Afraid to commit to a relationship? – A story that can change that

Afraid to commit to a relationship

Afraid to commit to a relationship? This is because we have accepted it this way. We have found “ending problems” for a lifetime, the perfect solution to every issue. We actually never give a thought that our parents have been living together for a long time and they actually believed in solving issues then ending them which promised them a “forever”.

But this story might astonish you.

Dale Partridge (a business coach and founder of is a man who said that is not just married to one woman. He posted on his Facebook some time back that he loves his beautiful and amazingly pretty wife Veronica. But he also added that he isn’t married to just one woman.

Afraid to commit to a relationship

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“How is this even possible? How can you love your wife “a lot” and the same time you are also telling the world that she is not the only woman you are married to? This might sound weird to you but here is the entire story for you.”

Dale Partridge further posted:

“Men these days are really worried that marrying will leave them with only one woman for the rest of their life. That is actually not true!”

“I feel in love with a 19-year-old rock climber Veronica. I married a 20-year-old animal lover and began my family with a 24-year-old mother. Then at the age of 25, a built a farm with a homemaker and today, I am married to a 27-year-old woman of wisdom.”

“The point is that if your mind is healthy, you won’t ever get tired of one woman. You will actually get overwhelmed with the idea of how many beautiful versions of her you get married to over the passing years. Don’t say no to marriage. Say yes and kept saying yes until you die.”

You can actually love this post and say a lot about it but I guess Veronica summed up all the feelings in just one sentence:

“That just hits every heartstring you could possibly hit.”

Dale Partridge is an author and entrepreneur but at the same time, he utilizes his Facebook to stress the importance of family and faith in everybody’s life.

So here are some things that we learn about marriage from this viral post. Even when they are little, they are the things that can make your married life bliss.

Your Life won’t be Miserable after Marriage:

It is not just boys but girls these days also have the idea that their life will be ruined and miserable once they get married. The idea of committing to one for a lifetime haunts people (I really don’t know why) endlessly.

Dale explains how your life can be great if you understand that changes are going to come in all of us at individual levels even after marriage. Changes aren’t the reason why you quit on someone. If he loved the rock climber Veronica; he wouldn’t have married the animal lover, right? But he understood that changes are going to happen for sure and they don’t make life miserable.

Change is a Part of Life:

Yes, I summed that a little above but it is important to stress upon it. Change is a part of life and we cannot quit it. If you fear change then you really aren’t living or enjoying every moment of your life.

Thus accepting the fact that changes do come in life and changing or evolving with time is important and great too.

The Bond between Husband and Wife is a Gift from GOD:

Dale has shown that the bond between a husband and wife is a gift from God. If you look at it this way, then you will be satisfied with the ups and downs of marriage. To make that bond stronger, you have to make efforts (obviously). So don’t get tired of the efforts and call it quits.

Still afraid to commit to a relationship?

Marriage is a sacred bond; a relationship of faith, love, and care!

Our society is too afraid of commitment. We all want love but we don’t want commitment, right? Anyways, when you need love, you have to commit and you can’t just leave when you have had enough.

This is where Dale makes us realize that we are not marrying one woman. We will change over time and we see different faces and different versions of the person we marry (be that the male or the female). So don’t be afraid of marriage. It is a wonderful bond and makes it even more wonderful so that life can be great!


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