Best Electronic Dart Board Under 100 Dollars

What’s the best electronic dart board for under 100 or for the money? What’s the best rated electronic dart board? These are all the questions that come to one’s mind when buying an affordable yet feature-packed electronic dart board. Don’t worry because this article will help you out!

There are a few electronic dart boards that we found are the best rated electronic dart boards and are the best electronic dart boards for the money.

Win Max Dartboard (Our Choice)

winmax is the best dartboard under 100 dollars

Our first choice for the best electronic dart board under 100 is the WIN.MAX electronic dart board.

Why its the best?

  • It is an affordable dartboard with well under the range of 100 dollars. We liked it because of the ample features it gives us for its price.
  • It may not necessarily be the best electronic dart board but it’s certainly one of the best under 100 dollars.
  • It has tons of game modes that will prevent you from getting bored, which you normally would with a regular old dart board.
  • It also features a score tracking system for you, so you don’t have to keep track of your score and get fatigued out.

One of the biggest problems with a dart board is hitting on the walls beside it and ending up damaging it, but this comes with a larger outer body to protect your wall from getting damaged because of wrong throws. Another reason we put the WIN.MAX on the best electronic dart boards list is because of the included accessories you get. This helps you save money from buying darts and other necessary things, which makes it one of the best electronic dart boards for the money.

Coming to the build quality. No electronic dart board can be called good without having a solid build quality. Luckily the WIN.MAX has a solid build quality, even though it’s made from plastic mostly. One other great thing about its design is that it has a minimal spider web, making more area for darts.

Looking at some of the reviews of it on Amazon we can see that a lot of the buyers are happy with the product and claim that it’s the best electronic dartboard for the money and the best one for under 100. It is also one of the products that are recommended by Amazon, this tag makes this electronic dart board, one of the best rated electronic dart boards out there.

However, nothing is perfect, like everything the WIN.MAX electronic dart board has some disadvantages to it as well.

The darts that come with it have thin, light barrels, the tips bend easily, and the flights come off frequently. However, they can be easily upgraded.

Viper 777 Electronic dartboard (Our 2nd choice)

viper777 is our 2nd choice for the best electronic dartboard for under 100 dollarsLike the WIN.MAX we also get to see some included darts with the Viper, but they aren’t of the best quality, so you’ll be better off buying third-party darts.

Why do we like it?

  • It features ample of game modes to keep you hooked up, it has 43 games and 320 options, you don’t get that with a typical dartboard.
  • It also has a bilingual language mode. It supports English and Spanish as well.
  • It supports 8 players which are more than enough to have a blast with your family and friends.
  • Comes with dart grips which is great

It is due to its features and added specification the Viper 777 makes it on our best electronic dartboard for the money list.

So how is the build quality of the Viper 777?

The build quality feels premium and well built. It has a similar design to the WIN.MAX. However, the screen and the score tracking system of the Viper is a little better than the WIN.MAX. The Viper’s screen is much better and has better-looking colors compared to the WIN.MAX.

But unfortunately, despite its cool name the Viper has some cons as well. The Viper does not have the extra body like the WIN.MAX to protect your wall being damaged by mistake.

Why should you buy an electronic dartboard?

Well, electronic dart boards are amazing and quite fun to spend time with.  You can have completions with your friends and family and spend some quality time together. It has many advantages to a regular old school dart board as well, like the score tracking system and the ample game modes. If you want to practice your aim, electronic dart boards are a great way as well, you can train yourself and get better at aiming too. You may be intimidated at first as you might not get the darts hit on the right spot, but by practicing on the best electronic dart board you’ll be a pro in no time!

In a nutshell

In conclusion, these two awesome electronic dart boards easily give the answer to what is the best electronic dart board under 100 or for the money.

These dartboards are the best rated electronic dart boards you can get online and they are a great way to pass sometime in a break or to give as a gift to someone.

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