason to leave behind that wonderful person you used to talk all about life.

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