Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Best Automatic Dog Feeders: Being a dog owner is a beautiful and unique feeling. But it makes your life a bit difficult too as it comes with a lot of additional responsibilities.

You have to take care of pets just like your children. So it is great to keep them but so is the challenge to look after them.

If you are a dog owner and have a busy life too, you must be having the same concerns. The worries of making them feed at a proper time despite your daily office, parties or long tours routine are valid and must be resolved.

Automatic dog feeders are the best and proper solution for that. They will make you program the schedule and quantity of your dog’s meals according to its need.

So whether you set out for a weeklong tour, have long office working hours, or forget feeding your dog at the proper time. An automatic dog feeder can come in very handy.

With a dog feeder, you can do anything while making sure that the dog feeder will serve your dog replacing you quite effectively.

Our List of Best Automatic Dog Feeders

Here is a list of some best functioning automatic dog feeders which can be your dog’s partner when you are not at home.

They are selected on the basis of two to three simple factors.

How many features does a dog feeder hold and how long are they going to last. Another thing is which feeder allows an easy operating system within a suitable price range.

So give it a read and get one for your amazing dog.

WOPET Smartfeeder

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With all the latest qualities and features, WOPET smart feeder will prove to be even smarter than you when dealing with your dog.

Entailing all the latest features of an attached camera, Wconnectivity, voice recording, meal programming, and good battery timing, unlike other feeders, this comes first in our list of best dog feeders.

It offers two-way communication with your dog in every possible way.

And besides programming the meals, you can also record your voice with its recorder that will be played at the time of the meal.

It can be controlled through an App and WiFi. Wherever you are, you can connect to this device with this app connected through the internet.

Above all, an HD camera attached to its system will make you have complete visual contact with your child-cum-pet.

Considering the needs of today’s busy life, it is really hard to have a pet in the first place. But pet lovers still don’t back off and find ways to make pets a part of their life.

A WOPET smart feeder can make such people’s life the easiest and whether they are at home or not; it allows them to record the cute acts of their dogs with an HD camera.

It is more expensive than others but the same is true about its features. You will not find all these features in a single device for a price lesser than what it costs.

Moreover, with an active camera and all the functions, its battery may not last a long time. But for a day or two, it can still operate. And if you are leaving your pet more than that, you can turn that option off.

PetSafe Alexa Enabled smart feeder

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This smart feeder is really an evolution in the dog feeders’ designs. As its name depicts, it can be controlled through Alexa and a mobile app.

Through your mobile app, you can give instructions to your echo device to feed your pet. Moreover, you can get complete knowledge of how much your dog ate and when to make it eat again.

You can store 24 cups of dry or moist mood and schedule at least 12 meals.  And with the customization process, you can adjust the time and amount of food to be dispensed.

In addition to this, there is a low food sensor which sets an alarm to refill the container when the food level is too low.

So from now on, you can shift your worries of feeding your dog to this feeder which cares for it just like a robot with your intelligence.

Except for an HD camera, you can communicate in any other way with your dog. Thus, it is absolutely not a bad choice if you are willing to spend anything for the sake of your pet.

The only thing that disappoints is that it is expensive and still does not have any camera. But still, its other features are very rare to be seen in commonly available feeders.

Pecticho Automatic Dog Feeder

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This cute looking automatic feeder, just like its name, can be your pet’s best thing to enjoy in your house, thanks to its fun shape.

With this in your house, you can set out for long trips without worrying for your pet. Its container can store food for as long as five days with 4 meals a day.

Moreover, it has an amazing built-in system to prevent your pet from overfeeding. And this becomes possible with the infrared detection that makes sure that a suitable quantity of food is dispensed.

In addition, there is a recorder and speaker in it with which you can schedule the time of the meal with your call or message.

At the given time, that message will be played and your pet can enjoy its meal just like it is served by its owner.

With its easily separable parts, you can clean with almost no effort. So there are no worries of it getting stinky with time.

In short, with reasonable storage capacity and smart functioning, you will not regret buying this Feeder for your pet.

It is a mid-range option without the advanced qualities of camera recording or app operating.

AIIYME Food Dispenser Dog Feeder

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This dog feeder holds this place due to its easy to program features and durable structure.

