5 Best Drones with Camera for Kids

Let’s not argue with the fact that drones are fun or not because, hell yeah, they are fun as anything ever will be! But with dozens of choices out there, your confusion is justified. When you are all set to invest such a hefty amount on buying a drone, it is important to look into the pros and cons and features of the one which you intend to buy. If you are looking for the best drones with camera for kids and which are also under $100, you have come to the right place.

We have summed up not just the best camera drones but the ones that suit the budgets of beginners just fine. Pick any one of these drones in a reasonable price tag and start your journey in the world of Ariel photography and videography (or whatever you intend to utilize it for).

Here is a list of the drones with the best cameras for all beginners out there.

UDI U818A-1:

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If you are a beginner and are in search of a low-cost quadcopter, with good image quality then this one is your best choice. UDI is the HD upgraded version of the U818A drone. You get a real HD 2MP camera with this upgraded version at a very reasonable price. It also has the feature to record 1280×720 resolution videos at 30 frames per second.

The flight time of this amazing drone is 4-6 minutes which makes it quite a great choice for beginners. If you have a limited budget and you still want a good quality camera in your drone then this is definitely for you.

Pioneer JXD 509G:

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This drone offers you innovativeness, a good quality camera, and a really reasonable price tag; all in one! This drone has a flight time of almost 9-10 minutes which is great for intermediate level users. According to the price tag, Pioneer JXD 509G offers a great control range of 150 meters. Usually, drones of this budget don’t offer you this great control range.

Another amazing feature is that the camera can be tilted to 20 degrees as well. You also get some really incredible features in it. For instance, the feature of the Altitude holder is a plus point in this one with a low cost. What else would drone lovers wish for?


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You will get a lot of versions of this drone in the market but the one with the wide 5MP camera is the one we are discussing right here as it has great image quality. If you are looking for a drone which films incredibly from the air, then nothing beats this quadcopter.

The camera is not built in the drone so you can fly the drone alone as well. There are no “jello” effects in the camera which makes it a super favorite of a lot of users. It is not that low cost but you will find it reasonable as it is offering you remarkable image quality.

It has a flight time of good 8-10 minutes. The drone is a thoroughly enjoyable gadget as it will bring some super amazing photos to you. It also has features like the Return to Home one which makes it easy to use also.


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This is one of the upgraded versions of Hubsan’s X4 H107C. This upgraded version comes with a built-in 2MP wide camera which brings some remarkable quality to you. It has a 720p resolution. This quadcopter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor photography and videography (whatever you intend to use it for). It has a flight time of maximum 7 minutes.

This drone comes with the revolutionized features like Altitude Holder and Headless Mode. Your Hubsan’s X4 H107C+ takes only 30 minutes to charge completely and has a great control range of 100-150 meters. This is actually an amazing control range for a small sized quadcopter. But don’t go on its size as it will certainly stun you with some super images.

AUTOLOVER K70C High Hold Sky Warrior

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I guess its name says it all; it is the sky warrior. If you are looking for a drone with all the features that any action camera might have, then this one is certainly made for you. It is affordable and that is what makes it great for beginners as they usually don’t have a large budget. But its robust features and performance might take your breath away.

It is easy to use and fly which yet again makes it great for beginners. If you plan to capture images at night time then this drone has LED lights to support this need too.

Good luck with starting your journey in the drone world; you won’t be disappointed to step inside it.


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