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Top 10 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

The foremost factor to consider before buying a coffee maker has to be the type of coffee you drink. If you are the type to heavily rely on Costa’s latte, you will have to ask yourself if you will be comfortable drinking the coffee you make yourself.

Moreover, you will also have to consider the flavor plus the type of coffee since you are the one who is going to consume it every day.

Coffee makers have different prices and specifications hence you will have to consider your purchase based on your budget as well.

If you have a high budget then you can go for a good and well-equipped coffee maker with lots of convenient features and specifications. This can be a good long term investment as well.

However, if you have a tighter budget, then you can consider choosing a coffee maker that is not so pricey. You can compromise on a few things since the basic purpose of having coffee every morning conveniently will nonetheless be fulfilled.

Therefore, cost plays a major role in determining which coffee maker to buy. Before you go ahead with the purchase, figure out your cost and options.

You will also have to make sure that you are not buying a coffee maker that takes up half of our kitchen space. It can get troublesome to clean and move things.

You should choose your machine based on your kitchen counter space. I am sure you do not want to place yours in the garage.

Moreover, if you want your coffee maker for the purpose of making coffee every morning before going to work, then you will have to choose a convenient and not very technical model.

You will not be able to afford an hour trying to make coffee before leaving for work. You should choose something that requires you to just press a couple of buttons to have a mug full of freshly brewed coffee.

Single serve coffee makers also come with extra features, one of these can be a frother. You should do your research beforehand so you can choose the perfect dreamy coffee maker.

If you have to use your coffee maker only for black coffee, then you will not require a frother. You can save a few bucks by getting one without it since it is of no use for you anyway.

These along with other personalized factors should be kept in mind before purchasing a coffee maker for an effective and beneficial purchase.

Top 10 best single serve coffee makers:

Not all coffee makers available in the market are the best. You will have to do extensive research about brands, types, and specifications before you go ahead with the purchase.

Below mentioned is a compilation of the 10 best single serve coffee makers of all times. Their specifications and pros are mentioned to help you make a decision effectively.

We tried our best to include coffee makers with all types of specifications to suit your usage and expectations out of it.

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker:

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This specific coffee maker tops the list of the best coffee makers everywhere. What is exactly so fascinating about this coffee maker? Find out below:

This coffee maker can produce 5-6 cups of coffee with a single fill. This can be ideal for roommates or similar people living together in dire need of coffee every morning.

The speed of delivery of this coffee maker makes it the best amongst the list.

It can be a solution for all your morning worries and you can grab your coffee within a few minutes with this best single serve coffee maker.

The price is worth the convenience this machine has to offer.

It is manufactured in a way that it will not take up all your kitchen space and it will be acutely easy and convenient to clean this coffee machine.

This Keurig K55 coffee maker also has a variety of colors to choose from. So you can maybe please your aesthetic by matching it with your kitchen shelf.

It is also easy to use with minimal buttons on the display to eradicate any confusion. You will not have to indulge in any hassle and you can timelessly get a frothy mug of coffee every morning.

This coffee maker serves all the purposes of one hence it is an effective yet convenient purchase.

See our list of top Keuring Coffee Makers here.

Nespresso Pixie:

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Nespresso pixie is another best single serve coffee maker. The top reason for being that this coffee maker is compact hence it can be placed even in a small kitchen space.

You can easily inject and eject capsules with absolutely no hassle. It can almost hold 10 capsules at a time.

Nespresso pixie is also said to have a low preheating time. This makes it time efficient!

The preheating time is said to be almost 30 seconds. You can have your caffeine dose in minimal time with utmost convenience. Sounds perfect, right?

This coffee maker has a 24 ounce removable water tank. It also comes with an automated power-off and power save mode; adding up to the conveniences of a single serve coffee maker!

This machine delivers Espresso and Lungo with the click of a single button. It also has the function of a frother – cherry on top.

It comes with 16 capsules initially and you can order your stock after determining your taste and preferences. Also, this coffee maker does not use power unnecessarily because of its power save mode.

Keurig k-Elite Coffee Maker:

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Keurig is the best when it comes to single coffee makers.  This specific variation is amazing since it gives us the option to choose from 5 different sizes.

You can also customize the strength and intensity of your coffee using the remarkable features of this edition.

This machine also has a larger water tank; it can store up to 80 ounces of water in it hence you have almost 8 cups of coffee at standby before you refill your water tank.

K-Elite coffee maker is not just limited to hot beverages. If you want a change, all you need to do is to click the iced coffee option.

It is equipped with the specification of brewing hot coffee as well as iced coffee. This is my personal specification since there are days when the sun is too bright and warm coffee is not exactly the best option to satisfy our caffeine cravings.

K-Elite also have the best speed. You can get your freshly brewed coffee within a minute. It is perfect for people who are looking for quick solutions to resort to.

