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If you are looking for a way to get rid of your chronic aches, spasms, strains or other inflammatory conditions in your shoulders then a tens unit is the perfect solution for your problems. Tens mean Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation, the device uses electric current for therapy and pain relief. The tens unit is used by attaching the electrodes of the device on to the skin and the current then flows through the unit to the painful areas of your shoulders or anywhere else in the body.

It relieves the pain in two ways; one by stimulating the nerves to interfere with the pain signals sent to the brain from the painful areas and secondly by promoting the release of the natural body painkillers “Endorphins”. The result is pain reprieve and added mobility in the shoulder muscles.

After a thorough usage and comparing several different tens units for shoulder pain available in the market on the basis of their usability, reliability, and design we have concluded The Tens unit by Vive is the best tens unit for shoulder pain for you. The device offers several top-notch features, is highly reliable and durable and also offers efficient professional results.

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This unit has 16 pre-programmed modes and 8 different massage modes making it a very dynamic device suitable for a large audience and their customized needs and demands. The unit has 2 channels and 4 pads included in the box which can be used simultaneously at more than one part of the body. I have used the unit for both the shoulders and the lower back muscles and the outcome was highly competent and resulted in less pain and more muscle movement and relaxation for me.

The unit provides the user with full control over the message settings and also on the levels of the intensity. The device has a classic layout where the + sign is pressed to increase the intensity and – is used to decrease the intensity. This is an ideal feature for those who like me are uncomfortable with the higher levels of intensity during the session and prefer moderate levels as they can now simply modify the settings according to their preference.

The tens unit is battery powered and the internal lithium battery is rechargeable and has a strong battery life of about 10 hours under continuous use. This greatly reduces the inconvenience of stopping for recharging again and again and provides for an uninterrupted massage session for your shoulders or other body parts.

The unit is also lightweight and compact and can be easily carried around. The battery-powered device can essentially be carried anywhere you go providing relief and relaxation on the go. I have used the device during long travelling hours and the experience was a complete luxury with almost a zero fatigue level.

The unit is very simple and easy to use and has a backlight LCD display allowing the user to view the details and settings easily during the day and the night, making the device a suitable companion during my late night running routines.

The tens unit is ready to use straight out of the box and is a complete pain relieving unit for chronic and acute pains. The unit also has one year warranty and in case of any complaints or queries, the online help service can be contacted.

However despite having many advantages the tens unit is still a less preferred way to relax and relive the pain as compared to a manual professional massage. As the users complain that the massage process becomes lengthy and less relaxing due to the pads and electrodes sticking on to the skin and in certain cases the users found the electric stimulation to be uncomfortable as well. All in all the device is a complete package and tops our list of the best tens units for shoulder pain and greatly adds to convenience and relief in your lifestyle by its innovative features and proficient results.

What is inside the box?

  • 16 preprogrammed massage modes and 4 electrode pads
  • 2 electrode cables
  • 1 USB battery charger
  • 1 Mini-USB cable
  • 1 wire roller combined with 1 pad holder

Pros & Cons.


  • Efficient and smooth performance and results
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for therapy and relief
  • A diverse and portable unit
  • 4 electrode pads


  • Pads offer less adhesion to the skin
  • Uses AAA battery and requires a frequent battery change
  • Lacks the ambiance of a professional manual massage

The unit is portable and lightweight, offers a wide range of massage features and modes which can be modified to provide a completely personalized massage experience. The unit is an ideal and modern solution for the shoulder pains and other muscle problems providing assistance and relaxation making it a perfect for choice for you and your loved ones at a very affordable price in the comfort of your own homes, offices or on the go, changing your lifestyles to a healthier and pain-free one.

Tens and Ems combo unit

Tens stand for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and are used for pain release and treatment of pain and nerve-related conditions both acute and chronic. It works by sending electronic stimulating pulses across the skin along the nerve strands and prevents the signals from reaching the brain. The Tens devices help in producing higher amounts of natural painkillers “Endorphins” in the body to ease the pain and discomfort.

The Ems stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulator, which lessens and stops muscle atrophy. It helps by increasing blood flow to the muscles, increasing muscle flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Therefore the Tens and Ems combo unit is a complete therapeutic device that strengthens the muscles, helps recovery and minimizes the pain. After thorough research and usage,

…we have concluded that iReliev PlayMakar Wireless Tens and Ems Muscle Stimulator is the best Tens and Ems combo unit available in the market.

tens and ems combo

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It is an impressive and modern wearable electrotherapy device suitable for all types of chronic and acute muscle pains, serving as a muscle aid during exercise and recovery as well.

  • The device comes with 14 different therapy modes. There are 6 Ems modes for exercise preparation, muscle aid, and muscle strength and there are 8 tens modes for pain relief and therapy. This greatly enhances the versatility of the unit as these modes can be grouped together alternatively to provide the user with a personalized experience as per their body requirements.
  • With 25 modifiable intensity levels, the user can choose the settings that suit them and their muscles better, which are attuned through the wireless hand remote.
  • The device offers dual-channel technology offering the user the convenience to treat one or two areas of the body simultaneously with the 4 electrode pads. 4 small and 2 large electrode pads are included in the box.
  • The iReliev playmaker is a very compact and lightweight wireless device making it very easy to use and carry around. The user can wear and take it effortlessly anywhere they want.
  • The device has a powerful battery time of 15 hours and does not require frequent charging while it is being used.
  • The Tens and Ems combo unit has incredible safety features of timer and lock keypad making it a very secure device as the timer alerts prevent from overextending the sessions and the lock feature protects against the change of intensity or settings by mistake making the device perfectly safe for multitasking.
  • The playmaker has a backlit display making it fitting to use in the dark and dimly lit areas and also adding to a better visibility which is essential for a Tens and Ems combo unit.
  • The device comes with a one year warranty which can be extended to about 2 years if you register your device with iReliev.
  • The instruction manuals and the quick start guide are very comprehensive and simple to understand. All in all, it is a straightforward product.

What is included in the box?

  • IReliev PlayMakar Wireless Tens and Ems Muscle Stimulator
  • Wireless Tens and Ems pods
  • USB plug Adapter
  • Dual USB charging wire
  • Electrode pads
  • Hard carrying case
  • Instruction manual
  • Quick start guide

Pros and Cons.


  • Combination of Tens and Ems programs
  • Wireless device
  • Dual isolated channels
  • Chargeable remote and wireless receivers
  • Adjustable modes and intensity
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Hard carrying case designed for the device
  • Safety features


  • Uses only iReliev pads
  • Pricy investment
  • Battery operated thus requires AA batteries for frequent usage, adding the battery cost


iReliev PlayMakar Wireless Tens and Ems Muscle Stimulator is the best Tens and Ems combo unit launched by the iReliev brand and is easy to use and reliable device, providing excellent and dynamic results for those who want to use the device for therapeutic purposes and also for those who want to use the device for exercise, muscle building and recovery. The versatility of the product makes it suitable for a large range of users. The device is essentially portable and lightweight, packed with notable features making it an ideal healthcare product for you. You can alleviate chronic and acute pain while relaxing in the comfort of your home or while performing any other activity and the iReliev Playmaker will do the rest making it our top recommendation for you.

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