6 Awesome benefits of Walking

I am writing this article because I am walking right now and I thought I should convince you guys to walk too.

There are a number of people who neither walk as much, nor they know the benefits of walking.

Walking is pretty cool if you don’t do anything physically and just lie down on a couch whole day long or sit your butt down in your office every day on a laptop (not literally).

Walking is the very least you can do to keep yourself a little fit. I mean if you don’t go to gym or exercise regularly then simply walking is a must for you. So basically this article is for old people, those who are obese, and people who literally do no physical exercise whatsoever.

Now there are people who walk regularly but are unable to convince others because all they know is walk can make you hale and hearty.

How come?

In this article, I would be sharing those considerable benefits that would encourage you to walk after reading this.

1-Walking build up your mood:

Are you feeling disheartened?

That pimple on your skin has tumbled down your mood, right?


You recently had a breakup. OH, sad.

Are you sick of your boss?

You know what just breathe some fresh air and go for a long walk.

Studies reveal that walk is as effective as the anti-depressant. Walk releases feel-good endorphins thus reducing anxiety and stress. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s true, being a walk devotee, I can feel the positivism while walking. For maintaining your mental health, the walk is a must.

Once you start a regular walk, the place would be a peaceful beach for you with the waves of recreation.

No matter it’s a common small park or a wooded forest. It will keep you bonded to the outside world.

2-It Provides Energy:

OK, maybe not that much energy but some of it yea.
By the way, this guy is not lifting too much of the weight. He is just making those weird faces for the camera to show that he works hard.

Beside foods and supplements, there are other ways to gain energy that includes the walk. Our whole life is spent in gaining food energy and by the end of the day, we have this bulging tummy.

On the other hand, people think that slim people don’t need to walk. Seriously it won’t make you zero figure.

The brisk walk is a natural energizer. It enhances blood circulation thus increasing the blood supply to every cell and makes you feel alive.

It strengthens your bum muscles consequently enabling you to have a right body posture. It makes your bones and muscles tough hence it is more effectual for the people who are suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis.

3-Walking Prevents Dementia:

While doing my research I have come to know about this notable fact that walk prevents memory loss. It has extensive cognitive benefits from improving memory to controlling cognition.

It motivates your creativity.

Every 14 people over 65 years’ age and one in six over 80 are suffering from dementia.

Older people who walk at least 6 miles a week are more likely to preserve their memory. Start walking routinely or else one day you won’t be able to navigate the land you are trying to walk on.

4-It Strengthens your Heart:

I know you don’t wanna end like this guy… so start walking regularly if you don’t do any!

Several pieces of evidence point towards the advantages of walking for the circulatory system of the body.

The consistent walk can reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. The walk is a complete exercise.

If you are walking frequently for the required period of time, you are doing your heart a great favor because walk upsurge the desired cholesterol for the body while decreasing the bad cholesterol.

Studies show that walk can reduce the risk of strokes by 27% as it maintains blood pressure.

5-It boosts up your immune system:

Walk strengthen up the immune system of the body.

30 minutes of walk is an ideal time. It increases the production of T cells (sub-type of white blood cells) in the body for the immune functioning. It enhances the mucosal immunity.

Yay! My defense system is strong enough and I didn’t know about it.

6-It Helps in Gene Expression:

You might get confused that how genes are related to walking. Body weight is a combined outcome of genes you are born with and the way you are living. Studies disclose that our lifestyle can change the effect of genes in our body.

Walking can positively affect the genes for fat and carbohydrate metabolism and to reduce inflammatory gene expression in adipose tissue.

In this manner, reducing your body weight.

A 30 min of the everyday walk can burn up to 75 calories.

Go fetch a cheesecake and then burn it.

In adults, it also lowers oxidative and inflammatory gene expression.


The faster you walk, the longer you live and a long life requires a healthy life.

A healthy life needs you to be active and alive.

Once you become habitual in walking, you will see the positive changes in your life that will defend you from any physical or mental harm.

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