Amazing & Surprising Things That Happen Once You Start To Keep Calm

There are a lot of benefits of being relaxed and keeping Calm. We all know the Keep Calm And Carry On and many other statements which got quite trendy sometimes earlier. There was a buzz about them all around. We had so much of the Keep Calm statements buzzing around, didn’t we?

But do we ever think that it is not just about being cool? There is much more to the Keep Calm statement.

I bet you haven’t thought about it, right? Neither did me. I didn’t even find the Keep Calm trend so cool but it actually attracted me after these surprising facts.

Keeping calm can bring in so much to your life and health.

No, I am not talking about the statement here…being calm literally, can attract a lot of good to you.

If you are too stressed all the time, you might be gaining weight like hell. But you never would have thought that keeping calm can reduce it, right?

Never did I think of that even! So are you excited to know what amazing things can happen to you once you start to keep calm in real? No?

Well, I am here to tell you about those incredible things anyway.

For all those people who might be thinking about how can one start being calm in real life; I will write down about that as well. It is not about meditation only. Small tips and changes in your life can actually help you in it as well.

For now, here is a motivational kick to start being calmer in life.

So How To Keep Calm And Carry On:

1-Weight Loss:

Are you following a perfect diet plan? But still the weight doesn’t seem to be getting off, right?

Well, you might need to calm down about it or every other thing that is keeping you stressed. Stress hormones contribute to weight gain.

Try leaving that stress which your boss gifted you right before you head out of office, right there. Don’t bring it in the home. Dump those worries and see how you will start becoming slimmer. Your diet plan will surprisingly start working better.

You just need to Keep Calm and Lose Weight.

2-The Cravings Stop:

All the stressed and depressed people will know what I mean here. Ice-cream is the best food which kills stress and you crave it a lot as well when you are stressed out, right?

This is actually natural. You look for comforting foods which can kill that anxiety of yours.

A big packet of chips looks like the best thing to hug at that time. But when you are calmer, your cravings stop. Your comfort level is perfect so you don’t look for food to comfort you, thus, your carvings ends.

3-Peaceful Night Sleep:

When your mind and body are at peace, you will obviously sleep better also.

People who are haunted by sleepless nights and tend to sleep throughout the day are actually stressed heavily. Insomnia is usually diagnosed in people who feel anxiety.

If you start changing your mindset to a calmer one, you will automatically welcome a peaceful night sleep.

4-No More Muscle Spasms:

Your body needs magnesium to keep you relaxed and especially your muscles as they get spasms when you are stressed. If you get anxiety pangs now and then, your magnesium level will lower down to a dangerous extent.

This will cause muscle spasms.

When you start keeping calm, you will feel that your muscle spasms will decrease. Try it and you feel a visible and positive result.

5-Much More Happier:

To be a calmer person, you need to make some changes or adjustments in your life. Once you do that, you will eventually be a happier person.

It might sound corny but happy people get happy people in their life.

And once you have happier people around you; you will be even calmer.

This environment will help you to stay stress-free.

Once you are a happier person, people around you will also be positive and you will experience wonderful changes. So just Keep Calm and be Happy.

6-No More Headaches:

Headaches come with stress as it brings in a lot of stress to your body which results in this. If you keep calmer, you will see how your headaches disappear.

Your brain will be stressed less and your headaches won’t come along every other day.


Keeping Calm can bring a lot of good to you. You just need to relax and bring in some positive changes in your life to promote a calm environment.

This also boosts your confidence and you radiate optimism.

So next time someone tries to stress you out, tell them to keep calm and do that yourself also.

Nothing should be more precious than your own peace of mind, right? So Keep Calm and Enjoy Life.

  1. Hi Andy,

    I must confess I need to try and calm down!

    Losing weight and sleeping at night would be a bonus too 🙂 Oh to sleep like those puppies in the picture.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark (there’s a clue in my strapline)

  2. Hi joy… You can call me Usman… Andy is my nick. I thought i ought to show my real name…

    Yes one should always you know chill and relax… Or should i say chilaxx..

    Yea puppies are so cute in the picture…

    Thanks for the comment

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