4 Tricks To Become A Pro Photographer With Just Your Smartphone

Smartphone photography is getting very common these days. Let me start off by showing you guys some of the pictures that I took with my 13 MP cellphone and edited with Adobe Photoshop.

All of the pictures are here on Flickr.

By my favorite of all smartphone photography includes:

Engineer Power Plant My guitar picks sunset home outdoor laptop use Fun Lunch Pakistan-Himalayas Colosseum Rome Dock at Rome Church Pakistan-Himalayas 2 30498050946_d7dafb4806_z

Yes, they all are taken and edited by my cell phone.

Who needs DSLR, am I right? Carrying that heavy camera and lenses everywhere you go is tough.

Taking pictures from your Smartphone has become a professional thing now.

It is now possible to do high-level professional photography with just using your smartphones instead of those heavy DSLRs which are never easily affordable for most of the people.

Folks are taking pictures and producing creative art from editing apps by using their smartphones.

Photography with smartphones is becoming very popular nowadays.

On one hand, the pictures go into the gallery and then are made into prints and on the other hand, we have Instagram which makes your photos a total killer.

Now that smartphones are here and they have got amazing cameras, people can get some pretty good photos with them.

That time ain’t far away when cell phones would have better cameras than DSLR, or am I wrong?

You know what it doesn’t matter because cell phones work just fine and hey it’s a great way to learn too.

And it’s getting common too; nowadays people don’t even need to book photographers for their wedding events or birthday parties rather they have become their own photographers by using their mobiles at home.

With the right filters and editing apps and right amount in hand, people are buying Smartphone’s and using them for photography which exactly seems like the ones taken by a DSLR.

These smartphones come with different cameras having amazing image quality and every year the smartphone and their cameras get better and better.

For easy and quick photography people make use of their Smartphone’s and they do not need to keep a real camera with them anymore.

Even a Smartphone with a 8 MP standard camera gives a very good result.

They give very good quality pictures especially when I follow a few tricks.

I feel like a pro photographer when I use my 13 MP smartphone camera and I am definitely going to share all those tips here with you that has improved my photography skills so much and made me feel like a professional photographer.

It’s tiring so I no longer wish to carry my DSLR anywhere I go.

I am happy with my smartphone.  And it goes with me everywhere I go.

Make the most of these tricks if you want to learn how to take some good pictures and to become a pro photographer with using the smartphone at your home.

1) Bring out your Uniqueness:

Photography is an art. And when it comes to art I believe nobody is “The Best”, because all of the artists have always something unique to offer.

I guess that is the real beauty of art.

We all see this world with our blessed eyes differently.

And so you can show the world the way you see.

All you have to do is to bring in what you see in your photography.

Just be yourself.

Wherever you’ll go, your phone’s gonna go with you, so you never know when you catch a sight that you wish to capture.

2) Use Grid-Lines:

Using Grid-lines while help you align your camera to exactly what you want to snap. Sometimes we don’t really understand and are not able to balance the portrait.

Well, that is what grid-lines are for. They make sure your image stays in balance and the rotation too.

I can say this with a confidence that most of the people don’t use grid lines and that what makes their pictures out of a little shot, for example, take a look at this photograph that I took.


Seems a little tilted, doesn’t it? That’s only because I didn’t use the grid option while taking this one!

3) Keep The ZOOM Minimum:


Most of the zoom option which comes with smartphones are digital zooms, meaning they simply decrease the quality of an image.

When it comes to phone cameras, zooming the picture might not be a good idea.

Because when you try to zoom and then capture a picture, you get low-resolution images and the whole picture quality drops down.

Non-zoomed photos are always better than the zoomed ones in case of phone cameras.

But If you really want to zoom the images out, just take the image and crop the later on!

Whatever you are trying to capture, use your hands and feet’s to stand a little closer to the subject and not mountains away.

4) Use Blur Image Application:

me on chimney top

Yup! This is not taken from a DSLR!

It’s all the magic of the Image Blur application which is free to download!

This is a supplement for the non-zooming option. But it is more than that.

If you want to take a picture of an object, get close to it and simply take ‘its picture.

5) Flash; the source of evil:

whatsapp-image-2016-10-30-at-4-10-06-pm-3I don’t get it why do cameras even have an option of flash in the settings and why does it keep reminding you to use flash when it is completely unnecessary.

I mean take a look at a picture I just took… look how flash ruins all of the essences of the picture.

Flash can ruin a very good photo even when the lighting is not so good.


The tricks mentioned above are very easy to follow.

They will definitely help you to become a good photographer from a random snapper.

You will have a better sense of taking pictures and you will feel good about it.

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