Amazon Affiliate Program Just Launched the BONUS Feature in Earnings

Amazon Affiliate launched the Amazon Bonus Feature from where the affiliates can earn extra money.

Amazon added this feature after losing so much in revenue which the affiliates were bringing in after most of them decided to leave Amazon affiliate program as they were finding some better-paid affiliate programs every day…

So what is this BONUS feature?

Now the affiliates can earn money by completing various tasks and sales targets…which is yet to be given out by Amazon. More information has yet to be given out from Amazon.

  1. I’ve had this bonus item on my affiliate report for a while now, has there been any update from Amazon about this yet?

    • No… we are still waiting for the update, I will edit and publish it whenever it comes in… Uptill now, I only know that the bonus is the earning you get by completing a couple of bounty sales…but im not completely sure… I will be talking to Amazon if nothing comes up in another day or two… thanks for stoping by =)

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