Best At Home Laser Treatment for Removing Wrinkles

Nobody wants wrinkled skin and a dull face. Everybody wants to feel and look beautiful because one’ it enhances your beauty’ and two’ it boosts up your self confidence. As long as you are pleased and content with how you look’ no opinions matter. Advancements in technology favor our needs’ thus creating some magical products that give us the baby skin we need. Various products have been developed in order to try and fulfil this purpose, but some are totally useless. This is why, today’s blog is about a similar product by the name of Silk’n Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting.

In addition to the at home laser devices for wrinkles’ this is a product launched by Silk’n. The device comes in white color. It’s an at home anti aging skin care device. It works using infrared and RF energy. The LED light therapy is also used. All of this is used for a bright, smooth skin with no signs of aging and no wrinkled areas. There are other products too with the same price, then why should we opt for this product? This we would know by analyzing its features’ the pros and cons to reach a conclusion. As a detailed review is required about any product you’re planning to buy cause no one of you wants to waste money on a useless product’ right? So let’s now jump to the features of this device.


Among all anti-aging at home laser devices for wrinkles’ this is another device we are going to talk about. This comes under the name Silk’N. As it claims’ Harmonized energy technology is used in this device to evenly fight against your problem areas.

It works to eliminate or at least reduce wrinkles along with lifting your facial contours’ which gives quite a fine lift to the cheekbones and jaw line. The collagen and elastin fibers that have been ruptured are repaired from the inside and out’ designed to be used on your face as well as your neck.

It works to activate the body’s natural restoration process’ that is ’to restore your flawless skin.

It works to tighten the pores.

The fine lines around your eyes can be removed which is a problem faced by almost all of you’ I bet. Your age spots and the spotting on your face caused by UV rays are fought.

The structure of your skin that may have been ruined through the years is improved. You won’t need a long recovery time for this but the recovery varies from skin to skin and degree of laxity in the skin.

You may all not get the same results in the first use’ as the healing process depends on your skin type. The three energy sources used by this at home laser device for wrinkles’ – bi-polar RF energy, LED light energy and IR heat energy- these sources of energy combine to effectively provide heat to all the layers of the cell’ starting from the epidermis up to the fat layer underneath. The inner layer warms up to 50C’ whereas the outer layer reaches up to 43 C.

The process is painless’ the only thing you feel is a slight warmth which doesn’t harm or hurt at all.

This product would not only solve your problems to the people who look at you’ but also from the inside’ to aid your skin in a healthy way.

A slider Hyaluronic gel comes along with the device; which mainly is responsible for the treatment.

The formula this gel uses is water-based therefore it guides the device well as well as leaving your skin moisturized. It keeps your skin from overheating or reddening as it guides the device slide across your skin. A slight pinkness to your skin might appear after your usage’ but that goes away quite fast cause that’s just a reaction to the heat being provided to your skin.

And it may happen as a result of using any of the at home laser device for wrinkles. According to many people who have also used the product have noticed the results quite fast after one to two uses.

They claim that the product tightens the skin, leaving the skin more youthful and younger-looking which most – actually all of us- of us want’ right? The results were noticed by almost everyone’ as said by the majority of users.


In my opinion’ you should first consult a dermatologist before the use of this product. The purpose is to be aware of all your skin problems’ as artificial heating of the skin can or cannot affect your skin.

This product is all in your favor as it greatly favors its buyers. With all its qualities’ and the price too, which is easier on the wallet than many other skin care regimes and at home RF machines.

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