There is an option for you to just grab hot water as well. You will not have to get into the hassle of boilers. Keep your green tea teabags ready!

Ninja Pod-Free Coffee Maker:

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This is our absolute favorite pod-free coffee maker! It has a set of very convenient specifications that made it one of the best single serve coffee makers.

The major being; it can produce hot coffee as well as iced coffee. This is a blessing tbh.

Just click a button when you are not in the mood for something warm and have a nice cup of iced coffee at your service.

There are a number of options in this coffee maker. You can choose the size of your coffee from the given options.

Moreover you can also choose if you like your coffee with milk or without. Hit the button with your preference and this compact Ninja will deliver you a dreamy cup of coffee!

You can also choose if you want a classic or a rich brew. Having the option of a customized intensity when it comes to coffee is great. You will not have to settle for something that is not your cup of tea. Or coffee to be precise.

This machine also has an extremely simple interface. So if you are not a tech savvy like me, this coffee maker can be your holy grail.

Considering the pros, it is totally worth every penny.

Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker:

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This coffee maker has a number of reasons to be a part of this list. If you are a globe trotter, this coffee maker is made for you.

It has an acutely compact design that makes it perfect for traveling as well as travel mugs. You can carry your own coffee maker on a road trip. Save bucks as well as do not compromise on the taste.

Moreover, this coffee maker has priced extremely reasonable keeping in mind the functions of it, it has to be an unbelievably good price.

You can also shift between your coffee preferences; if you are in the mood for decaf, or a regular fresh brewed coffee or a hazelnut flavored coffee, this coffee maker will take care of it.

The design of this coffee maker also makes it super easy to clean. The compact and sleek design not only looks good but can be cleaned and tackled with super quickly!

If you want to enjoy the comfort of a single serve coffee maker at home, without spending all your savings on it, this is the one. You just found it, congratulations.

You will not be able to find a better coffee maker that offers such a great choice, with minimal deliverance time as well as a visually appealing design. This deal just sounds perfect.

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker:

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If you are an Espresso person, this is made for you. This is one of the best single serve coffee makers out there.

Nespresso is one of the pioneer brands when it comes to coffee makers. Their products are pricey but their specifications and reliability make the price worth it.

There are two sizes you can choose for your coffee – 1.35 ounces and 8 ounces. It is perfect to suit your caffeine cravings.

This edition is also equipped with a milk frother that can be used to give your coffee an instant touch of latte or cappuccino with lots of froth.

However there is one con attached with this coffee maker, only Nespresso pods/capsules hence you will have to keep a stock ready at all times.

Moreover, the display and interface of this coffee machine is extremely easy and user friendly hence it will not give you a hard time.

It also has a removable water tank and is noiseless, contributing towards a peaceful kitchen ambiance as well.

AdirChef Personal Coffee Maker:

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This coffee maker is amongst the best single serve coffee makers because of its ability to function well along with its unbelievably low price at the same time.

It has an extremely visually pleasing design and interface; I am already imagining how good it will look on that kitchen counter.

Imagine getting your own personalized coffee maker in the price you would get a month’s supply of Starbucks.

Moreover, the filters of the machine make it easy to clean it without causing a mess on the shelf. It can produce up to 14 ounces of coffee so your caffeine addictions will remain intact at all times.

The display of this machine is compact hence it makes it a good travel partner as well. There is also an attached travel mug with this coffee maker. I am already impressed.

It also accommodates a huge variety of mugs. Just purchase the machine and head towards brewing!

Black + Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker:

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We are all aware of the reliability of every black + decker product therefore it is definite that the coffee maker will be reliable as well as great.

It is practical and easy to use for all audiences. It has only one button, used for power automated start-up therefore it will be extremely easy for you to use every morning without any hassle.

It can also accommodate a number of sizes for your coffee doses. You can either have a shot or you can fill up your travel mug for your office trip.

Moreover, it also has a reusable filter that can be cleaned because of the display and interface.

The non-tech parts of this coffee maker are dishwasher safe so you can clean it every once in a while for the shine to stay intact. Another house chore for you is eliminated.

The price is also easy on pockets.

The advantages also include that it heats the water according to your preference so you can have the coffee of your dreams within a couple of minutes.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker:

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This one has a unique display. It comes with a detachable plunger and a plastic filter tube on one end.

It is less than six inches tall hence it can be a great travel partner for you too. You will not be deprived of your routine coffee even when you are travelling plus saving a few dollars sounds good as well.

However, a con attached to this machine is that you will need ground coffee for brewing.

Other than that, this coffee maker has a lot to offer. It does not require the usage of pods hence it is sustainable to use.

It also raves that this coffee maker is super quick. It only takes about a minute to serve you with a freshly brewed warm coffee. Compare this time to the cue you had to stand in to get a single cup of latte.

