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Find How To Get Your Priorities Straight in Life Today

getting your priorities straight in life
If you are asked about how you want your life to be or how you picture it; what pops up in your mind? What do you view yourself as? What do you see yourself doing? Are you traveling around the world or are you starting your own business? Are you writing a book or are you setting up your family? Whatever you think of when you picture the idea of how you want your life to be, is highly based on your priorities. The way you wish to live is dependent on how you set your priorities. And now, you might be questioning yourself about how to get my priorities straight, right? Well, be patient because we have a completely sorted out process of how to get your priorities straight and how it can be helpful in the long run. When you decide to make some changes in your life, you begin with the things that are most valuable to you. It is very crucial to understand what you value the most in your life and I know that it...

5 Surefire Ways to Get Up Early without Feeling Tired

I hate getting up early
"I hate getting up early", sound familiar? Whenever you talk to people about how hard it is to get up early in the morning, they give you that long lecture of how you need to sleep for 7-8 hours, to get up fresh the next day. I mean what if, you sleep for this duration and nothing happens? Does that tag me as a lazy person? But let’s just say that science is so in favor of the new generation. A new study says that this fact is something that our ancestors have left us with and our bodies have agreed with it completely. So I guess you can even sleep for 10 hours and that won’t be enough?! Well, it’s actually vice versa; it’s just that I love to sleep. If you sleep for 6 hours, you can get up quite fresh in the morning.   How to stop saying "I hate getting up early" Here are some surefire ways to get up early without getting that 8 hours sleep. I am NOT encouraging you to stay up all night but just in case you work till...

Mother’s Day or Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Beloved Mom

Birthday Gift Ideas
I am here to discuss some of the best birthday gift ideas. In the first place, mothers are one of the most important people in everybody’s life and this might seem such a childish line, doesn’t it? But it is so true! Your age, your experiences or no matter which level of success you reach in your life, your mother and her importance remains intact. Nothing changes the fact that she is bliss. She has been there for you through those messy nights when you never use to sleep and she is the one who taught you how to talk and even walk straight. She made you the man or woman you are today. No matter what we do, nothing pays off to what she has done for you. We usually don’t get a lot of chances to show her what she means to us. Even though we don’t need a damn specific day for this…maybe her birthday is an opportunity to make her feel special and loved. So what do you guys gift to your moms on their birthday? Do you have any amazing birthday...

4 Ways To Practice A Stress Free Life

how to live a worry free life
So how to live a worry free life? When someone asks you, how you are or how you are doing, there isn’t much to say rather than I am fine, I am doing well and so on. But once those words escape your mouth, don’t you think for once that why can’t you replace I am fine with I am great or I am doing well with everything is going wonderfully? And then there are a set of people who are always so peppy within themselves that it looks like some remarkable, background music is playing in their life. They seem happy, content and much satisfied with their life. They don’t seem to be stressed much. And then you envy them a little but don’t ask yourself that how do they manage to do it? How do they manage to stay stress-free most of the time? Everyone wants a stress free life, don’t we? We all want to dance all the worries away, yell the problems to rush off and so on. But only a few of us get there! We aren’t able to...

8 Ways That Teach: How To Get That First Love Feeling Again

First Love Feeling
Nothing compares to that feeling of something burning inside you when love walks out of your life. Even if there was nothing left to save, the hurt remains. It kills us from inside, chokes us and makes us feel as if we are dying. Why? Well, only because we lose that first love feeling. To love and to be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides-David Viscot But we don’t; we survive through it and it all depends on how we manage to that. We are not what we become, we are what we choose to become. Breakups hurt. It is really tough to actually love all over again when you have been hurt immensely. It seems impossible. We all know that feel because we have either been there or maybe some of you might be going through it right now. It seems as if we never trusted anyone ever again in context with the word "love." We think that loving anyone doesn’t remain an option in our lives. This does happen; I am not denying it at all. Disappointment leads to giving...

14 Surefire Ways to Remove Stress From Life Completely!

Remove Stress Completely
Worrying occurs when you are having continuous and recurrent thoughts that something fearful might happen to you in your life. It gives a big description too small pictures and exaggerates it. It usually begins with a single negative thought and if we pay attention to that single thought, it would give rise to another similar thought. And eventually, those thoughts would turn into a storm of negative thoughts, leaving you confused and making you think irrationally about most of the things. We need to somehow remove stress completely from our lives and for that, we have to understand what is worrying and taking the stress. Is worrying natural? Yes, worrying is natural. Because random thoughts (either good or bad) come to our mind daily and sometimes we do pay little attention to a few of them and then think about something else. That is how it is a natural process. But, If we pay close attention to any of the negative thoughts and become obsessed over it, then yeah they may grow stronger and stronger and we might feel a train of such thoughts running...

6 places to sell your handcrafted things

handcrafted things to sell
So you have handcrafted things to sell. Well, I am here with the best places you can sell them. Crafting things is an amazing time pass. A lot of us did that stuff while we were kids and some took it as their profession. Let’s just say that some of us are just too good at it. But it gets boring if nobody appreciates it or you aren’t able to sell it off. Studies show that art helps beat stress at a great level. But what if your art is just a fun time pass but you want it to be more than just that? What happens when your friends adore it a lot and start telling you to sell it all and earn. That spark on your face is wonderful but you know that you have no means to sell that amazing stuff of yours. But what if I tell you that you can? Crafting things would definitely become triple times more fun. You are certainly going to invest money into buying those supplies and you will have to invest time in it also. But...