5 reasons why your blog is not growing

Today I will show you some of the reasons why your blog is not growing. I know and now you know it too that blogging is hard period. Everyone is so into blogging these days. It is more like people are blogging out of fashion.

I mean they are just like cellphones, everyone needs to have the latest phone on the market or else they are just considered out of the fashion; same is with blogging these days.

But the sad and cold truth is that it ain’t for everyone.

And another brutally honest truth here is that majority of people who start this journey, thinking that they will turn into a huge success within months, fail badly. And they just don’t fail simply!

Trust me, they fail badly.

Look I am not telling you that starting a blog is as hard as pooping when you are constipated.

All blogging demands are dedication and the perfect amount of motivation to make it work.

It is certainly going to make you sidekick that part-time job, which sucks the air out of you and makes you one kind of a frustrating man.

But why is it that people who are motivated in the beginning, run short of it halfway? Why don’t they fail badly?

Well, there are so common mistakes that everyone makes these days and that are what makes blogging a failure for them. it might look easy but it demands attention. Just like your girlfriend probably screams her lungs out for attention…your blog does too.

It might look easy but it demands attention. Just like your girlfriend probably screams her lungs out for attention; your blog does too.

5 reasons why your blog is not growing

But the only difference is that it can’t make a sound even. Here are some common reasons why blogs fail every other day.

1. Blogging without an Objective:

Okay, so this is the most common reason for blogs failing every other day. Blogging without an objective is like running without knowing where to go.

For instance, if you decide to make a blog about weight loss and healthy lifestyle, then your blog must have everything related to that. You aren’t supposed to bring in makeup tutorials or anything else in that. People will find your blog useless as they might be visiting it just for weight loss tips.

The solution to it is to decide your niche before you begin blogging. After that, you need to stay focused and write every piece of article, related to the niche that you have chosen.

2. Believing that Blogging is Easy:

So a moment of silence for all those people who decide to start their own blog, because they think it is an easy way to start earning tons of money.

Sorry to pop that imagination balloon of yours. If you think so, your blogging car will be out of fuel really soon.

If you term easily as to spending almost 28-30 hours on your blog every week; then okay, that might be easy for you.
Blogging demands extreme and constant quality which eventually gets tiring for a lot of people. Moreover, new bloggers are expected to come up with something better.

The best way to stay out of this problem is to decide the time that you will be able to dedicate to your blog. The more time and efforts you are willing to put in the blog; the faster you will reach your aim.

3. Choosing Niche for the Blog Depending on the Money you Get through it:

Blogging is tiring. You need to write daily and you have to pay a lot of attention to it. You also need to write some different, controversial and inspiring for the readers. That actually requires a lot of nerves. It is best to pick a niche that you are passionate about. Or you will soon run out of interest.

For instance, if you suck at fitness, then don’t decide to pick up health and nutrition as your niche. Go with what you feel good about. The best way to let your blog go perfectly, make sure you chose a niche you like writing and reading about. This will make the task easier for you.

4. Not Owning a Domain:

If you want to have a successful blog one day then you need to get your own domain.
Every other day people start their blogs, without having a proper domain. They really don’t know that this is no good for them.

It’s like searching for water in a desert. You are roaming around aimlessly, giving up all the energy that you have.

All those blogs which go like WordPress show how unprofessional you are about your blogging career.

5. Aiming at being a Millionaire in a Month:

This is the root of all the issues that are going to bring your blog down! I admit there are blogs which earn 50000$ per month. But do you have any idea about the time span it took them to reach that level sweetie?

Almost 3 constant years of motivation and dedication!

You might not be aiming at something high as this amount but it does need attention and you need to understand that you won’t earn dozens of money within a few weeks.


Blogging is a fashion trend these days. it seems like people who won’t blog, will stay out of the hippy group. However, you need to understand that it isn’t meant for everyone.

Or if you have started it, invested in it then make sure that you carry on with it with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Blogging demands time and attention. Without that, you aren’t going anywhere near blog success.

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