Best Laptop Out There for Bloggers 2016

Blogging has become much more of a trend, hasn’t it? And that is the reason why a lot of people who start off with blogging, fail at it badly. I know this brutally honest…but if you start off with blogging just because it is a trend for you…then maybe you aren’t going to be able to give it your 100%.

And yeah, it demands of that greatly.

Well, apart from time, you need an incredible laptop on your side table, to be your best friend in this journey.

Yes, it is much more of a necessity now.

Carrying a laptop with you allows you to share anything at any moment with your audience via your blog.

You really don’t have to wait till you reach home and turn your PC on for the task. And who does that right away?

I mean, you obviously need a refreshment break before you start sharing things on your blog…and most of the times, that break never comes to an end or you indulge yourself in other, much more “important” activities.

Obviously there might be a long list of laptops that are just perfectos for bloggers. But then, we all need that one…JUST ONE, which leads them all.

To start off with, there is MacBook Pro.

Amazon has given it five stars and you are able to grab it at a really great price also.

MacBook Pro has Intel Dual Core i5 2.5GHz.

Ram size is 4GB and the hard disk is 500GB.

The interface or the display is attractive.

Anyone would love to own a 13.3 inch laptop, wouldn’t they?

It weighs 4.50 pounds which doesn’t make it too hard to carry around with you.

Just grab a cool and stylish laptop bag for this one and you are good to carry it along. Battery timing is up to 10 hours and works on the OS X Maverick operating system.

And what’s more to love? It has Intel Integrated Graphics! What else can make it one of the top laptops for bloggers this year?

If you aren’t okay with Apple Inc. or maybe you aren’t really a big fan of them; don’t think that you can’t have the best laptop for blogging.

ASUS Zen Book UX305UA is also a 13.3 inch laptop which is not just attractive but has been rated with 4.5 stars on Amazon.

It is described as one of the fastest, lightest and powerful laptop for bloggers this year.

It has an 8GB RAM which obviously makes it much better than MacBook Pro.

But it weighs a little more than MacBook; it is 5.50 pounds.

It operates on Windows 10 and has the Intel integrated graphics as well.

Blogging is a big call of duty.

Once you decide to dive into it, you need to take full responsibility for this one. You need to make sure that you have a great running PC or laptop with you so that you are always connected with your blog and audience.


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