Best Keyboards with Weighted Keys

There’s always a debate between pianos and keyboards, and the keys they come with. And there’s an even bigger debate about 88 key keyboards when trying to find the best keyboard with weighted keys for beginners. While experts have their own preferences, for beginners, it can be quite hard to understand which one’s the best. One of the simpler things is an electric piano as compared to your traditional “real” grand piano.

But that doesn’t make finding the best keyboard any easier.

An electric piano also offers many advantages especially when it comes to 88 key ones. For one thing, it has as many keys like a piano as you would expect, and they also have weighted keys that are modeled on the mechanics of a normal piano or grand piano. In the standard pianos, the strings are struck by small felt hammers and thus the sound is generated so, there is quite a difference between them and the best 88 key weighted keyboard for beginners or experts.

It should be mentioned that velocity is also very important in generating sounds at different volumes. There is no velocity on a lower keyboard, so all sounds sound equally loud and you cannot really express your feelings, because everything sounds the same and very monotonous. This is one of the most important factors when deciding on your list of the best 88 key keyboard for beginners.

Another important aspect is the mobility of an electric piano. This is much easier to transport than for example a piano or grand piano. Of course, there are qualitative differences that can best be heard while playing the electric piano but it is much easier finding the best keyboard rather than a portable grand piano and they are a whole lot cheaper as well which is something most beginners look for.

The biggest advantage of an electric piano for a beginner or really just anyone is that you get to control the overall volume or even have the opportunity to play with headphones on and thus don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors and is one of the qualities you’ll find.

1. Yamaha P-45B digital piano

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The black Yamaha P-45B digital piano is a stage piano with the authentic sound of a piano. It has Graded Hammer standard keyboard and adjustable velocity in soft, fixed, medium and hard.

The maximum polyphony is 64 votes and is therefore suitable even for professional players.

The keyboard is equipped with 10 preset voices and 4 reverb effects.

Existing keyboards of the keyboard are DC IN 12V, headphones, sustain pedal (inclusive) and USB.

The speakers of the Yamaha P-45B digital piano have a power of 2 x 6 watts.

The keyboard dimensions are 132 cm x 15 cm x 29.5 cm with a weight of 11.5 kg.

The Yamaha P-45B digital piano can be played like a real piano.

In the lower layers, the keyboard is weighted heavier.

With the compact keys from Yamaha, you can play anywhere as it is easy and convenient to carry.

With just one key, you can change all the settings.

The keyboard is robust, of high quality and has a long life.

If you want to play a cheap piano-based instrument without having to compromise on quality, the P-45B will not disappoint.

The Yamaha P-45B digital piano gives you an excellent piano sound and is one of the best keyboards with weighted keys for beginners.

It’s very compact and easy to carry, so you can play anywhere with the keyboard wherever you want.

The keyboard is well made, durable.

2. Clifton 8830 electric piano

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The Clifton 8830 Electric Piano is a stage piano with a sustain pedal.

The keyboard’s 88 keys have a weighted hammer action.

It is equipped with 131 sounds.

The dimensions of the Clifton 8830 electric piano are 140 cm x 46 cm x 85.5 cm.

The weight is 31 kg which doesn’t help to make it one of the best portable 88 key weighted keyboard.

Both the weighted piano keyboard and the piano sound leave nothing to be desired in terms of authenticity so the keyboard can be used as a balanced alternative to a traditional piano.

At the same time, you can take advantage of a digital keyboard.

The headphone connections allow you to practice undisturbed and also contributes to making it a decent keyboard.

Other features of the Clifton 8830 electric piano include a metronome, a recording function, and a split function.

By means of USB, the keyboard can be used with sequencer programs.

The keyboard is suitable for beginners and advanced alike and offers an interesting price.

The Clifton 8830 electric piano can be used very well as a piano replacement.

In addition, all functions of a modern keyboard can be used.

The playing behavior and the sound of a piano keyboard are almost inferior.

The versatile usability of the keyboard and the workmanship are very convincing, considering the low price.

3. Classic Cantabile SP-15 SL Stage Piano

The Silver Classic Cantabile SP-15 SL Stage Piano is an electric piano with a total of 560 sounds.

It is 64-voice polyphonic. It is equipped with a metronome, SD slot, MIDI, and USB.

The hammer keys are weighted. 28 Voices can be selected via a panel.

A total of 100 pre-made songs are provided with a learning function.

Other features of this keyboard are two demo songs, 200 preset styles, and three user styles, Auto Accompaniment, Sequencer Rec & Play, Mixer section.

Could you think of another best beginner keyboard with weighted keys? Well, there’s more to come.

The Classic Cantabile SP-15 SL Stage Piano is equipped with a pedal. The speaker power is 2x 40 watts. The delivery includes a power supply and a music holder. The Classic Cantabile SP-15 SL stage piano weighs 24 kg. The dimensions are 153 cm x 51.2 cm x 21.8 cm. Classic Cantabile can also be used with a lithium metal battery.

This keyboard offers you very authentic grand piano sounds. The selection of percussion instruments, organ sounds, guitar accompaniment, orchestral accompaniment and brass instrumentation is very extensive.

The feeling is outstanding and the sound remains natural in every musical form. The touch dynamics are individually adjustable.

The Classic Cantabile SP-15 SL stage piano can be connected to the PC.

It can be used as a master keyboard for other tone generators.

In addition, it can be used as a sound module for other MIDI hosts.

Data can be transferred to the PC via the USB port.

