Today I will discuss a little about alternative treatments for depression. I will generally talk on a phycological level.

Everything around us that can breathe is alive. We look around in our environment and find many such things that may not look alive but in fact, they are breathing and living just like human beings.

But what makes humans different from living such a stationary and meaningless life?

It is their mental abilities and social interactions that make the life worth living. Unlike animals and plants, we have families, friends, hobbies, jobs, faiths, games and many other such worldly and spiritual possessions that make our lives meaningful.

This world is a huge gathering of people having different interests, personalities, traits, likes, and dislikes.

No two people in the world may have identical physical or mental capabilities. We all think differently and behave differently.

In the same way, our reasons for making life worth living are also different from each other.

Some people find happiness in family, friends, and children, while others with the same social set up may not be as happy as them.

Alternative treatments for depression – A new approach

Depression is a disease which grows as time passes on. All the things, considerably meds make it even worse than before.

I personally have been through depression and what I found out the hard way was that it can only be cured by YOU.

And by You I mean, by changing your mindset.

If I were to explain the word depression in a word, I would say it’s hopelessness.

The depression victim becomes hopeless of this life. So s/he needs to understand that this life is worth living.

Only after understanding this thing on a subconscious level, are they able to overcome it. But it is going to take some time.

But It’s hard to find this life worth living when you are facing depression, so one might always think why is it?

Why people find life worth living?

There are four possible answers to why people find life worth living.

  • Religion:

Millions of people around the world regard religious beliefs and reasons as their purpose to live.

Their spiritual attachments and connections with various faiths and religions provide them with the reasons why life is worth living.

It reassures them about the underlying motives of their being born and why they have been sent to the world. Whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or any other religion, faith dictates how people behave towards the question of being alive.

  • To be happy:

Many people find solace in the fact that life is beautiful if and when we remain contented and happy. Increasing happiness in our lives and in the lives of others is the best method of making life fulfilling and enriched.

It keeps you away from depression and despair and makes life a miraculous journey full of enjoyment and satisfaction.

One way or another we all striving hard and struggling towards gaining happiness for ourselves and our loved ones.

The core of finding happiness may differ from person to person. For example, some may be happy with the food, some with money, some with friends while some with any other form of worldly possession. It all depends on your needs and requirements.

  • Work, play, and love:

This third viewpoint suggests that people find life worth living because of the feeling of love or being loved, their jobs or work life or simply to enjoy and play around.

Love is a generalized term which could mean loving your parents, kids, family members, friends, neighbors or any other romantic interest.

Work would include all earning and non-earning activities that provide you satisfaction and purpose of life. The field of play will include anything that makes you enjoy life. Whether its media, entertainment, music, reading, sports or any other source of happiness.

Reasons for living:

So if we sum up the reasons that make life purposeful and worth living we can relate it to the following activities:

  • Creations of things:

This creativity may be towards writing, drawings, paintings, making music or other artistry or scientific creations. This may also mean producing goods and service for business purposes as well.

  • Making and maintaining Relationships:

Being social in the life with other people is very important. No human being can survive in life in isolation. Friends, family, coworkers, community members, neighbors we have to interact with everyone and make relations work.

  • Help others:

Life can be made worth living if we use it to help others. We must provide a helping hand to all those who need it.

  • Accomplishing goals:

By setting small and large goals and objectives for ourselves, we define a purpose for life. This purpose persuades to live a life without feeling meaningless and despaired. It directs us to towards striving hard to accomplish our goals and objectives.

  • Innovating and improving:

If we devote our lives towards the betterment of humanity and struggle towards bringing improvements and innovations in the lives of others are ourselves, the value of living will increase very much.  It will give significance to your existence in the society and in the world at large.


These were few but effective ways of adding some worthiness to your life.

We all come in this world for a limited time period and using this limited time for good living is essential for a healthy and successful life.

There are various ways of making your life worth living.

Following them or abandoning them is your own free will and choice. The art of making our lives worthy of living is in our own hands and not dependent on others.


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