Moreover, the taste of coffee brewed from this maker is remarkable! Ground coffee after all tastes the best nonetheless.

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker:

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This one is a budget pick for sure. It serves the purpose of a single serve coffee maker really well whilst being extremely reasonable to purchase.

It has an extremely compact display that makes it suitable for aesthetic pleasure as well as versatility and comfort; all at the same time.

It uses ground coffee and pods to brew hence the taste is guaranteed delicious. The small size also makes it quicker for the water to heat and fastens up the production of coffee.

Another feature that becomes a reason for this coffee maker to be on this list is that it is extremely easy to clean because of its automated cleaning function.

You will not have to take the hassle of cleaning and drying the coffee maker manually. Less human labor, yay!

It is also reliable therefore the price is justified and worth the benefits and convenience of the coffee maker.

Some Commonly Asked Questions…

If I were to age by the coffee mugs I’ve chugged down I’d probably be completely bald by now, knowing how things are. Though coffee has been tarnished here and there through times, most studies prove it to be beneficial for health but justifying my mug of coffee is not what I’m here for, I’d drink it anyway! 

Addiction gives it a bad name, I’d just call it my daily dose of happiness, or even the calming mantra that I have, and maybe so do you. Coffee is usually just tossing a teaspoon into a mug of hot water, with or without milk/sugar, but once you get the hang brewing, you will not settle for anything less than that.

The French seem to have given enough to us humans, first the French fries and now the brewed coffee concept that later on evolved to coffee makers. Although there may be many that still prefer the traditional brewing of coffee by holding the ground beans in a linen cloth for infusion, the coffee makers today do just fine as well. Having a personal coffee maker completes the totems of being a coffeeholic.

For those who don’t know what a Single Cup Coffee Maker is?

Single-cup coffee makers are the perfectly sized appliances for your countertops that will save you some money down the lane, but most importantly, give you your ideal blend at your home anytime you want it. It truly is a tough choice to choose between a drip coffee maker and a single-cup as we are almost always impressed with more output, but does more mean better?

If you don’t have a family large and dependent enough on coffee to need more than 6 cups at once, going for a drip coffee maker makes no point. Coming back to the single cup coffee maker, it takes just about a minute to give your perfect cup of coffee but it does so one at a time, you can get many cups out of it one after another. You can get as many servings out of your single cup coffee maker as is suggested in the manual that comes with your model.

A single cup coffee maker generally has three main types, 

  • An Espresso coffee maker that blends all espresso-based coffees like a latte, cappuccino, etc.
  • A regular coffee which is much more like the drip coffee, and can be used to make a variety of other drinks like hot chocolate, espresso, cappuccino, tea, mocha, etc.
  • A ground coffee maker that doesn’t require you to get pods for it, you can use ground coffee beans and get the brewed coffee that you like.

Is A Single Cup Coffee Maker Worth It?

Coming down to the real concern of every coffee lover, is a personal single-cup brewer even worth it? Well, it most definitely is worth it by the looks of it. For starters, it saves you the many trips to your nearest coffee shop. 

You spend too much money buying coffee per year, you can well enough buy yourself a personal coffee maker for what you spend on it. Coffee is good and addictive but surely doesn’t come cheap either. Even though you’ll be getting beans or pods for your coffee maker as you go but those are much cheaper compared to the price of a cup you would get at a shop or café.

Other than the financials, it is very easy to skip your much-needed dose of caffeine if you’re late for work in the morning and can’t make it to the end of the queue at your local Starbucks. You still are going to be short on time while you have a coffee maker at home but it would still be much convenient than having to stand in a queue or make the effort for that coffee detour every morning.

You also get rid of the variation in the traditional brewing of the coffee and have a much more consistent taste every time you make a cup. Though most people take pride in making the perfect cup of coffee no matter what, we are all humans and can rarely get anything as consistent as a machine.

Keeping consistency, price, and the convenience in view, which are probably the bottom line of any decision we make, having a personal single cup coffee maker at home answers all your concerns as a coffeeholic.

How to choose the best single serve coffee maker?

If you’re all locked down on the decision to get yourself a personal single cup coffee maker, you might as well get yourself acquainted with some basic you need to know. There are tons of different coffee makers on the market and each serve their independent purpose, which means that none of them are bad or useless, you just have to make the perfect pick based on your needs.

Coffee Pods And Filters

If you’ve had a coffee maker at your house before then you probably know what a coffee pod is, but if you don’t then here is what it is. They’re aluminum or plastic containers, kind of like K-cups, that contains a portion of already ground coffee with a filter attached to it. 

You can get your preferred choice of coffee pods from your favorite outlets like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, and although they may not be as expensive as getting a cup of coffee from the same café/shop, they still are expensive compared to the ground coffee that you can use.

