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I am an Instrument & Control Engineer, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Guitarist, and well the list goes on as I can just never sit in one place. I am a very positive and an optimistic person. Super Motivated all the time. Always happy and ready to help. You should follow me on Twitter.

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Advantages of being an entrepreneur

Advantages of being an entrepreneur

Why Become Entrepreneur? A man who starts a business or organizations, going out on a limb in the trust of profit is called an...
How To Stay Motivated

Get Motivated to finish what you start

What is there in Finding Motivation? We all have dreams and aims that we wish to achieve. It is human nature to start doing...
How To Change Luck By Astrology

Change Luck By Astrology

So do you really think astrology has any part to do so in changing your luck? These are only limiting beliefs! What if I...
Afraid to commit to a relationship

Afraid to commit to a relationship? – A story that can change that

Afraid to commit to a relationship? This is because we have accepted it this way. We have found “ending problems” for a lifetime, the...
freelancers motivation

Ways Through Which Freelancers Stay Motivated Through Thick & Thin

Freelance Motivation - Freelancing is a headache for sure and it demands some serious management skills as well. When the beginners who step in...

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