Storage is also possible via the SD card slot.

You can also load songs onto the keyboard.

It can be stored as memory on the card and retrieved again.

The Classic Cantabile SP-15 SL Stage Piano offers all the features and conveniences expected of a modern keyboard and hence it is one of the best beginner keyboards with weighted keys.

You can easily make and save all the settings on the keyboard.

Possible combinations and variations of use are possible via the connection to the PC.

The keyboard leaves no desire for more and is highly recommended.

And it doesn’t stop there. Here’s the best one!

4. Alesis Recital – 88-Key

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As expected, the Alesis Recital digital piano also ticks a little differently than a piano with hammer mechanics.

Accordingly, unlike the Yamaha Casio models with the learning systems, it does not have the large functionality.

But sometimes less is more and at this price, there is currently no better digital piano on the market.

It is also important, in addition to the classic keyboards with auto accompaniment and hundreds of tons of different instruments to draw attention to the benefits of a digital piano, which approach in terms of sound quality to playing on a piano.

As a keyboard player, you quickly realize the advantages and disadvantages too when playing on it.

The dominant colors are black and white and the dark buttons light up in blue, which is not too obtrusive and makes it even easier to use the functions.

If you press several buttons at the same time, the buttons light up accordingly.

It is very clear and structured in this way.

The music stand is also very successful!

Players can place slightly heavier accessories such as tablets or iPads on the shelf without the devices slipping too enthusiastically.

The tactile processing is solid: in addition to shining white keys and matte black keys are beautifully processed and are very obvious.

The Alesis Recital digital piano consists of 88 semi-weighted buttons with adjustable pressure sensitivity.

This can be set via probe combinations on the instrument, which can be read in the operating instructions.

In this way, the touch sensitivity can find out about the appropriate strength.

Unlike the Yamaha P-45b, however, the so-called Graded Hammer Standards are not used, which is why the lower notes are played harder than the higher ones.

But that does not matter!

The sound plays the music and it is really wonderful but is also the only reason it’s listed at the end of this best beginner keyboard with weighted keys list even after being the best.

The 20-watt speakers do a good job though.

5 Voices are integrated into the Alesis Recital digital piano: in addition to the piano sound, there are electric piano, organ sound, synth & bass, which give the game a new timbre and of course, it is no comparison to the here tested keyboards, which integrate more than 400 instrumental sounds.

In layer mode, the voices can be layered on top of each other Press the first upper voice button and then the second voice button, which will then be shown as the bottom voice.

This way, piano sounds and organ sounds can be wonderfully combined.

The split mode is also well done: the instrumental sounds cannot be set only for the right and left hand.

You can combine the layered voices, e.g. piano and bass sound on the right side, with the split mode.

The two simultaneously pressed “Metronome” and “Lesson” keys give you access to a wide variety of functions that are activated via the buttons on the instruments.

These include setting the MIDI channel, setting the touch sensitivity, changing the transposition (e.g. transpose the overall tuning up to one octave).

Metronome: with constant rhythm players can orientate themselves on the groundstrokes to develop a feeling for playing. The speed ranges from 30-280 beats per minute and is set via the buttons.

Very nice addition to the Alesis Recital model: a sustain pedal can be integrated here.

Suitably, the pedal resonance can be adjusted. With this function, the reverberation of the notes can be generated by a pedal.

On a technical level, the instrument is solid.

The Alesis has a simple set up, provided with the most necessary connections.

In addition to a connector for the power plug (DC 12V), there is a headphone jack (6.3mm) and RCA Aux outputs for connecting mixers, amplifiers or other sound systems set.

It is magnificent, long and appropriate in size and weight.

With the dimensions 1283x291x87mm, the instrument can be seen. At 7.1 Kg, the Alesis model is surprisingly lighter than the Yamaha P-45B digital piano, but of course, this is an advantage when towing and helps bring it higher up the best portable 88 key weighted keyboard list.

Key Features to Note

Here are some key features you need to know about:

Half-weighted / weighted keys

If you want a realistic piano feel, the first step in this path is a weighted-key model. For example, some keyboards with half-weighted or weighted keys equal a better feeling than when you only have the usual smooth “plastic” keys and they’re also closer to the grand piano feel.

Hammer mechanics in digital pianos

The keys for these digital pianos have a special mechanism that mimics the hammer action in the normal pianos. It can be clearly stated that this keyboard can and must be called “weighted” because there is no “unweighted” hammer mechanism. Digital pianos should definitely have a hammer mechanic in order to have the same feel and piano conditions.

Graded hammer

These keyboard with weighted keys for beginners provide different stops across the keyboard. In the real pianos, the resistance offered by the keys increases from the upper to the lower position, so that you can bang hard in the bass with the left hand. In the heights with the fingers of the right hand, however, one can play light pearly-airy tones and get that beautiful sound of music.

And now, let’s not wait for any further for the best beginner keyboard with weighted keys and move on to a comparison of keyboards with weighted keys for beginners


Excellent sound quality on the level of a piano is of course not to be expected at this high level on a slightly cheaper digital piano.

But the Alesis digital piano does more than a pretty good job and is, in fact, the best keyboard with weighted keys for beginners, no doubt.

The sound is well produced!

The key processing is solid, although in some areas a stronger weighting of the keys would not be bad.

And in terms of functionality, the Alesis model offers more possibilities than it seems.

Overall, a very good price/performance ratio in the field of digital pianos a real recommendation for your answer to the keyboard with weighted keys for beginners you can trust!

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