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How to be a Happier Freelancer; Time to Kill Stress

Become a Happier And Successful Freelancer
I know how it feels like to become a happier and successful freelancer. It is so stressing that you feel like you are going down in the depths of depression sometimes. (If you are a freelancer that is). On Fridays you guys are like "WOOHOO IT'S FRIDAY, TIME TO PART.... o wait; I am a freelancer." Being a freelancer is quite hectic, to be honest. I mean it just works work and work, for them. I don't know why they call them freelancers anyway, they are just lancers and not a single one of them is free, that's why they become victim to stress and we all know that: Stress and depression are better known as silent killers. And freelancers experience them both. So are all freelancers going to pass out soon? Well, maybe, because all freelancers feel like passing out now and then. There are times when the temporary pressure is just so high for these poor freelancers that they feel like this is the end of the world and their life. Anyways so whenever you get this super freelancer pressure of work you start thinking...

4 points on right brain child characteristics

right brain child characteristics
Today I will share some of the right brain child characteristics with you. But first, it all comes down to which brain is more dominant. We usually label dominant people as too much bold or someone who is just too straightforward or honest for the world to handle. I mean obviously, in a place where you find liars at every next step…how can you expect such a world to accept honest people? That is the reason why dominant people are mostly not adored a lot until they do something so outstanding that everyone comes up to them. There are two types of dominant people; the left brain dominant and the right brain dominant. When I first found out about this brain dominance, I was just too amazed to hear it, that I had to sprawl down for some information about it. I found out that there are some right-brain dominant people as well left ones. Right brain dominant ones are tagged as the “creative” people. As for left-brain dominant people; they are just too perfect at everything. They are the ones who ace the exams in...

Biggest Relationship Myths that Damage Married Life

Relationship Myths
Relationship Myths: It is all so overwhelming; the décor, the wedding dress, the arrangements, the big day, the honeymoon and then what? Then the balloon of excitement and ecstasy seem to be losing all the air in it. It’s like you enter the actual practical phase of life. The love story like scenario is only short term. You won’t be living in the world of dreams for like forever. Even if you are leading a good, satisfied and happy married life, you are practical and you can’t hope for the candle light dinner every other day, or do you? Everyone who understands the fact that the valley is yet to arrive after the honeymoon period usually crosses it with stronger nerves. So basically, if you are dreaming a fairytale like life after marriage; you need to wake up. Do you want me to pinch you to reality? Well, let’s just leave that duty up to life, shall we? This why they say: getting married and maintaining it are two totally diverse things. You do get married and the wedding bells seem so amazing but what a...

Some great old-school hobbies for people with anxiety

hobbies for people with anxiety
Today I will list some of the awesome hobbies for people with anxiety. When it comes to anxiety, one should take a little time out of the busy life to cure it. The hectic life that we all lead in the 21st century has snatched away the imagination of our life as we simply have no time to imagine anything for ourselves. We are just too busy all the time that we cannot stay away from anxiety. We have so much to be busy with; schools, jobs, families and much more. But just sometimes, we need to take it all down for a while and relax totally. The pressure and anxiety must flow out of our mind and body every day. Sleeping with those anxieties can just make life a lot more miserable. That is exactly why you need to take out some time every day to make your day more bright and positive. You need to assign some time from your day to do something that makes you release your stress and feel a bit lighter. This is where your need for a hobby...

8 Ways That Teach: How To Get That First Love Feeling Again

First Love Feeling
Nothing compares to that feeling of something burning inside you when love walks out of your life. Even if there was nothing left to save, the hurt remains. It kills us from inside, chokes us and makes us feel as if we are dying. Why? Well, only because we lose that first love feeling. To love and to be loved, is to feel the sun from both sides-David Viscot But we don’t; we survive through it and it all depends on how we manage to that. We are not what we become, we are what we choose to become. Breakups hurt. It is really tough to actually love all over again when you have been hurt immensely. It seems impossible. We all know that feel because we have either been there or maybe some of you might be going through it right now. It seems as if we never trusted anyone ever again in context with the word "love." We think that loving anyone doesn’t remain an option in our lives. This does happen; I am not denying it at all. Disappointment leads to giving...

Amazing & Surprising Things That Happen Once You Start To Keep Calm

benefits of being relaxed
There are a lot of benefits of being relaxed and keeping Calm. We all know the Keep Calm And Carry On and many other statements which got quite trendy sometimes earlier. There was a buzz about them all around. We had so much of the Keep Calm statements buzzing around, didn’t we? But do we ever think that it is not just about being cool? There is much more to the Keep Calm statement. I bet you haven’t thought about it, right? Neither did me. I didn’t even find the Keep Calm trend so cool but it actually attracted me after these surprising facts. Keeping calm can bring in so much to your life and health. No, I am not talking about the statement here…being calm literally, can attract a lot of good to you. If you are too stressed all the time, you might be gaining weight like hell. But you never would have thought that keeping calm can reduce it, right? Never did I think of that even! So are you excited to know what amazing things can happen to you once you...

5 Reasons Why New Year Resolutions Aren’t Achieved

New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions: First of all, a very Happy New Year to all of my readers! 2016 wasn’t a really good year for the majority of us and I guess that was a little weird. The curse of sadness and the spell of problems were in the air with 2016. But with the beginning of 2017, it is better that we put all of that blueness, darkness and sadness back in the past and allow the New Year to bring in happiness, joy and satisfaction to us. We all have a set of resolutions every year. We set them on the 31st of December, making endless promises to ourselves for bettering us and becoming a better human in the year to come. But how many of them are we able to fulfill? Have you ever wondered about it? Well, maybe we haven’t. We try fulfilling our resolutions for the first week, or maybe a month and then we are unaware of the promises we have made to ourselves. They are erased from the memory forever. Here is a big question; have...