Which is the Best Diamond Tester For Money

This post is for all the jewelers or someone who deals with diamonds looking for the device that will make their jobs an awful lot easier and efficient. We are back with one of the best diamond tester for money that will never let you be conned by a swindler. This best diamond tester for money guarantees your next pawn to be an authentic one.

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Diamond testers are one of the most accurate tools to check a diamond for authenticity. The best diamond tester for money is the one which gives the most accurate details.

These testers are used by jewelers all the time. If a person brings in their diamond with the intention to sell or exchange it at a jeweler shop, the jeweler will obviously want to make sure that the diamond is real.

After extensive testing and analysis of the most popular diamond testers, we chose the HDE Jeweler Tool Kit Diamond Selector V2 to be the best diamond tester for money.

HDE is a registered trademark which assures the product’s authenticity and good quality of products. HDE is a premier online retailer which provides customers with quality products at bargain prices. The company’s products have been thoroughly inspected removing the uncertainty that comes with online shopping.

In case of requiring assistance, the company always has experienced customer support representatives ready to help the customers to ensure that they have a pleasant shopping experience.

This product comes with a 45X Illuminated LED Loupe too. It also has a leather bag and a small testing tray for holding loose stones. This diamond tester and the magnification loupe combo will easily tell you the difference between an authentic and a fake diamond and will be quite helpful. It will also allow you to confidently bid on some of the gorgeous pieces of jewelry that you see without worrying about a cheap knock off. Apart from that your mind will be at peace knowing that you have bought an original diamond. This is one of the many reasons why it is considered to be the best diamond tester for money. It only costs for $16 which is not even worth the fraction of the cost of a diamond so that makes it an affordable item too.

The HDE jewel assessment kit gets delivered in a poly bag containing two boxes. The red box which is the smaller of the two boxes has a stylish and dense loupe in a nice protective case along with an instruction manual. The loupe is encased in a bubble wrap bag inside the box. There is a battery in place in the loupe when it arrives as well as the instructions on how to replace that battery. In order to use the loupe, place the object that you want to magnify on a flat surface and lower the loupe over the object. You can then view the object through the eyepiece. If the light is insufficient, you can slide the switch and two LED lamps will light up to give you a clear view. This will allow you to even see the tiniest of details.

The blue box which is larger than the red one contains the best diamond tester for money in a handy protective black stitched case and an instruction manual. The diamond selector is protected in the box by a thick cardboard casing. In a little pocket on the side of the case, a loose stone stage is included. It is a metal stand that can be used to set any loose stones on to test. It is necessarily not used but it is still a helpful addition to the kit. In order to use the selector, you will need to have a 9V battery. To make it functional, turn on the power switch and wait for the “ready” lamp to light up after putting in the 9V battery. It will hardly take around ten seconds to light up. The power switch is a dial that also works as the calibration control to adjust the level. The manual gives instructions for calibrating the unit based on how big or small the stone is. For little stones, it is better to set the unit to light 4-5.

You will then have to touch the tip of the best diamond tester for money and let it prove why it is better than the other diamond testers. Listen for the audio alert and if the stone is real diamond, the unit will beep rapidly and lamp will light to the red area. If the stone is unauthentic, there will be no sound and none of the red lights will be lit. The larger the diamond, the more red area will show in display. If you are not centered on the stone and accidentally catch the metal of jewelry, the unit will emit a continuous sound that alerts you to reposition the probe.
This portable diamond tester gains high praise for accuracy, intense light which pierces through the stone that is to be tested and a magnifier loupe. This is the reason why I chose this to be the best diamond tester for money. It accurately differentiates diamond from other stones be it small or large. This tester even emits an audible sound to give accurate readings. It is very easy to use and is calibrated easily based on temperature.

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Even though we recommend this best diamond tester for money, it has a few major drawbacks that is: it cannot detect Moissanite and may require changing batteries multiple times.
To sum up, the benefits and features of this product outweighs its drawbacks so it is definitely our choice for the best diamond tester for money that too at an affordable price. It is quite obvious that a person who can afford even the smallest size of a diamond can buy this product for their own satisfaction.

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