The only problem that comes with the use of coffee pods is the disposal of filters. Mostly plastic filters are used as aluminum, which is not a safe idea to have around food at high temperatures, this plastics then ends its life in landfills or water-bodies where it becomes a threat to the environment.

Keeping that under consideration, most manufacturers have started giving out the option of reusable filters for these coffee pods. These reusable filters can be easily detached and need washing after every use, luck for us, they’re also dishwasher friendly!

So if you are an environmentalist then the latter option would be your perfect pick, and if you’re not one then you should be, the Earth needs environmentalists! Though the taste of a coffee pod is unique, you still can get yourself a coffee maker that can work just fine on coffee grounds if you’re concerned about the expenses that would come with it.

Water Reserve

This is an important check to make as it bothers us the most later on. Single-cup coffee makers come in mainly three categories of water reservoirs:

  • The ones that have a water reserve tank for 1 or two cups of water
  • The ones that have a larger detachable water tank that holds more water to run more time.
  • The ones that lack a water tank altogether and require you to do the boiling separately.

All of the above are useful to some people or another, the key is to list down your needs and buy one that matches your requirements. 

If a morning coffee is all you need out of the coffee maker than the first option of a small reservoir is going to work perfectly well for you. But if you’re not alone and there are more cups of coffee to be taken out of the coffee maker through the day, considering one with a larger tank is going to save you the frustration of coming to an empty tank every morning because you woke up late. 

The last option is for the real picky band of coffeeholics that are keen about the brewing and amount of coffee they want going into their mugs.


This check doesn’t need as much introduction as the rest as it is probably the only thing we make sure to check out on any coffee maker we are buying. We want to know how many types of coffee we are going to be getting out of out, how many non-coffee drinks, and even thick iced drinks and tea. 

The tricky part here is to check the serving size as it is separate for every model of a coffee maker. Most single cup coffee makers have a standard option for serving size and wouldn’t go above or below that, and that can be a problem for you if your coffee mug is a big size or if you need your travel mug to be filled out in the morning.

You can, however, find single cup coffee makers that offer a range of servings from the standard espresso shots to 16 ounces, which will cover your need to fill out a travel mug. Though it may come with added bucks to the price, it is always good to be able to control how much coffee you’re going to be getting out of it and not having to wait for two blends to fill your serving completely. 

Where you’re going to be spending money anyway, spending a little more to get yourself the perfect deal sounds better.


The last check, which also happens to be one of the most asked questions about single coffee makers is that are they instant? Yes, and no!

Single-cup coffee makers do take less time in brewing and making you a cup of coffee as compared to the traditional way or a drip coffee maker, but they certainly are not instant. They get the general idea from being too quick in getting you that perfectly brewed cup every time you hit the button.

The average time for different coffee makers to make you a cup of hot coffee is around 2 minutes, but you can come across several models that will offer you a time less than even a minute. That is solely because of the mechanism that the coffee makers operate on, the superior ones are going to be quick in boiling the water and that also means they will come with a hefty price-tag.

While getting your coffee a minute late every time is not the most pleasing thing to imagine, but cutting a few dollars short for it justifies it totally. Some single-serving coffee makers that do not have a water reserve (As mentioned earlier) will need you to pour boiling water over the brewed coffee, taking the in-built boiling of water out of the equation.

Again, none of the models are just good or bad, they have their pros and they have their cons. If you’re not tight on budget and going a little above your limit is not something that would bother you much, then getting the top quality model is always the best thing. But getting the delayed and small reservoir coffee maker is also as good as any other, with a plus point of being a much cheaper option as well!


The convenience and comfort of having a single serve coffee maker at home is surely everyone’s dream. Especially nowadays; the coffee cravings have touched the sky for obvious reasons.

This article had the best 10 single serve coffee makers mentioned for you to narrow down your choices for an effective purchase.

The coffee makers mentioned belonging to all price ranges so it is easy for everyone to have good market research before buying the product.

The benefits of a personal coffee maker are endless.

The price of one coffee maker will be less than your annual coffee purchases for sure hence buying a product that gives you benefits, in the long run, is a better and effective option.

You should also consider a few factors based on your preferences and lifestyle before you purchase a coffee maker. This can include if you are an iced coffee person, warm coffee person, or both.

Similarly, if you are a backpacker, then you should be choosing a more compact coffee maker for traveling purposes.

On the whole, single serve coffee makers are a blessing. Many brands have launched this product yet it is important for you to buy the best one out there.

You can now toggle through the endless pages of single cup coffee makers online to find the best one for your needs as now you know exactly what to look for. The best single cup coffee maker is always the one that you fall in love with right from the start and description.

Coffee is something that we can’t get rid of. From getting into the club by mochas and hot chocolates to discovering the strength of espresso, I have built a growing affection for it and having a personal coffee maker that saves me the trips down to the store every day or having to bear with the bland tastes of sachets coffees that features a big “3 in1” on the label, is nothing short of a blessing!