With its vast capacity, it can store 6 liters of food. So you will not need to refill it again and again and leave your dog with all the satisfaction for even a long time.

Above all, this unique dog feeder can be controlled by an app built in your phone.

So you can operate it and can have the knowledge of what’s happening with your dog by sitting at any place using your phone.

What is more, it is designed in such a way that no dirt will ever contaminate the food that you have put in.

That means that your concerns that the food can get spoiled will be vanished with this feeder.

Despite its app control features, it comes after Pecticho feeder. That is because users have found its battery is not that long-lasting when operated with an app control system and that it is more costly.

Apart from that, it is quite a reasonable option.

WOPET Automatic Dog Feeder

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Thanks to its compact and composed design, this automatic dog feeder is rich in features and simple in working at the same time.

It uses two models of programming so that you can store food as much as required.

By the virtue of its large body container, it can store 17 cups of food. Thus, it is perfect for your medium-sized dogs.

Its portion control and voice recording system allow you to schedule the time and quantity of the food as and when you want.

Above all, its buttons come under a secure lock so save from any accidental interruption in the schedule that you have set.

It is run by means of DC batteries which are long-lasting enough to be with you for quite a period of your life.

Moreover, its receptacle has frictionless wheels that are durable and safe to get jammed.

This feeder holds the same position as AIIYME food dispensers. The later one lacks a good battery and it lacks a mobile operating system.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Cat

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With its large 12 meal capacity and gradual running program, this dog feeder can serve quite suitably without getting your dog sick due to eating too much.

Not too advanced to be operated with mobile devices but it provides features with which you can manage meals without worrying. You can store at least 24 cups of food in it.

Furthermore, its container dispenses food quite gradually with its slow feeding options.

It is a strongly made device that will never disturb you or your pet by getting its wheels jammed as it is specifically made with an anti-jamming mechanism.

Get a trouble-free cleaning with easy separation and reattachment of the pieces. Along with this, it is securely locked not to let any dirt or moisture contaminate the food. Thus you will get fresh food even when it has been quite long.

This dog feeder is made keeping those people in mind who want simple and classic styled dog feeders and are not much into the app operating mechanism.

Depending upon the size of your dog, it can serve a good deal of food. And once you are out, your dog can no way stay hungry.

C500 Automatic Feeder for small dogs

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 If you want a small, easily manageable automatic feeder for your small toy breeds dogs; this automatic feeder is made for you. With its small and tough structure, it is easy to use and long-lasting.

You can adjust meal portions and program up to 5 meals with an easy operating system. Moreover, its digital timer comes in a quite visible display so you can adjust and use it properly.

You can choose dry or wet food to serve your dog as it offers a safe lock and structure which does not let it be spoiled.

Twin ice packs come with it which you can use on hot summer days to refrigerate the food that you store in it.

With easily separable parts, it is as easy to clean as to use. So it is really a gem for those who have small pets and have to spend a lot of time out of the home. Because their dog will not only use it to eat food, it can fall in love with this little toy cum food container.

It does not have a large capacity for big or medium-sized dogs. But still, it is best value for money for those dog owners who have small dogs and want a suitable feeder for it.

Petsafe Budget Gravity Dog Feeder

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If you are looking for a feeder that is simple and efficient without many complex features, the Petsafe Budget Gravity feeder is a go-to choice for you.

It is made of a strong and sturdy plastic body with stainless steel bowl which is durable than any other material. As it comes in two container sizes, you can choose to buy either a 4lb or 2lb container according to your pet’s size.

This dog feeder works on the principles of gravity, simply adding more food to the bowl as it is eaten by your pet.

It does not have any system of preventing your pet from overfeeding. So, you have to supervise your pet by yourself.

Moreover, assembling and disassembling its parts is the easiest task. So you can clean it in a few minutes whenever you feel it is needed.

You can leave your pet alone with this once it is conditioned with its operation. But if your dog eats too much that can affect its health adversely, this cannot suit best for your service.

But still, considering its smooth and efficient functionality, it is a good choice within a suitable budget range.

Things to consider when buying an automatic dog feeder

Having a dog at home can make life pleasant. But that pleasure doesn’t come easy. Certain worries like “your dog must be hungry,” “is your dog safe,” “it might not get any health issues with irregularly served food or from overfeeding” etc. make a home in your head.

Automatic dog feeders provide a way out of most of such problems.

But are you fully aware of what type of dog feeder can serve your dog the best or what features you should be looking for in a dog feeder?

Certainly, you are not, if you have not researched enough.

Here is a small and easy guide that can tell you what features will make your dog feeder serve you the best according to what you need.

Storage capacity:

What storage capacity will be suitable for your dog will depend upon two things; the size of your dog and the time that you need to spend out of your home.

If you go out for long tours and your dog is small to medium-sized, you need a feeder that is large enough for the purpose.

Likewise, you can select a feeder for your small-sized dog.

Talking about the above-described products, The Winner dog feeder, and Alexa enabled feeder have large capacities, storing almost 24 cups of food.

Long-lasting batteries:

You are going to leave your pet alone at home trusting the automatic dog feeder that will not let your dog be hungry.

So choose the one which gives enough power sources to keep the feeder alive for a long period of time.

In the above-described products, you will find Joytool as one of the best battery saving products.

With its average features, it can run from three days to up to a week.

Voice recorder:

It is one of the additional but very useful features of an automatic dog feeder.

It will make sure that your dog comes to eat food, hearing your voice.

Moreover, it will give your dog a feeling that you are just around.

So if you want your dog to hear your voice at every mealtime, you can select a dog feeder that has a voice recorder built in it.

The most advanced products of this list like Wopet smartfeeder and Alexa operated feeder have built-in voice recorders in them.

App control:

With this feature in your dog feeder, you can control it with your phone making sure that your dog is eating food.

Moreover, you can have a record of how much and when your dog is eating food.

This is also one of the luxury features but, of course, not useless.

And feeders like Alexa enabled dog feeder provide this service but at a more expensive rate.

HD Camera:

A camera in the automatic dog feeder can make you have visual contact with your dog no matter how far you are.

It can serve a really important purpose if you want to have notice and record every moment of your dog.

So if you are willing to get a dog feeder with a camera, Wopet smartfeeder is a good option as it comes with HD camera along with other advanced features.

Preservation of food:

The seal of your feeder will decide for how much time it will keep the food preserved and free from contamination.

So you must select the one for you which provides a tight fit seal and does not allow air or moisture to enter the container and keep it safe.

An airtight container can let you store food in it for days without worrying. Almost all the products in our list have airtight containers, so the preservation is a plus point in all of them.

But still, if we have to choose one, Wopet automatic dog feeder and the Winner dog feeder come with a strong lock. So, the chances of getting their pieces loosened with time are also not a concern.

With them, you can have your dog’s food as fresh as ever throughout the time you are using them.

Dispensing system:

The wheels of the receptacle of your dog feeder can get jammed.

To avoid this problem, it is important that you select a feeder that allows a friction-free and durable anti-jamming surety.

You do not want your bowl to get stuck before your dog is able to reach food.

So select the one which is jam-free like the Winner dog feeder. It is specifically made with anti-jamming mechanism, so it will run safe as long as it is serving you.

Easy dismantling of parts:

To avoid any worries of cleaning and making the container stink-free, you need a product that is easy to get disassembled for cleaning and assembled after it easily.

Separated parts can get cleaned easily and properly and that is what you want.

One simple rule is, simpler is the product, the easier is dismantling and cleaning. This is because you do not have to care much for the functioning parts like recorder, camera etc. But with a little extra care and a bit of compromise, you can handle any of the products above.

And if talking about the easiest in cleaning product, Petsafe budget gravity, thanks to its simple working mechanism, takes the lead.


Whether a simple one or designed with complex features, you are going to buy a dog feeder.

We want that you buy the one which is exactly according to what is your requirement.

Keeping that in consideration, we have researched and provided you with detailed information about different products.

So you are ready to buy the one once you give a thorough read to the above article.

Dog keeping is not less than a sacred activity for those who love them. Thus, you should never stay worried about something close to you.

Pledging to serve you with the satisfaction of mind, the above-mentioned dog feeders’ companies are best according to budget and features.

Thus, grab one after making sure which is the best for your pet.